Monday, January 31, 2011

10:00 a.m.

monday ughhh.
delay waaahoooooo! shortened classes. better. but its still school.
got through the day.
walked home after school.
freezed my butttttt off!
relaxed the rest of the night.
homework and such.
nothing super exciting happened today.

love, boring bailey.

miles to go.

36. a photo of your favorite book.

story behind picture:
i must say that i dont really read alot.
or i never really finish a book.
but this one i did. it was pretty inspirational.
i would defff read it all over again if i wanted to.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

i close my eyes and pray.

woke up around 2:30 pm on the floor. while brenna and alexine were all nice and comfy on there couches.
woek up with a stiff neck.
once we cleaned up our mess they headed home.
rest of today i kinda just hung around my house looking like a messed up hung over kesha.
worked out for an hour. drew on and off all day.
made a pretty awesome drawing for a really good song. pray by justin bieber.
its a really inspirational song. you should youtube it :)
but since it is sunday. i dont do muchhh.
just homework. and hang around.
now that its getting kinda of late and im a bit tired imma go.


love, the doodler.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

bieber fever.

35. a picture of your favorite band/artist.

story behind picture:
a couple months ago i saw justin bieber in concert. and it was amazing.
lately i have been listening to his music like every day.
watching all these videos of him on youtube. and also looking at pictures of him.
sometime i have these three day periods where all i can think about it justin bieber.
the way he looks. his laugh and his music.
i know i know stupid and pathetic.
but i dont know why. his music makes me happy.
his voice makes me smile.

p.s. i really really really want to meet him in person and give him a huge huge huge hug!




woke up in the am really tireddd.
but i barely got through practice. got hit alot by myself and now im all bruised up.
rushed home them took a shower and got ready for the washington winter carnival.
i was then finally ready by 2ish. walked up to washington elementary school which was my old elementary school.
i miss that place. alot.
once i got there alexine brenna marena and greg were waiting for me.
we walked around and played some games. then the cake walkkkk.
we walked into the gym and i across the room i see reese... and clare.
its the old story. clare martin and i have known each other our whole entire lives.
we were the best of friends all through elementary/middle school.
then high school happened. we are sitll friends. but not as close.
we changed friends. and greg apart. but we still get excited to see each other.
and for reese. he and i have known each other since we were probably 3 years old.
even though i barely remember it. he and i used to tap dance together and i would always go over his house and hang out.
sophmore year clare and reese dated. so since i was kind good friends with clare i always hung out with reese.
i love reese. he is so nice. good looking. and just fun to be around.
so anyway i walked into the gym and as soon as i walked in i made complete eye contact with reese and was confused on why he was working because he didnt go to washington.
i walked over and said hey. and we all talked for a bit.
clare and i were just caughting up on everything. the most random things.
like abby. all her neighbors and more. speaking of neighbors. i asked how valerie was.
i babysat valerie a couple times. she used to be clares neighbor. but she moved about 7 years ago.
so i asked how she was. she should be in middle school by now i think.
so i asked. and clare just kinda looked at me. and said...
she died. and i was in complete shock. and i started crying. infront of everyone.
i honestly dont know why it hit me so badly. i only knew her when we were young but still she was only maybe 11 at the time she died. she died while she was on a boat. a drunk driver on a boat hit her boat and she died in minutes.
then clare had to go somewhere so reese and i just kinda talked and caught up with everything.
asking each other how we were and small talk. it was nice. i couldnt stop smiling.
alexine brenna marena greg and i went back into the auditorium for the raffles.
sadly none of us won anything. but all these little girls won and were all so happy and screaming.
while we were just sitting there surrounded by little kids i thought to myself.
im so old. it feels like i was in their place yesterday. but now a year form now i will be graduating highschool!
little kids are what make me want to start my life all over again. i wish i were 5 again. and to be honest i got a little chocked up. it was pretty depressing actually.
we then headed out and alll walked home together. once i got home. i kinda just layed around my house. ate dinner until 8ish when brenna and alexine cam over for a sleepover.
which included.
-tagging greg in embarrassing pictures on facebook.
-girl talk
-writing on "the wall"
-greg finally then came over
-hungout and talked
-greg left around 1 am.
-then kesha appeared in my room.
-alexine and brenna gave me a complete ke$ha makeover.
-crazy make up crimped hair and a really skimpy dress. (wasnt aloud to see myself until the were completely done.)
-i looked in the mirror and i looked exactly like kesha i was amazed.
-kesha photoshoot.
-bed making in the living room - fail.
-ate pb & jjjj'sssss
-calling and calling and calling greg. he fell asleep.
-crimped brennas hair.
-chatted with some pretty funny guys and girls on chatroulette.
-i fell asleep at 5 am. but they didnt until like 7.

