Sunday, March 6, 2011

i freakin love him!


finally caught up on my blog. yay!
woke up at a decent time today.
alexine left when i woke up. her mom was here to pick her up.
after she left i went back to sleep. but then madre woke me up.
i had alot to do today.
but did i do any of it??? NO!
woke up. watched some tv with nate graham and alina.
drew a picture that i loveeee.
"life isn't about fitting in... it's about standing out."
attempted to do homework but was to distracted since in the living room 7 pounds was being played.
i love that movie sooo much!
and then once that was over we watched 127 hours. OMG such a good movie.
ahhh 127 hours. he is cutting his arm offf! cant watch. but i have to.
@justinbieber man how your tweets make me smile. no matter what. but what would make me smile from ear to ear is a follow. :)
i love twittering to justin haha. maybe one day he will tweet back. :)
greg was online for one.
i chatted him. and it didnt end well.
you have no idea how hard it is to be totally quiet in ur room while bawling your eyes out so much you cant breathe just so no one will hear you.
i hate having to be quiet when im crying so just no one comes into my room and asks me whats wrong.
cause honestly i wouldnt be able to explain.

once again so stressed.
graham nate and alina were asking all about high school and what i wanna do when im older.
to be honest i have no idea. and it scares me.
in 6days ill be 17. and next year ill a senior.
everything is just going way to fast.
i wish i was in elementary school again...
those were the days.
tomorrow...1st period...chem with...YAZVAC...AWKWARD. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. CANT WAIT!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


whoa. i am sooooo sorry.
the last time i blogged was february 22, 2011.
and it is now march 6, 2011.
thats like a week and some. almost two weeks.
i have been soooo busy with school. winterguard. and band since we are going on our band trip on thursday 3.10.11 - sunday 3.13.11.
but anyways back to what you have missed....

february 23, 2011. wednesday.
-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! to an amazing madre!!!!!
-winterguard practice at usual.
-stress over school like always. im

february 24, 2011. thursday.
-may 22, 2009: really wish that day could come back. "Brita and Alexine coming over(yay!!!) we are going to watch a movie and play board games. :)" - twitter - greg. when i read that. i cried. i miss this so much.
-‎"we stopped looking for monsters under our beds. when we realize they were inside us."
-im just a back-up plan to you now.
-talked to alexine for a good couple hours about how much i miss who greg used to be. he had changed so much. and it kills me. we used to always talked and hangout. but now "all i am to you... is a back-up plan. a second choice. and i wish that wasnt the case."

february 25, 2011. friday.
-yay friday!
-booo school.
-band trip practice. 3:15 - 4:30
-best buddies dance. 4:30 - 5:30
-winterguard 5:45 - 9.
-got home. and crasheeed.

february 26, 2011. saturday.
-saturday morning practices s u c k.
-wish i could be lazy all day. the lazy song - bruno mars. <3
-my little fishy jumped out of its tank and killed himself. found him this morning flat as paper chillin on my floor. true story. what a slow painful death.
-northgate competition!!!
-had an amazing time at the competition!!!
-First placeeee beeeotches!!!
-got a little teady (bear with a crown) gram. from madre. sooo adorableee.
-just got back from an AMAZING night! northgate competition. middle school - 2nd place. highschool (me) - 1st place!!!!!! it was a pretty amazing moment ahhhh!
-after awards did the cuban shuffle with some awesome black dudes. "hey were gonna dance with you k? k." - me.
-after competition went to our annual eat n' park partaaaaay!

february 27, 2011. sunday.
-so much for sleepin innn.
-i need to buy justin biebers book!
-station square for brunchhhh for madres (late) bdayyyy :)
-never been to a place so fancy! they made their own donuts. ahhhh sooo goooooood.
-ROSS PARK MALL! - its was alright. had a little fit. i was being a spoiled bitch. i hate that about me sometimes. but i honestly cant help it.
-‎"I'm coming home. I'm coming home. tell the world im coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday. And all my kingdom awaits and they forgiven my mistakes."
-#NSNToday!!! Takin a friend who is not all into @justbieber but I'm gonna maker her a "belieber" :)
-you wont be 16 forever.
-just got back from @justinbieber never say never 3D directors fan cut. and im thinkin it was better than the first! :)
-writing all my homework in purple pen in honor of @justinbieber :)
-random fact of the day. just realized that @justinbieber is a lefty. as am i. waaahooo. :)
-@justinbieber just lettin you know. your birthday is tomorrow!!! exactly 11 days older than me :)
-#oscars and some homeworrrrk. thats my night.
-had a whole list of things to do tonight. and i didnt completely any. and to top it alllllllllllll stomach is in paiiiiin. ughhh. x 12452459475629384729348 :(
-ahhhh lightening strikes purple and pink. HUGEEEE STORM!

