Sunday, March 6, 2011

i freakin love him!


finally caught up on my blog. yay!
woke up at a decent time today.
alexine left when i woke up. her mom was here to pick her up.
after she left i went back to sleep. but then madre woke me up.
i had alot to do today.
but did i do any of it??? NO!
woke up. watched some tv with nate graham and alina.
drew a picture that i loveeee.
"life isn't about fitting in... it's about standing out."
attempted to do homework but was to distracted since in the living room 7 pounds was being played.
i love that movie sooo much!
and then once that was over we watched 127 hours. OMG such a good movie.
ahhh 127 hours. he is cutting his arm offf! cant watch. but i have to.
@justinbieber man how your tweets make me smile. no matter what. but what would make me smile from ear to ear is a follow. :)
i love twittering to justin haha. maybe one day he will tweet back. :)
greg was online for one.
i chatted him. and it didnt end well.
you have no idea how hard it is to be totally quiet in ur room while bawling your eyes out so much you cant breathe just so no one will hear you.
i hate having to be quiet when im crying so just no one comes into my room and asks me whats wrong.
cause honestly i wouldnt be able to explain.

once again so stressed.
graham nate and alina were asking all about high school and what i wanna do when im older.
to be honest i have no idea. and it scares me.
in 6days ill be 17. and next year ill a senior.
everything is just going way to fast.
i wish i was in elementary school again...
those were the days.
tomorrow...1st period...chem with...YAZVAC...AWKWARD. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. CANT WAIT!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


whoa. i am sooooo sorry.
the last time i blogged was february 22, 2011.
and it is now march 6, 2011.
thats like a week and some. almost two weeks.
i have been soooo busy with school. winterguard. and band since we are going on our band trip on thursday 3.10.11 - sunday 3.13.11.
but anyways back to what you have missed....

february 23, 2011. wednesday.
-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! to an amazing madre!!!!!
-winterguard practice at usual.
-stress over school like always. im

february 24, 2011. thursday.
-may 22, 2009: really wish that day could come back. "Brita and Alexine coming over(yay!!!) we are going to watch a movie and play board games. :)" - twitter - greg. when i read that. i cried. i miss this so much.
-‎"we stopped looking for monsters under our beds. when we realize they were inside us."
-im just a back-up plan to you now.
-talked to alexine for a good couple hours about how much i miss who greg used to be. he had changed so much. and it kills me. we used to always talked and hangout. but now "all i am to you... is a back-up plan. a second choice. and i wish that wasnt the case."

february 25, 2011. friday.
-yay friday!
-booo school.
-band trip practice. 3:15 - 4:30
-best buddies dance. 4:30 - 5:30
-winterguard 5:45 - 9.
-got home. and crasheeed.

february 26, 2011. saturday.
-saturday morning practices s u c k.
-wish i could be lazy all day. the lazy song - bruno mars. <3
-my little fishy jumped out of its tank and killed himself. found him this morning flat as paper chillin on my floor. true story. what a slow painful death.
-northgate competition!!!
-had an amazing time at the competition!!!
-First placeeee beeeotches!!!
-got a little teady (bear with a crown) gram. from madre. sooo adorableee.
-just got back from an AMAZING night! northgate competition. middle school - 2nd place. highschool (me) - 1st place!!!!!! it was a pretty amazing moment ahhhh!
-after awards did the cuban shuffle with some awesome black dudes. "hey were gonna dance with you k? k." - me.
-after competition went to our annual eat n' park partaaaaay!

february 27, 2011. sunday.
-so much for sleepin innn.
-i need to buy justin biebers book!
-station square for brunchhhh for madres (late) bdayyyy :)
-never been to a place so fancy! they made their own donuts. ahhhh sooo goooooood.
-ROSS PARK MALL! - its was alright. had a little fit. i was being a spoiled bitch. i hate that about me sometimes. but i honestly cant help it.
-‎"I'm coming home. I'm coming home. tell the world im coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday. And all my kingdom awaits and they forgiven my mistakes."
-#NSNToday!!! Takin a friend who is not all into @justbieber but I'm gonna maker her a "belieber" :)
-you wont be 16 forever.
-just got back from @justinbieber never say never 3D directors fan cut. and im thinkin it was better than the first! :)
-writing all my homework in purple pen in honor of @justinbieber :)
-random fact of the day. just realized that @justinbieber is a lefty. as am i. waaahooo. :)
-@justinbieber just lettin you know. your birthday is tomorrow!!! exactly 11 days older than me :)
-#oscars and some homeworrrrk. thats my night.
-had a whole list of things to do tonight. and i didnt completely any. and to top it alllllllllllll stomach is in paiiiiin. ughhh. x 12452459475629384729348 :(
-ahhhh lightening strikes purple and pink. HUGEEEE STORM!