Friday, January 28, 2011


34. a photo of your night.

story behind picture:



long long long tiring day.
school was school not much went on other than moivng forward.
which means homeroom bonding for and hour in the morning.
all the homerooms compete against each other in relay races.
activities and a flag making contest.
and since my whole homeroom new i am good at drawing they made me do the whole flag.
i mean it wasnt that big but still. all on me. haha.
we made all our names into a crossword puzzle sort of thing. it turned out pretty well.
we also had beagles and juice and donuts. yummmm.
other than all that the rest of the school day was pretty boring.
wlked straight home after school. layed down then woke up and ate dinner.
then i was off the practice 6-9. it was a long long long week. i was waaaaaaaaaay to tired to go to practice.
but i got through it. had a little fit about duffy. she was just really getting on my nerves.
and when i rant i go crazy and just talk and talk and talk!
after practice jane, tyler cody and i all went to applebees for dinner even thought it was like 9:30 pm.
we talked and ate. della was working so she served us.

so overall today was exhaaaaausting!
its time for bed.
practice at 8 am. ughhh.


love, burned out brita.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


33. a photo of something that you hate.

story behind picture:

i hate how we used to talk until 3 in the morning.
and now im lucky enough if i get a hello.


woke up today not wanting to get out of my soft fluffy robe. but i had to.
got ready and did the same routine i do every morning.
t-shirt and yoga pants kind of day.
tomorrow ill actually try and look nice.
school was school.
gave mrs. silver the picture i drew for her and she was like a little kid on christmas morning. she was sooo happy. she loved it!
got all my make up work. which wasnt that much.
after school i had a best buddies thing.
we played games with the "buddied". had a pretty good time.
then i was asked to be interviewed for the YEARBOOK!!!!
they wanted three of my drawings. a head shot. and an interview.
i kinda felt famous for a good 15 minutes.
cant wait until i see my art work. head shot and even my own words in the YEARBOOK!
where EVERYONE gets to see!!! :]
got home around 4:30 then chilled until 5:30 then i was off to visit grandma.
havent seen her since she fell and messed up her shoulder and is now at a really really really nice rehab center for recovery.
once we got there we said our hellos and then put gma in her wheelchair and took a tour of the rehab center.
it is amazing! it is probably the nicest thing i have ever seen.
in one of the lobbys there is one wall that is water. like a waterfall.
which on the other side was a beautiful ball room with a stage that had a baby grand piano.
the whole room was just simply amazing.
but so was the rest of the place.
awesome gym. nice warm pool. relaxing spas and much much much more.
we then went back to her room and just hungout until 8ish but then madre and i kinda got tired and i had some homework to finish. so we lefttt.
the rest of tonight i plan on doing my homework.....but problem is i have to go borrow a chem and history book from greg.
he is just down the street so its alright.
once my hw is all done i plan on getting to bed early. lets hopeeeee.

love, lazy cassey.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


32. a photo of someone you couldnt imagine your life without.

story behind picture:
yes this is greg. gweg.
and yes you have met greg within my blogs before, i guess i do talk about him alot.
only because he is a big part of my life.
hes my neighbor. my guy best friend. and my brother.
we have known each other for our whole entire lives.
and no we havent been close close close our whole entire lives but we still have been friends.
but within the last couple years we have grown closer and i couldnt imagine my life with out him.

home sick.

sick sick sick.
woke up and was really thirsty. first thing i saw was my fruit punch from last night.
so i started to chug it.
then took a shower and dried my hair but then felt really sick.
so i went back to sleep and was planning on going in at 9 but then i still felt sick so i stayed home all day.
fell asleep again and woke up around 1:00 am.
layed around the rest of the day. watched eat pray love.
that movie is simply amazing. i was really satisfied about life after i watched that.
once that was over i had to eat dinner (soup) and get ready for wintergaurd practice.
tonights practice went soooooooo fast! fasted 3 hours of my life!
only because we were nostop practicing with tommy. who is the guy from norwin who makes us better with rifle and stufff.
pretty happy about the practice tonight.
once i got home madre made me a walking tacoooo. yummmy.
then since i didnt go to school today i had no homework.
so the reast of tonight ill probably be chillen on the computer and watching tv.


love, sicky icky.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


basketball game craziness.
and an action shot of ben dancing at the holiday show.
just imagine him in a clue devil suit and that is what i saw tonight.