february 28, 2011. monday.
- ew monday.
- booo school.
-boring after school.
-chilled at home.
-purdy. lil. liars.
-10 mins till march?

march 1, 2011. tuesday.
-hello march - month of stress.
-@Justinbieber hope you had an unforgettable 17th birthday!!! :)
-#Happy17thBdayBiebs you are incredible. i wish i could list the reasons why but now i only have 44 characters left. :( but i love ya xoxo.
-@selenagomez just stoppin by to let you know that you are incredible & my "inspiration""role model""idol" well i think you get the point. :)
-and i was like happy happy happy birthday happy happy happy birthday! @justinbieber i hope its an amazing one! (charity:water)
-@justinbieber please say thank you to your wonderful mother. who brought you into this world. she is truly an angel. and happy birthday. :)
-wahoooo what a crazy birthday day. @justinbieber @kesha and three of my friends. hmmm. march is gonna be good. (my bday march 12) :)
-@justinbieber i really hope you birthday was everything you wished it would be! <3
-the lazy song - bruno mars.
-drew alot today.
-put back thy universe and give me yesterday.
-within me there lay an invincible summer.

march 2, 2011. wednesday.
-just doin what i do every morning. getting ready listenin to @justinbieber :) thanks for starting my day off good justinnn.
-@justinbieber ur allowed to be angry & make mistakes. your human. if ur mad be mad if ur happy be happy. never hide what ur really feeling.
-Long day today. Wore some prettyy awesome boots but the heel was a bit high and I felt like a building and my feet hurt. I'm exhuasted. ...
-what happened? i know. but i dont wanna believe. - to greg.
-happy birthday Randy Fink!!!
-the truth about us: "We are teenage girls. When we go home… Our straightened hair goes up into messy buns. Our makeup has faded or smudged so we take it off. The fake smile vanishes into how we really feel. Our brand new shirt changes into our favorite old sweater. Our skinny jeans are traded for sweat pants or pajamas. And our Uggs are taken off to reveal our fuzzy socks. When we go home… You wouldn’t recognize us."

march 3, 2011. thursday.
-you loose you snooze.
-wore new clothess todayyy. and wore some hot boots today that hurt my feet :(
-Ahh tomrrows Friday yay! On my way to panerrrrra with alexine to work on englishhhh. Wahooo.
-drew a pretty awesome picture of the dog fish head beer logo.

march 4, 2011. friday.
-me first - t.mills.
-booo school.
-made $25 today. sold my pink DS that i havent touched in 2 years. so why not sell it and get money for it.
-booo band trip practice.
-Not feeling winterguard tonighttt.
-out with the girllls. "strawberry flavored" haha!
-spent my whole $20 ughhh. but it was worth it.
-ran into my chem teacher at a place that i would never think for him to be at. i was sooo shocked. it was crazy!
-Of all people... mr. Yazvac...
-"hey mrs. yazcav. cya on monday!"
-slept at shelbeys with amy. jessica. eveyln. and shelbey.
-her and her dad were bickering. hilarious!
-4 am and he is making us pizza. sasage. eggs. sandwitches. yummmy.
-he was a bit drunk. haha!
-it was a pretty crazy night! thats all imma say! :D

march 5th, 2011. saturday. TODAY!
-yay slept in! no 8 am practice.
-woke up with a crink in my neck at shelbeys.
-came home. showered. got ready for spaghetti dinner at the school for the band. ughhh.
-put my new shirt. new healed boots and skinny jeans on and i was out the door.
-worked from 4-6 serving line. SO HOT!
-prego for a day. balloon under shirt. haha!
-family came and ate. nate. graham. alina. mom. dad. and also alexine stopped by.
-saw mike doody again. miss that kid. he got kicked out of lebo for beatin someone up. talked to him for a bit. he was flirting with me sooo much. so funny.
-yummmmmmy cake.
-sucking helium from balloons and sounding like a munktion.
-randy and alexine comin over and played JUST DANCE. it was hilarious. i really missed that kid. alot.
-he is horrible at dancing! :)
-the dancing frog made me do it! - randy
-chirs brown - yeah 3x.
-what the hell - avril
-raise your glass - pink.
-@justinbieber - @selenagomez I miss you. i almost cried when i saw this. your guys are amazing together. love you guysss. stay true :)
-justin bieber - i miss you
-Leila Ghaffari - I'm sorry for raping your album, I just couldn't hold back!! So incredible, Brita! she was looking at all my drawings.
-alexine slept over.
- saturday night live!!!!! miley cyrus no?
-how about a pick hoodie with a big ass daisy on it.
-3 am and made some frozen dinners. mac and cheese and some pasta.yummmy.
-fell asleep watching despicable me. LOVE THAT MOVIE!
-yes it is 2:30 and i am watching despicable me. sue me :)