february 28, 2011. monday.
- ew monday.
- booo school.
-boring after school.
-chilled at home.
-purdy. lil. liars.
-10 mins till march?

march 1, 2011. tuesday.
-hello march - month of stress.
-@Justinbieber hope you had an unforgettable 17th birthday!!! :)
-#Happy17thBdayBiebs you are incredible. i wish i could list the reasons why but now i only have 44 characters left. :( but i love ya xoxo.
-@selenagomez just stoppin by to let you know that you are incredible & my "inspiration""role model""idol" well i think you get the point. :)
-and i was like happy happy happy birthday happy happy happy birthday! @justinbieber i hope its an amazing one! (charity:water)
-@justinbieber please say thank you to your wonderful mother. who brought you into this world. she is truly an angel. and happy birthday. :)
-wahoooo what a crazy birthday day. @justinbieber @kesha and three of my friends. hmmm. march is gonna be good. (my bday march 12) :)
-@justinbieber i really hope you birthday was everything you wished it would be! <3
-the lazy song - bruno mars.
-drew alot today.
-put back thy universe and give me yesterday.
-within me there lay an invincible summer.

march 2, 2011. wednesday.
-just doin what i do every morning. getting ready listenin to @justinbieber :) thanks for starting my day off good justinnn.
-@justinbieber ur allowed to be angry & make mistakes. your human. if ur mad be mad if ur happy be happy. never hide what ur really feeling.
-Long day today. Wore some prettyy awesome boots but the heel was a bit high and I felt like a building and my feet hurt. I'm exhuasted. ...
-what happened? i know. but i dont wanna believe. - to greg.
-happy birthday Randy Fink!!!
-the truth about us: "We are teenage girls. When we go home… Our straightened hair goes up into messy buns. Our makeup has faded or smudged so we take it off. The fake smile vanishes into how we really feel. Our brand new shirt changes into our favorite old sweater. Our skinny jeans are traded for sweat pants or pajamas. And our Uggs are taken off to reveal our fuzzy socks. When we go home… You wouldn’t recognize us."

march 3, 2011. thursday.
-you loose you snooze.
-wore new clothess todayyy. and wore some hot boots today that hurt my feet :(
-Ahh tomrrows Friday yay! On my way to panerrrrra with alexine to work on englishhhh. Wahooo.
-drew a pretty awesome picture of the dog fish head beer logo.

march 4, 2011. friday.
-me first - t.mills.
-booo school.
-made $25 today. sold my pink DS that i havent touched in 2 years. so why not sell it and get money for it.
-booo band trip practice.
-Not feeling winterguard tonighttt.
-out with the girllls. "strawberry flavored" haha!
-spent my whole $20 ughhh. but it was worth it.
-ran into my chem teacher at a place that i would never think for him to be at. i was sooo shocked. it was crazy!
-Of all people... mr. Yazvac...
-"hey mrs. yazcav. cya on monday!"
-slept at shelbeys with amy. jessica. eveyln. and shelbey.
-her and her dad were bickering. hilarious!
-4 am and he is making us pizza. sasage. eggs. sandwitches. yummmy.
-he was a bit drunk. haha!
-it was a pretty crazy night! thats all imma say! :D

march 5th, 2011. saturday. TODAY!
-yay slept in! no 8 am practice.
-woke up with a crink in my neck at shelbeys.
-came home. showered. got ready for spaghetti dinner at the school for the band. ughhh.
-put my new shirt. new healed boots and skinny jeans on and i was out the door.
-worked from 4-6 serving line. SO HOT!
-prego for a day. balloon under shirt. haha!
-family came and ate. nate. graham. alina. mom. dad. and also alexine stopped by.
-saw mike doody again. miss that kid. he got kicked out of lebo for beatin someone up. talked to him for a bit. he was flirting with me sooo much. so funny.
-yummmmmmy cake.
-sucking helium from balloons and sounding like a munktion.
-randy and alexine comin over and played JUST DANCE. it was hilarious. i really missed that kid. alot.
-he is horrible at dancing! :)
-the dancing frog made me do it! - randy
-chirs brown - yeah 3x.
-what the hell - avril
-raise your glass - pink.
-@justinbieber - @selenagomez I miss you. i almost cried when i saw this. your guys are amazing together. love you guysss. stay true :)
-justin bieber - i miss you
-Leila Ghaffari - I'm sorry for raping your album, I just couldn't hold back!! So incredible, Brita! she was looking at all my drawings.
-alexine slept over.
- saturday night live!!!!! miley cyrus no?
-how about a pick hoodie with a big ass daisy on it.
-3 am and made some frozen dinners. mac and cheese and some pasta.yummmy.
-fell asleep watching despicable me. LOVE THAT MOVIE!
-yes it is 2:30 and i am watching despicable me. sue me :)