fatty mic fat fat

31. a photo of something you wish you could change.

story behind this picture:
all my life i have delt with my weight.
yes im a teenage girl and i think im fat. typical right.
but seriously. i would really like to change my body.
i really really do want to get in shape.
i want to feel better about myself when i put clothes on in the morning and look in a mirror.
i have always been "biggger" and one day i would really like to change that.


lazy tuesday.
every tuesday and thursday i wear sweats and a tshirt. i dont really try to look nice.
but alot of people said i looked pretty today soooo idkkk.
school was school. getting use to the new classes.
after nothin much. got a ride home from alexine.
then worked on mrs. silvers drawing.

funny story.
i draw (doodle) in her class every single day.
she always tells me that i will be famous one day.
and because of that she wanted to make sure she had one of my pieces before i graduate.
she said she has a wall of black and white photos of her family.
and what she asked me to draw was, since her last name is silver she wanted to put a drawing of the letter S and hang it in the middle of all of her family photos.
so that is what i did today.
took me a full hour or so.
i hope she likes it :]

once i finished that i got ready and i was off to the boys basketball game! LEBO .vs. CV.
the game was pretty fun actually. sat in the crazy student section.
during half time this kid named ben who is our devil mascot had a dance off with the other mascot which happened to be a horse i think it was.
anyways the dance off was hilarious! ben is a crazy dancer! such an entertainer.
a little bit after halftime we started to get a little crazy and loud.
the police kept coming over to tell us to be respectful and not as loud.
finally they had it and they kicked the whole stupid section out of the game!
it was pretty crazy hilarious! i loved the feeling of it! haha.
once we walked out. 5 mins later alexine and i snuck back in the game because we wanted to watch the game.
we snuck in and sat with ben. screamed and cheered. so much until we finally won!!!
after the game and everyone cleared out ben ask me and alexine if we wanted a ride.
i played it cool and was like hmmmm sureee why not :]
p.s. ben is a senior. he is everyones friend. president. out going. my neighbor. and long time friendish.
we made little small talk on the way to the car. laughed and smiled.
listened to music in his car on the way home.
he has a really nice truckkk.
ahhhhh i dont know something about him he is just so nice. pretty good looking and an all around good guy.
i kinda couldnt stop smiling while i was in his car.
we said our goodbyes and he dropped me off.
the rest of the night i ate some chips and salsa then headed upstairs where i am now.
but im getting a bit tired and i wanna be not tired all day tomorrow.

so for now. night loves.

love, a girl who may be in love with a senior.

if your guard is up i understand.

Monday, January 24, 2011


30. a photo of the person who had gotten through to you the most.

story behind picture:
meet randy.
i honestly can tell him anything.
and when i need to just vent he is who i go to.
he is a good listener.
and much moreeeeeee.


monday x 3
typical monday.
waking up wishing i could go back to sleep.
wanted to llok decently good today since it was the first day of the new simetster.
meaning instead of child development i had HONORS 2D studio arts.
and instead of interior design i have ceramics......with zack yourd! he is kind of amazing.
im not much of a fan of ceramics but ill learn to love it since it IS art.
so the school day went alright i guess.
came home actually did some of my homework.
then fell asleep on the couch around 5ish. and then woke up at 8.
ate some dinner then headed upstairs.
now i doubt i will be falling asleep anytime soon.

love, girl whos sleeping schedule is all messed up.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

29. a photo of you and someone that you have been close with for a very long time.

story behind picture:
meet my two best friends.
greg and alexine.
love them both individually very very much.
i can tell them pretty much ANYTHING!
and we have known each other for pretty much our entire lives.
cant see me being here with out them :]

stairway to s e v e n

slow slow slow day.
woke up in della bed this morning around 9.
we all said our goodbyes and i got my things together and i was headed home by 10.
as soon as i got home i went straight up stairs. and fell asleep.
woke up around 4. haha yep. no joke.
the rest of today i did literally NOTHING!
sat around. watched tv. watched some of the football game!!!
we won we won we won.
stairway to s e v e n !
for an hour or so i actually did some of my english homework.
but that was honestly the most productive thing i did today.

well im gonna go for the night. watch some more tv and talks to people on faceeeeboook :]

love, black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


28. A picture of someone you would want to trade places with for a day.

story behind picture:
she is just amazing.

state of grace.