well that was all a short short summary of what had happened in the life of brita lynn thompson in the past 11 days.
wow sorrrrry!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


waaho waaho waaho
when i heard my mom say that school was closed today i was like AWESOME and went right back to sleep.
it was the best feeling ever!
i slept in until 1ish. ate some fooooooood. then took a shower since i havent in a couple days ewww i know.
but i mean if im not gonna see anyone and im staying in my house all those days then why shower ahah.
it felt so good to showerrr.
got ready and bummed around until 3ish.
alexine and i were thinking about going sled riding!!!!
but the plans fell through and we ended up going down to gregs.
he made me sit on his porch freezing while he took a shower.
but hes a boy and he didnt take long haha.
finally alexine got there. SHE IS ALWAYS LATE! and she lives UP the street. literally a 2 min walk. its crazy.
but turns out that greg couldnt hang. he was grounded and his parents were coming home soon.
so he went inside and we bothered him for a good 15 mins. ringing his door bell a bunch.
banging on the door. it was pretty entertaining. but then we got really cold and went up to my house for hot coco mmm.
hot coco and peanut butter crunch is SOOOOO good! bad for you but great tasting.
we say in my kitchen and pigged out on special K's cracker chips things. ahhh sooo delicious! taste like baked laze.
once we went through almost two boxes of those we thought we should stop eating haha.
but hey i knew i could eat a bit since i was going to LA fitness with my friend amy tonight! sooo excited!
we dropped alexine off on our way to the gym. once i got there i got a guest pass and i was ready to workout! and sweat!
and that is what i did! it was packed! crazy! started on the bike. did some legs, arms, abs, and alot more machines and once i was all warmed up. i went on this it felt like riding a bike but also running. so it was two in one.
it was amazing! put my headphones in and i was good to go!
the two best people to workout to and that have a good beat is kesha and of course justin bieber.
their songs are really great to get pumped up and work really hard to.
once it was time to go i was all red faced and sweating like ive never swet before. i loved it!
i felt soooo good. i felt soooo alive.
after that we went to sonic to get some low-cal slushes. they were amazing as well.
once i got home i begged my mom to get me a membership there. i love it sooo much!
itst just something about workout with peeople you dont know. and if someone if working out harder than you then you want to workout harder. so it is really motivating and thats what i love about it.
so im really hoping my mom will pay for the membership.
made myself a pretty good dinner. with some fruit. and veggies. and moreee. yummm.
rest of tonight i put my homework aside because i really wanted to draw.
so i did. yes i know putting my homework aside is bad but dont worry i will get it done. sooner or later.
so listened to my boy justin bieber. and my girl taylor swift. and went into my zone and drew away!
turned out pretty awesome.
"but i took your matches before fire could catch me.
so dont look now." - dear john - taylor swift.
love the song and the pictureee.
once i was done i looked myself in the mirror and though about everything at that moment.
im really stupid for drawing and not doing my homework. im gonna get yelled at that my madre sooner or later.
and i really really really wish i didnt take up as much room in a mirror than i do. ughhh.
i want to lok in the mirror and be happy about my body. ughhh. but its an everyday thought that goes through my mind.
but i will change that. i will. i have to. soon...
well im tired and i got a lot on my mind right now so i think ill hit the hay for tonight.

today was a pretty good snow day.
wish we had more.
but tomorrows wednesday which means im pretty close to the weekend!! wahooo!


love, the girl who loves snow days!

Monday, February 21, 2011

pretty little liars.

wahooooooo yay for three day weekend.
but boooo i have school tomorrow :(
but hey i got to sleep in todayyy :)
most of today all i did was draw watch tv and creeped on facebook haha.
not very exciting i know.
no shower. no makeup. it was a pretty relaxing day.
on tv there was a pretty little liars marathon.
to be honest i have NEVER seen the show before but everyone keeps telling me that i would love it.
so since i was in for the day and nothing was on tv i watched it.
and i mean every show i watched, from 2 pm to 8 oclock which was when the new episode was on.
it was AMAZING!
two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. watching pretty little liars for the first time. and i hate to say but im hooked.
ahhhh cant wait until next monday ahhh wahooo!
but hmmm yeah thats all that i did today haha.
boring boring but hey i have a delay tomorrow!
yes it is snowing. LIKE CRAZY!
cant wait to sleep in.
tomorrow will be a good day!

love, -A

Sunday, February 20, 2011

tentacle party!