well that was all a short short summary of what had happened in the life of brita lynn thompson in the past 11 days.
wow sorrrrry!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


waaho waaho waaho
when i heard my mom say that school was closed today i was like AWESOME and went right back to sleep.
it was the best feeling ever!
i slept in until 1ish. ate some fooooooood. then took a shower since i havent in a couple days ewww i know.
but i mean if im not gonna see anyone and im staying in my house all those days then why shower ahah.
it felt so good to showerrr.
got ready and bummed around until 3ish.
alexine and i were thinking about going sled riding!!!!
but the plans fell through and we ended up going down to gregs.
he made me sit on his porch freezing while he took a shower.
but hes a boy and he didnt take long haha.
finally alexine got there. SHE IS ALWAYS LATE! and she lives UP the street. literally a 2 min walk. its crazy.
but turns out that greg couldnt hang. he was grounded and his parents were coming home soon.
so he went inside and we bothered him for a good 15 mins. ringing his door bell a bunch.
banging on the door. it was pretty entertaining. but then we got really cold and went up to my house for hot coco mmm.
hot coco and peanut butter crunch is SOOOOO good! bad for you but great tasting.
we say in my kitchen and pigged out on special K's cracker chips things. ahhh sooo delicious! taste like baked laze.
once we went through almost two boxes of those we thought we should stop eating haha.
but hey i knew i could eat a bit since i was going to LA fitness with my friend amy tonight! sooo excited!
we dropped alexine off on our way to the gym. once i got there i got a guest pass and i was ready to workout! and sweat!
and that is what i did! it was packed! crazy! started on the bike. did some legs, arms, abs, and alot more machines and once i was all warmed up. i went on this it felt like riding a bike but also running. so it was two in one.
it was amazing! put my headphones in and i was good to go!
the two best people to workout to and that have a good beat is kesha and of course justin bieber.
their songs are really great to get pumped up and work really hard to.
once it was time to go i was all red faced and sweating like ive never swet before. i loved it!
i felt soooo good. i felt soooo alive.
after that we went to sonic to get some low-cal slushes. they were amazing as well.
once i got home i begged my mom to get me a membership there. i love it sooo much!
itst just something about workout with peeople you dont know. and if someone if working out harder than you then you want to workout harder. so it is really motivating and thats what i love about it.
so im really hoping my mom will pay for the membership.
made myself a pretty good dinner. with some fruit. and veggies. and moreee. yummm.
rest of tonight i put my homework aside because i really wanted to draw.
so i did. yes i know putting my homework aside is bad but dont worry i will get it done. sooner or later.
so listened to my boy justin bieber. and my girl taylor swift. and went into my zone and drew away!
turned out pretty awesome.
"but i took your matches before fire could catch me.
so dont look now." - dear john - taylor swift.
love the song and the pictureee.
once i was done i looked myself in the mirror and though about everything at that moment.
im really stupid for drawing and not doing my homework. im gonna get yelled at that my madre sooner or later.
and i really really really wish i didnt take up as much room in a mirror than i do. ughhh.
i want to lok in the mirror and be happy about my body. ughhh. but its an everyday thought that goes through my mind.
but i will change that. i will. i have to. soon...
well im tired and i got a lot on my mind right now so i think ill hit the hay for tonight.

today was a pretty good snow day.
wish we had more.
but tomorrows wednesday which means im pretty close to the weekend!! wahooo!


love, the girl who loves snow days!