busy busy busy day.
thank god i got to sleep in today. woke up at 12.
had to be ready by 1:45 for practice at 2 - 6.
it was the longest practice i have ever been through.
it felt like 7 hours. not 4.
once practice was over and we came up to the gym or the 3rd/4th floor people were already here for the show!
there were percussion groups already preforming.
gaurds were getting all there stuff in their assigned spots.
tyler and i were walkin around. ate dinner. said hiya to anna and jess who were working candy/teddy grams.
mark loves my sister anna. he wouldnt stop telling me haha! the are BFFL's.
alexine finally showed up. hung with me the rest of the night.
get said he was coming. but then he bailed.
we then had to help the middle school get ready and do everything for their performance.
then it was time for me to get my uniform all figured out.
alexine was my personal stylist for the night.
did my hair. helped with makeup and fixed uniform.
love her. lucky to have herrrrr.
it was time to perform. everyone who was there to compete and watch were in the gym.
it was a full gym. i walked in and the atmosphere was nerves nerves nerves.
breathe breathe breathe.
aaaaaaaaaaamaaaaziiiiiiiiing graaaaaace...

personally my show was amazing. i think i messed up once but hey i didnt drop.
overall the show was pretty good. at the end people were cheering and standing and yelling for us.
it was an amazing feeling.
once the show was over. and i mean the whole show.
the trophies and everything.
della drove me and alexine home.
i changed and made myself presentable.
then i was off to dellas to have a partaaay and sleepover with...
4 excel girls. me della. cody. james. troy. tyler shelbi who i LOVE! and i think that was about it.
it was a crazy night.
-food food food.
-cody's merca.
-spilled coffee.
-dance party.
-guard videos.
-mt. dew and yummy.
-love me my billy joe.
-kitchen party.
-crazy talk.
-passed out in dellas room.

pretty good night i must say myselffff.

Friday, January 21, 2011


friday... rough day.
woke up for the winterguard thing from 9 - 12.
but since it was snowing and snowing all morning it was bumped back to 10 - 1.
surprisingly it wasnt that bad. even though it was at duffys house.
we watch an amazing movie about 911 (since that is what our show is all about)
the movie was shot from a firemans view. it was incredible.
we then talked about our performance and all that stufffff.
then it was all ovaaaaaaa.
around 2pm my madre and i had a meeting with mr. yazvac (my chem teacher) about my chem final.
since i thought i did amazing but really failed.
the meeting was kinda awkward. it was on a day that we had off and it was with a teacher my madre and just me. WEIRD!
once i got home i took a little nap and woke up with tacos on my desk.
thanks madre for dinner :]
ate, got ready and then head to the school for practice 6-9.
the practice tonight kicked my butt. soooooo tiring. sweat all over haha.
but our show is getting better and better. cant wait for tomorrow which is our HOME SHOW!
annnnnnnnnnnnd plums coming!!!! meaning justin is coming.
i met this kid named justin 3 summers ago at a ymca camp we were both working at.
long story short. i had this huge crush on him for years. but i only got to see him maybe twice. and that was 2 years ago.
im just hoping that if he sees me tomorrow he remembers me..... but i guess we will just have to see tomorrow.

on my way home i texted this one kid that i needed to clear things up with. things that happened months ago between us.
i havent talked to this kid in months. i was kinda afraid on what he would say.
i asked him if he wanted to meet up tomorrow afternoon to talk about things.
but he said he couldnt. which got to me and i cried a bit but im over it.
pretty much the song "back to december" -taylorswift. explains it all.

but i have busy tomorrow so i should get some sleep.


love, the girl who would go back to december (the summer) all the time.


27. a picture of something you are afraid of.

story behind picture:
one thing i am most afraid of.
it could happen anytime. any moment.
today could be my last day.
and thats why i need to start living my life.
lifes to short to unhappy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


26. A photo of something you wish to do before you die.

story behind picture:
i wish to travel the word before i die.


technically friday! :D
haha its thursday!!!
only real day of school. and i was right i was pointless!
all the teachers today were such jokes.
who actually teaches on a day that is sooo pointless.
the only day after 2 days of finals and the day before a 3 day weekend.
every other class we went to dance day times.
which is the dance company just dancing around and being whores with really little clothes on.
but i enjoyed it cause it got us out of class.
after school i hung out with one my friends like i always do.
love his madre to death haha.
we just relaxed on his couch and it was nice.
it was nice to have comfort from someone.
kinda felt like my boyfriend. but not at all. haha. idkkk.
it was fun. but it was time to go home.
came home. ate dinner.
alexine then came overrrr. and so was brenna but she fell asleep and didnt make it in time.
we just kinda chilled in my room. it was fun i guess girls nighttt.
she left a little while ago so im just kinda relaxin in my room the rest of the night.
because tomorrow morning i have to go to duffys house with the whole winterguard and bond and talk about our show.

