Sunday, March 6, 2011


finally caught up on my blog. yay!
woke up at a decent time today.
alexine left when i woke up. her mom was here to pick her up.
after she left i went back to sleep. but then madre woke me up.
i had alot to do today.
but did i do any of it??? NO!
woke up. watched some tv with nate graham and alina.
drew a picture that i loveeee.
"life isn't about fitting in... it's about standing out."
attempted to do homework but was to distracted since in the living room 7 pounds was being played.
i love that movie sooo much!
and then once that was over we watched 127 hours. OMG such a good movie.
ahhh 127 hours. he is cutting his arm offf! cant watch. but i have to.
@justinbieber man how your tweets make me smile. no matter what. but what would make me smile from ear to ear is a follow. :)
i love twittering to justin haha. maybe one day he will tweet back. :)
greg was online for one.
i chatted him. and it didnt end well.
you have no idea how hard it is to be totally quiet in ur room while bawling your eyes out so much you cant breathe just so no one will hear you.
i hate having to be quiet when im crying so just no one comes into my room and asks me whats wrong.
cause honestly i wouldnt be able to explain.

once again so stressed.
graham nate and alina were asking all about high school and what i wanna do when im older.
to be honest i have no idea. and it scares me.
in 6days ill be 17. and next year ill a senior.
everything is just going way to fast.
i wish i was in elementary school again...
those were the days.
tomorrow...1st period...chem with...YAZVAC...AWKWARD. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. CANT WAIT!

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