Monday, February 21, 2011

pretty little liars.

wahooooooo yay for three day weekend.
but boooo i have school tomorrow :(
but hey i got to sleep in todayyy :)
most of today all i did was draw watch tv and creeped on facebook haha.
not very exciting i know.
no shower. no makeup. it was a pretty relaxing day.
on tv there was a pretty little liars marathon.
to be honest i have NEVER seen the show before but everyone keeps telling me that i would love it.
so since i was in for the day and nothing was on tv i watched it.
and i mean every show i watched, from 2 pm to 8 oclock which was when the new episode was on.
it was AMAZING!
two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. watching pretty little liars for the first time. and i hate to say but im hooked.
ahhhh cant wait until next monday ahhh wahooo!
but hmmm yeah thats all that i did today haha.
boring boring but hey i have a delay tomorrow!
yes it is snowing. LIKE CRAZY!
cant wait to sleep in.
tomorrow will be a good day!

love, -A

Sunday, February 20, 2011

tentacle party!

sunday sleep day.
i woke up at 9 with cody jumping on me.
great way to wake up haha not so muchh.
he left and picked up tyler and came back here.
while he was gone i went back to sleep haha.
i look so bad! hair a mess and makeup smugged all over my face.
once they came back we talked a bt.
cody helped my mom clean my fish tank. it was a site to see haha. hes crazy.
they then decided to go to the mall and get cody new TOMS. brand of shoe.
he ordered some and got the wrong color and size.
so he was pretty upset about that.
when they were out i took a shower and made myself presentable.
around 2ish they finally came back.
cody then wanted to watch FAME and order pizza and wings from MM MM PIZZA! cody loves saying that haha. (he asked me out to spell mm mm pizza.) man do i love that kid.
for the next two hours we watched FAME and pigged out. it was pretty nice.
p.s. the guy dancer from iowa in the movie is named paul mcgill and im friends with him on facebook! and ive talked to him before!!! ahh!
towards the middle of the movie i was still sooo tired. and i guess i fell asleep cuz once again cody jumped on me to wake me up. what a joy.
it was a around 5ish and tyler had to be home and cody had to drive home.
so once the movie was ovaaaa they left and i chilled until 7ish when alexine came over.
i drew some pretty awesome tentacle picture while she was here.
we creeped people on facebook and listened to musicc like we always do.
she found out that her lover that had amaing hair buzzed it all off.
this was my status....
reminiscing....but then Alexine Catherine got some ridiculous news and then ran and went under Nathan Kirpatrick McGraw's bed. - abs
it was hilarious! she was FREAKING out! hahaahhahahaah i cried cuz i was laughing sooo hard! i love her haha!
after her litle freak out she had to leave around 9 since it was her mom bday that day.
so the rest of tonight i drew some more listened to music talked to greg and watched tv.
boring rest of the night.
but hey it is sorta like a saturday since i dont have school tomorrow!!!!
waaaahooooo for a three day weekend!!!!


love, tentacle loverrr.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

second place!

once again. it is saturday which means competition day.
woke up for an early practice 8-11 like usual.
tiring as usual. but i got through it.
went home and fell back asleep like i always do.
i had free time until4:00
problem was i fell asleep and didnt wake up until 3. which meant i only had an hour to get showered and everything.
and if you know me by now i need at least 1 hour and a half to get ready.
so i was rushed...which i hate bein rushed. but i was.
surprisingly i was ready in time. seriously dont know how that happened.
but i was ready and out the door. once i got to the school we had 5 mins and then we jumped onto the bus.
sat with tyler and listened to musiccc and FINALLY after an hourish bus ride we were there. we were at mars. (the highschool not actually mars haha)
did what we usually so before we get ready for perform.
eat. run around haha. be crazy. watch guards.
turns out cody and maddie were there to.
maddie and i are kinda fake friends. we have something in common. but thats a long long story.
we had to be ready by 7:45 and of course i wasnt haha and i got yelled at. but whatevs.
i was ready to perform.
the gym we were performing in was SOOOOO small! it felt like we were in a classroom it was so small.
but i looked pass that and the music started and i was in character. emotion emotion emotion.
i personally had a pretty good show i believe.
but everyone else kept saying it was a bad show. there were alot of drops but that is alright.
during awards maddie was texting someone and we were kind of messing with his head in a way.
nothing bad i swear. the things that were said hot me thinking. but that is to much to share on here. haha.
turns out our show wasnt that bad. we beat gateway and got second place!!! yet kiski got first. they are amazing ive been told.
so that was pretty EXCITING!
we then packed up and once again was on the bus on the way home.
i was pretty upset that i left my phone with my mom so i couldnt text my friends OR listen to my ipodddd.
so i borrowed tyler ipod. and came across this song by the script.
that song was titled before the worst. i listened to it over and over again until we got home.
it was explaining all that was going through my head on the way home.
its crazy how songs can just take the words right out of my mouth.
that is why i love music so much.
it may be weird but when i listen to musicc. and i cant hear anything else even if i am in a bus full of people laughing and being happy. i feet so lonely. and i tear up. its what i do. just looking out the window and one single tear runs down my face and thats it.
we fianly got home and i was a bit tired. but i was not going home.
we all went to eat n park. party of 21 i believe.
everyone came including della, cody, and maddie. it was crazy and unusual since it was near midnight.
eat some pretty good food. salad. and chicken fingereeed. yummy.
got call and found out my friend got in a bit of trouble on friday night ahaha he is sooo stupid!
but other than that (the call and eating) there wasnt much else that happened.
cody and i took tyler home. then cody and i went to my house.
he happened to have to sleepover, since he lives 45 mins away and it was 1 am.
once we got home got all of our bed stuff all layed out and changed into comfy clothes.
we were out. we both layed down and lights we out. we fell right asleep.
today was a long long long day.