sooooo me is getting sleepy.

night loves.

love, tired tina.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sore sore sore

wacky wednesday!... NOT.
much more like tiring sore sore sore wednesday.
took math final today. thought i did pretty well but that doesnt mean anything.
i probably failed. =/... actually.... i think i did. ill check later.

had to walk home in the snow wearing my "boots" which actually are slippers.
my mom thought they were boots when she bought them for me for xmas.
i personally love them even if they soak my feet when i walk outside.
rushed around the house. getting ready then eating dinner. then i was again out the door.
tyler picked me up and we had to go to the school around 1:15 for a saber work sectional with greenawalt.
i love the saber work. i love saber. yes we do have to do work on the ground and im not a fall on the ground get up quick kind of person what so ever. but i worked through it.
after that i was super tired and sore. rushed home ate dinner then back at 5:30 for a 3 hour winterguard practice.
this little black gay guy from norwin named tommy came in and helped us with rifle and saber work.
he was wearing this cute little knit hat with a cute little ball of yarn on top.
he was doing one of the dance moves and whipped his head and when he did that, his little ball of yarn flew off and he was about to cry. also when he realized he had ink on his pants he said that if he wasnt helping us here in lebo he would be crying at home about his jeans.
he taught us the right way to do everything. and made us look all pretty and professional.
we did that for 3HOURS! i only actually held a flag in my hand for a good 5 minutes.
which was at the end of practice when we did a run threw.
after tonight i honestly cant move.
once i got home i had a bunch of make up work to be finished by tomorrow which is the last day of the 9 weeks.
child development paper to right.
interior design packet to finish.
and much much much more.

im finally in bed and its almost midnight.
my arms, legs, hands, back, and neck..pretty much my WHOLE body hurts right now.
i cant wait to just close my eyes and sleeep.
but then i have to wake up in about 6 hours for the most pointless day of school ever!


love, sore sally.


25. a photo of your favorite memory.

story behind picture:
this was on the day of my sisters wedding.
this is tyler. he was "hired" by my sister to video her wedding for her.
and i mean video everything! getting ready. the "i do's". the dancing. everything.
this is not my FAVORITE memory. but honestly i have way to many amazing memories i couldnt pick one.
but this is at the top of my list of favorites :]

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


24. a photo of someone you find attractive.

story behind picture:
not much of a story actually.
dont know him personally but i wish i did.
zac efron is pretty attractive i must say myself.
his smile. his hair. his body.
his voice. his acting/singing. his dancing.

speaking of his dancing.
my madres goal to do before she dies [shes only 53 so not anytime soon] but before she dies she wants to dance with zac efron.
not so sure what kind of dance. probably ballroom dance.
that is ONE thing that she would want to do before he dies.
and to be honest i dont think she will be dying anytime soon.
but that would be pretty cool if zac efon just stopped by and danced with my madre...
but then took me out for dinner after of course haha. :]


today wasnt the best.

woke up today at 6. found out that there was a delay.
which meant my chem final was moved back to 10 i thought.
but nooooo its now at 1:15.
got up and ready for NO REASON!
had a couple hours to spear so i watched.....
a is for awesome! :]
sadly... that whole story line is somewhat like my life was a couple months ago. but in a different way..

first real day of 2011 that i can honestly say that it sucked.
all the others have been great or just alright but never sucked.
today was just all about stress stress stress.
finals. makeup work. homework. projects. everything.
i thought this week was gonna go by fast and easy.
but i was 100000% wrong on that one.

took my chem final today.
i took that test like it was my job. i flew through it thinking i did AWESOME!
walked home all happy and proud of myself.
i get home and check my grade.
wow was i wrong. thought i got a high C or even a B.
but noooooooooooooooooo i got a 55.19%....


i studied my butt off all night last night. even with my madre.
she tested me on all of it and i knew all of it!
i just dont understand.
i had a B in the class but im finishing with a C in the class.
which im okay with but not happy with.
i thought i did better.
i guess im just not meant to be smart. its just not me. idk.

studied all night for math....which is difficult to study for.
but im hoping i do somewhat better than today.
but my brain was allll fried up.
so i found some magazines on my floor and created a little life motto on my ceiling.

live the life you imagined.


love, the girl who thought wrong.