sunday sleep day.
i woke up at 9 with cody jumping on me.
great way to wake up haha not so muchh.
he left and picked up tyler and came back here.
while he was gone i went back to sleep haha.
i look so bad! hair a mess and makeup smugged all over my face.
once they came back we talked a bt.
cody helped my mom clean my fish tank. it was a site to see haha. hes crazy.
they then decided to go to the mall and get cody new TOMS. brand of shoe.
he ordered some and got the wrong color and size.
so he was pretty upset about that.
when they were out i took a shower and made myself presentable.
around 2ish they finally came back.
cody then wanted to watch FAME and order pizza and wings from MM MM PIZZA! cody loves saying that haha. (he asked me out to spell mm mm pizza.) man do i love that kid.
for the next two hours we watched FAME and pigged out. it was pretty nice.
p.s. the guy dancer from iowa in the movie is named paul mcgill and im friends with him on facebook! and ive talked to him before!!! ahh!
towards the middle of the movie i was still sooo tired. and i guess i fell asleep cuz once again cody jumped on me to wake me up. what a joy.
it was a around 5ish and tyler had to be home and cody had to drive home.
so once the movie was ovaaaa they left and i chilled until 7ish when alexine came over.
i drew some pretty awesome tentacle picture while she was here.
we creeped people on facebook and listened to musicc like we always do.
she found out that her lover that had amaing hair buzzed it all off.
this was my status....
reminiscing....but then Alexine Catherine got some ridiculous news and then ran and went under Nathan Kirpatrick McGraw's bed. - abs
it was hilarious! she was FREAKING out! hahaahhahahaah i cried cuz i was laughing sooo hard! i love her haha!
after her litle freak out she had to leave around 9 since it was her mom bday that day.
so the rest of tonight i drew some more listened to music talked to greg and watched tv.
boring rest of the night.
but hey it is sorta like a saturday since i dont have school tomorrow!!!!
waaaahooooo for a three day weekend!!!!


love, tentacle loverrr.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

second place!

once again. it is saturday which means competition day.
woke up for an early practice 8-11 like usual.
tiring as usual. but i got through it.
went home and fell back asleep like i always do.
i had free time until4:00
problem was i fell asleep and didnt wake up until 3. which meant i only had an hour to get showered and everything.
and if you know me by now i need at least 1 hour and a half to get ready.
so i was rushed...which i hate bein rushed. but i was.
surprisingly i was ready in time. seriously dont know how that happened.
but i was ready and out the door. once i got to the school we had 5 mins and then we jumped onto the bus.
sat with tyler and listened to musiccc and FINALLY after an hourish bus ride we were there. we were at mars. (the highschool not actually mars haha)
did what we usually so before we get ready for perform.
eat. run around haha. be crazy. watch guards.
turns out cody and maddie were there to.
maddie and i are kinda fake friends. we have something in common. but thats a long long story.
we had to be ready by 7:45 and of course i wasnt haha and i got yelled at. but whatevs.
i was ready to perform.
the gym we were performing in was SOOOOO small! it felt like we were in a classroom it was so small.
but i looked pass that and the music started and i was in character. emotion emotion emotion.
i personally had a pretty good show i believe.
but everyone else kept saying it was a bad show. there were alot of drops but that is alright.
during awards maddie was texting someone and we were kind of messing with his head in a way.
nothing bad i swear. the things that were said hot me thinking. but that is to much to share on here. haha.
turns out our show wasnt that bad. we beat gateway and got second place!!! yet kiski got first. they are amazing ive been told.
so that was pretty EXCITING!
we then packed up and once again was on the bus on the way home.
i was pretty upset that i left my phone with my mom so i couldnt text my friends OR listen to my ipodddd.
so i borrowed tyler ipod. and came across this song by the script.
that song was titled before the worst. i listened to it over and over again until we got home.
it was explaining all that was going through my head on the way home.
its crazy how songs can just take the words right out of my mouth.
that is why i love music so much.
it may be weird but when i listen to musicc. and i cant hear anything else even if i am in a bus full of people laughing and being happy. i feet so lonely. and i tear up. its what i do. just looking out the window and one single tear runs down my face and thats it.
we fianly got home and i was a bit tired. but i was not going home.
we all went to eat n park. party of 21 i believe.
everyone came including della, cody, and maddie. it was crazy and unusual since it was near midnight.
eat some pretty good food. salad. and chicken fingereeed. yummy.
got call and found out my friend got in a bit of trouble on friday night ahaha he is sooo stupid!
but other than that (the call and eating) there wasnt much else that happened.
cody and i took tyler home. then cody and i went to my house.
he happened to have to sleepover, since he lives 45 mins away and it was 1 am.
once we got home got all of our bed stuff all layed out and changed into comfy clothes.
we were out. we both layed down and lights we out. we fell right asleep.
today was a long long long day.

love, second place sarah.