love, second place sarah.

Friday, February 18, 2011

olive gardennn.

what a long long day.
first day i wore flipflops wahoooo :)
with some jeggings turned into kapres and my guard shirt.
school was school. tired yes but i got over it.
nothin reall exciting. said hi to that kid that i talked about before. the one that we dont talk anymore and it was surprising for him to say hi to me ever again.
he was with his new girlfriend. she will be much better one than i was.
since it was amazing once again outsideeee i walked home with alexine and marena.
i was goin nuts for some reason. i was upset for a bit and then i just turned all hyper and starting singing and dancing in the middle of the street.
alexine and marena thought iwas the funniest thing ever!
when marena went home. we kept walking and ran into brenna.
we talked for a good bit. overall the key words or saying that kind made my whole day.
"WHO YOU BAGIN!" - long story
anyways while we were talking at some corner near my house a certain someone walked by. arthur and some kid i didnt know.
yes it was awkward and it brought memories that i have tried my hardest to forget but never will all back to my head.
whatever. im over it. funny thing is earlier maybe like 10 mins earlier his twin brother walked by to. AWKWARD!
but that all is another story that i dont feel like sharring. i shared it once and it didnt turn out very well. YIKES!
we chatted some more and then we all went home.
i then didnt hve much time to get rready and eat dinner.
then once again i have gaurd from 6-9 ughhh.
once i got there we walked out prelims performace from saturday it was as bad as i thought. but also it wasnt as good as i hoped.
but thtat was why we had a three our practiceeee.
practice was practice just like every other practice.
cry baby cried even tho she was sitting out cause she sprained her ankle.
she is emotionally unstable and i hate it! she needs some serious help. let me tell you!
once practice was ovaaaaa i rushed home changed and freshined up my make up.
then iwas out the door by 9:30.
alexine marena and i all went out to olive gardennnn for a little girls night out.
we got there and there was barely anyone there since it was closing in an hourrrr.
while we were eating our souppp and salad andyummy bread sticks.
then walks in aiden and justin. more of marenas friends but i knew them.
i barely regonized aiden. i dont know whyyyy at all something about him was waaaaay different.
in a good way haha. idk.
but they are an interesting group of people.
always fun to listen to talk and just watch be ahah.
once we were done with dinner and deserrrt and paying. (p.s. i found a wripped dollar bill in my pocket. just feltlike sharring :) )
they then took us homeee. and that was about it.
they are pretty funny and i love ittt.

but now that it is almost midnight im about to pass out.
this was a long long day and tomorrow i have to get up at 6:30 for a 8 am practice till 11 and then a compeition that night.
so i need some rest.

goodnight peoplesss.

love. me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

cemetery sunset.