Monday, January 17, 2011


23. a photo of what you ate today.

story behind picture:
thats about it. madre and i grabbed some moe's for dnner on our way home.
it is sooooooo gooooooood. there chips are always warm and yummy.
i could eat their chips all day!
pshhhh. who am i kidding. im eating some at this very moment.
crunch crunch mmmmmmmmmmmm.



woke up around 10. had to make a dvd for greenawalt from the competition on saturday.
he couldnt make it. so he had us video tape it and put it all on a dvd for him.
it gave me a little difficulty but i worked through it and finally finished it and dropped it off to him at the school.
ran a couple errands with madre. then.... WELCOME TO MOE'S. we got moe's for dinner. so yummmy.
finally got home and i then had to start my studying.
i study for a good 3 to 4 hours on and off.
for an hour i studied with madre. she "tested" me. since i have the attention span of a fish, i had to have her read it and stuff. haha.
after her testing me over and over and over again it finally stuck in my head. and im hoping it sticks there until tomorrow morning at least when i am taking the REAL final.

as you can see this day was a boring slow yet sorta productive day.
but i guess that is what the day before finals are all about.
its almost midnight and i should probably get a good night sleep before my big chem final tomorrow at 8 am.
wish me luckkk.


love, the girl who's brain is about to explode.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

winterguard hair. the rat!


22. a photo of a night you loved.

story behind picture:
any night im with this kid i love.
hes just a pretty awesome kid.
my neighbor. my best (guy) friend. my brother.
love ya bro.


only days away from finals. ahhhhhhh! help!!!!
but good thing is this week will go pretty fast.
off on monday. (which means studying)
finals tuesday and wednesday from 8-10 then get to go home.
full day of school on thursday which we wont do anything on.
then off on friday. WAHOOO!

today went pretty fast. woke up at 1 pm haha.
sunday is the only day i get to sleep in. so i take advantage of it.
woke up and had to be ready by 3/3:30ish to go to my gams to have lunner (lunch dinner) since i was gonna be eating at 4.
turns out gmas wasnt joining us. she was still at her rehab place because of her shoulder. (she fell off of the "comod" a little while back and did something to her shoulder.)
it was free and it was gooooooood. i had to get all dressed up and everything.
once dinner was over we headed home. got dropped off since my rents were going to some cover band of the beatles.
said hi to greg. then chilled at home for a while at home by myself.
around 8ish alexine came over and we watched easy A....WHICH I LOVE!
as weird and probably bad it sounds that movie relates to my life somewhat. but we will get into that later.
we were calling and calling and calling greg. when he finallly texts me back.
he then came over and we all watched the pacifier. we were all bunched up on my bed haha.
it was around midnight and they had to leave.
later on he called me. we chatted for a little bit.
then texted a bit. but then he stopped responding. kinda figured he fell asleep. haha.

now im here just listening to jar of hearts by christina perri. such a good song!!!
but my eyes are slowly trying to close.


love, content little girl.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


21. a photo of you that your hair looks nice in.

story behind picture:
i remember this day quit clearly.
this picture was taken in the bead alli at michaels.
my sister and madre were shopping around for wedding stuff.
so i figured lets take pictures on myself with annas new iphone4!
so i did. and thats about it.
i like my face and my hair in this pictureee.


i once was lost but now am found. was blind. but now. i see. state of grace 2011. ♥

woke up super early. practice practice practice 8-11.
only 2 hours to get ready ahhh!!!!!
did what i had to do at the school by 1:45 pm.
we hopped on the bus and we were finally on our way to kiski where our first show was! ( the preview show )
finally got there. felt like the bus ride was literally 2 hours.
once we got there we walked around then ate some.
barely saw any of the guards since we had to help middle school with everything and then we had to get ready right after.
the middle school was sooooo cute.....imagine..... :]
finally it was our time. first look. it was everyones first look of us and what are made of.
to be honest i personally had a great show. didnt drop one thing!
but overall it wasnt very good. well i mean yeah it is the preview show and everyone always sucks. but still. feels good to do good. you know?
lynsdsey messed up and started crying like usual......but......DURING THE SHOW! it was sd;kfljsd;kfjds;flkdj i wanted to slap her.
i felt the worst for tyler when he drops. during practice he NEVER drops. and at the one time he was sure to not.... he did.
and since his boyfriend and everyone was there to see him. he was really really really upset. crying and everything. i wanted to cry with him.
once we were done with the show i was totally out of breathe. it was blechhh. so hot and sweaty i couldnt wait to get out of that uniform. ughhh.
we finally got all our shitttt together and headed back homeee.
the ride home felt pretty quick. but i mean i was so cold and tired i just listened to my ipod.
once we were back in "the bubble" madre took tyler katie (tylers little middle school guard) to their house.
minutes later. knock. knock. knock. hellooo its james. troy. cody. chels. and della.
all the guys were gay and the rest we from norwin guard but not della. shes in excel.
i love them all soooo much.
we decided to go to applebees and grab some food.... like usual.
trust me. let me tell you something. when you go anywhere with either cody or james it is sure a party.
drinks spillin everywhere. meatballs bein thrown across the table. funny storys. bad words. just the whole thing.
when im with them i cant stop laughing. gays are soooooooooooooo much fun!!! :D
once we all ate and got something spilled on us or thrown at us it was time to leave.
we said our goodbyes and went in our cars.
finally got home after a long long long day.
and like always all im doing it sitting on my computer talking to people on facebook and always creeping people on facebook.
speaking of creeping people on facebook...earlier at applebees troy goes "ohhh so yesterday i was creeping you on facebook and girl you are beautiful!" yep thats right i met him for the first time today and thats the first thing that he said to me.
i believe this is the behginning of a beautiful friendship.

today was a success!!!
cant wait till next week..... OUR HOME SHOW! ahhhh!
but now i acnt sotp yawning. so i believe its time to catch some Zzzzz's


p.s. i love my gays and guard gurls... thank you Troy Taylor.

Friday, January 14, 2011


which means tomorrow is saturday.
which means COMPETITION @ kiski!
woke up this morning thinking we had a delay.
5 mins later madre walks in and tells me to get up.
i was really confused. we ended up not having a delay. :[
so i knew this day would be extremely long.
school was school.
wore my winterguard tshirt. since tomorrow is the "preview show"
super scared for the chem final. i think ill be alright for math..... hopefully.
so much to do this weekend its crazy!
but thank god that its a 3 day weekend.
hung around after school with alexine and people.
we annoyed scotty.... like we always do.
made small talk with this awesome kid jake.
hes really shy but hes really awesome at the same timeee.
got home. then left for practiceeee.
as of tomorrow my friday nights and saturdays are completely booked for the next couple months.
grrrrrrrrrr the things i have to give up for winterguard. oh well. its worth it.
at practice we got alot more work done which im suuuuuuuper excited about.
since we get to preform it tomorrrrrrowwwww! lets hope i catch solid haha :]
our show is prettttty intenseeee.
cody (tylers booooooyfriend) pick tyler and i up and we went to eat n park.
it was crazy busy and i mean it was only like 10:45.
we go seated after 5 mins of waiting.
but then once we got seated we waited 20 mins for our waiter to come and order our drinks.
and since we waited so long our waiter gave us free dessert.
i didnt realize how much i love cody. he says the craziest things sometimes.
i love that boy to death!
had a prettty good time at eat n park. but then greg called.
he wanted to hang but i couldnt. i was home.
a little after we were done eating we left and i took my left overs (zucchini bread and an oreo pie) to gregs. i thought he would want some. i felt bad for turning him down on hanging out.
but turns out when i got to his door he was a little out of it. and didnt want the food.
i went all sassyy on him. but then was over it. we hung at hit house for a bit.
then i had to be home since it was midnight and i have to get up in 6 hours for practice in the am.

overall today was a goodish day.
not the best. not the worst.
it was alright.

nightttttttt bloggerrrs.


20. photo of last summer.

story behind picture:
kennywood summer of 2010.
summer of 2010 was one i sure will remember.
but it has nothing to do with this picture.
it happened at a different time during the summer.
different place. with different people.
what happened changed me for the better and the worse.
long story short. its something i thought i regreted... but to be honest. i dont at all.
i dont regret that i did it. i regret on how it turned out.
simple as that.

this picture included (left to right) jake. randy. gabriella. seth. and meeeee.
earlier that day we had band camp and that is why i lost nasty. all sweating hot ew.
we had to preform in the kennywood parade that. which is pretty fun i guesss.
but we spent most of the day at kennywood. all i can remember it was super hot and while we waiting in line we would look up weird things on my phone.
we were a group of kids to look out for hahaha. we were sumthin.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


19. a photo of your hometown.

story behind picture:
welcome to PITTSBURGH baby!
black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.
this is me on my 15 mile bike ride around pittsburgh.
it was probably the best day i have ever had in the summer.
i love biking so much.
the wind in my headphones in my ears.
and the beautiful sunshine shinny on my faceeee. haha :]
but point is i love it. and i love my hometown.
its where i was born. and where i have grown up my whole life.
yes i probably am planning on leaving here once i graduate.
but i guess im pretty lucky to always be able to come back to such an AWESOME city! :]

love ya pittsburghhhh

interior design.

school work is getting crazy!
and finals are NEXT WEEK! AHHHHH!
its making my head explode.
but im trying my hardest not to freak out like i would normally do.
short school day. had ANOTHER delay!
also had daytimes today.
which happen to be during school and instead of some classes you can go and watch a 40 min play that the CIT's put on.
to be honest i have no idea what CIT means. all i know it that the T is theater. cause that is what they do.
after school was here before i even knew it.
had to go up to mrs. silvers class and get some supplies for a project that i was doing all freakin night!
madre picked me up and we went straight to stayin alive. (dance store)
i was on a mission to find some sort of body thing for my show on saturday. YIKES! :]
we ended not finding anything but making something that i had at home work.... i hope.
after stayin alive i had to rush to joan's fabric and get some more supplies for my project.
my interior design project is alot of crazy stuff.
a blue print of a room we designed.
3D sorta version of the room.
including paint swatches. fabric swatched. and alot more.
then my teacher expects us to put it all on a poster paper by tomorrow.
that is all i did tonight.
i did none of my other homework.
tomorrow is either gonna be a good or bad day.
lets hope its a good one!!!

cya soon loves.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


heres to the snow.
thank you for letting me sleep an extra two hours!
had a 10 am start today!
it was quit appreciated :D

school went by pretty quick since classes were shortened.
wasnt feeling history...since we werent doing anything....i went to my friends lunch period instead.
nothin really exciting happened after school other than alexine and i annoying scotty.
he is just too fun to annoyyyy.
came homee.
relaxed for a bit then back to the school around 5:15 to help with posters for our home winterguard show!
practice from 6-9.
found out that i was on saaaaaaber!
meaning i dance, rifle, flag, AND saber. i do it all.
which happens to be pretty exciting!
tyler and lyndsey do some stupid little lift thing and then end up being the only ones on the floor which kinda ticks me off.
lyndsey of course has a dance solo.
she has had one every single year.
freshman year. sophomore year. and now junior year.
its pretty unfair.
yes she is good at what she does but she isnt the only one that can dance. or flag. or do rifle.
greenawalt needs to switch it up a bit.
give some other people a chance to shine.
cheesy i know. but its the truth.

since i realized that i had raised two of my grades from c's too b's i asked my mom for a little reward.
which happened to be at the moment a salad and oreo frosty from wendys.
she said sure thing. and was pretty happy about my grades.
came home and worked on my interior design project untill 11:45 p.m.
finally i am now in my bed about to pass out.

goodnighttt love.

p.s. praying for a delaaaaaay!


18. a photo of you standing up.

storyn behind picture:
not really much to tell.
came home and since i love the look of snow so much.
i figured why not have a photoshoot in the snow.
so i did.
and this was one of the photos i took.
i guess you could say i was standing?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 :]

snow snow snow

well they were right. 2-3 inches of snow on tuesday.
well its tuesday and its snowing.
school was school.
class by class. bell by bell.
walked around in the snow for a good 15 mins.
even though its cold. its so pretty. i love being outside when it snows.
had madre pick me up since my shoes were not really holding up very well in the slush and snow i was playing in.

tonight was pretty boring.
facebook. tumblr. blog. dailybooth. was my night.
just like every other night haha :]

p.s. just made a wish on 1/11/11 @ 11:11 :]
lets hope it comes true <3

meet eddie.

made a pretty cool friend today on dailybooth.
his names eddie.
he's 16 his homested in phx az he's shy, he is in the process of a photographer he does online school at home. he has an imagination. he has gauged ears. he's on the computer to much and he stays up to late. and he texts more then he talks in person ha.

well i mean thats what he told me.
ive been talking to him for a good couple hours now.
he's one of those guys that is just fun to talk to.
i feel like ive known this kid forever.
its crazy how somethings word out that way.

three things.

18. a photo of three things you enjoy doing.

story behind picture:
i enjoy doing alot i guess.
but the three i enjoy the most happen to be...
drawing. listening to music. and laughing/smiling.
left: me walking home in the snow today, actually, listening to music. smiling. and laughing.
right: one of my crazy trippy drawings that i enjoy creating.

Monday, January 10, 2011

i m a g i n e.

third tattoo????

kinda want a tattoo that says imagine on my left pointer finger.
although this is my right pointer finger.
only because im a lefty and i couldnt write it on my left finger with my right hand.
but you get the idea.

whatcha think?

p.s. imagine because i draw... ALOT! and when i draw i imagine it first and then put it on paper. so i picked imagine to support my passion for art. :]