today was kinda of an interestingly good day.
its thursday...which means tomorrow is FIRDAY!
and as i said yesterday i hope tomorrow is interesting. and more exciting.
and it was in a way.
woke up kinda feeling good about today dont know why.
got to school and went through it like every other day.
trying to stay awake during history. and the usual.
once school was out and i walked outside it was GORGEOUS!!!
it was the perfect weather ever. so perfect that alexine and i decided to take a walk around for a bit.
we walked uptown and got some milkshakes and then swung the swings at our old elementary school.
she then had to go to some lesson at 5 so she got picked up and i kept walking around.
it was just way to nice to go home and sit in a house!
i walked all around.
but then i ended up in the cemetery.
believe it or not the cemetery it probably the most peaceful place to take a walk in.
and i sometimes visit my grandpa that passed away last year.
i never met him but that doesnt mean he isnt important to me.
so i was walkin around and from afar i catch a glimps of a kid i knew.
this kid named keith. him and alexine used to date... that was interesting.
but anyways. keith and i have an interesting friendship. we really dont like each other. but then again we can act like really chill towards each other when its just us.
we seem friends when its just us. and its nice.
we talked about alot actually. weather. the past. our friendship. college. a ligit conversation.
because usually when we talk all we do it make fun of each other.
yet again if either one of us needed help or was in a situation we would do it.
its werid and complicated i know.
so it was nice to have an actual conversation for once i my life with him.
we talked for a good amount but then it was getting late so we decided to say cya and go our sprate ways.
he went one way and i went the other. but then once i couldnt see him any longer i turend around and walked that way since i wanted to visit some "people" i knew.
grandpa and my friends dad who died in 2005. their grave stones happen to be not to far apart.
while i was walking towards the graves i look to my left while listening to my ipod and i see this guy sitting on this tombstone chair type thing just looking out over the hills of the cemetery and i look harder and it was keith.
i couldnt believe it. that kid actual has a soul. and there is much more to him than i thought.
running into gim today showed me alot about him.
we both love walking around the cemetery for multiple reasons. for the same reasons.
we actually both have alot more in common than i thought.
it sure got me thinking...
the whole time while i was walking around the cemetery there was the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen.
it was all so breathe taking.
me myself and i. just standing in the most peaceful place i could think of. a cemetery. listening to my ipod. not caring about anything else but me. it was amazing.
once i started to walk home it was around 6 im guessing.
i walked for a good bit and once i got ot my street i decided to try and jog the rest of the way.
surprisingly i did it. i took small breaks but i had some fast loud music. and the next i knew i was home.
i was out of breath but i felt good about it all.
once i got home all i did was chill likei always do.
for the first time i watched CSI..only cuz justin bieber was on it ahah.
it was a pretty interesting episode.
justin it like a "badass" kid who is trying to blow some people who killed his brother up.
but at the end sadly they shoot him. and i mean shooooot him. like bloood everywhere.
thank god he is only dead in the show and not real life.
i dont knwo waht i would do.
but anyways the rest of my night...
homework. dinner. tv. computer. drawing. bed.
the usual.
i am now at the bed part of that.
and the next thing that comes is sleep.
which i need very much so.

goodnight loves,

love, the energetic bunnnnnny.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


woke up today and wasnt feeling it.
put a long sleeve purple thermul on and some jeans.
it was pretty nice outside today.
not to hot not to cold. a breeze here and there.
school was school.
since i was soooooooooooooo tired i asked my mom to pick me up at 1:30 so i could go home and sleep since i had a 3 hours practice later that night i didnt want to be all tired at practice.
so it was really awesome leaving school early just to go home and sleep.
so that is what i did. went home and went straight up to my bed and slept until 5.
got ready ate dinner then wen to practice. still a bit tired but that was over quick.
practice was practice. it went pretty quick actually thank god.
once i got home i did some homework sorta then drew a bit and watched tv/computer.
and now im here writing about it all.
today was kinda boring.
hope tomorrow is more excitinggg.

night peeps.

love, tired tina.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


ew. its tuesday. day after monday. yuck.
yoga pants and a zip up hoodie kind of day.
didnt really try. haha actually i dont really try to look good at all at school anymore.
i have to be comfy and im out the door.
school was school.
hmm lets think... anything exciting happen to me...
chem no. lab no. art no. lunch yes.
so the table i sit at now is a long long table.
we sit at one end and some really annoying sophmore girls sit on the other.
yesterday they were just getting way way to annoying and they kept multiplying!
so today we decided to move on to the other end of our guy friends table.
like sean. mike. brooks. chirs. and gregs table. so it wasnt awkward at all.
so that was that. then history no. ceramics no. but on the way to math yes.
i believe i brought him up yesterday but this kid that something happened between us over the summer. and we dont speak anymore. well he said hey to me again in the hall.
its kind of confusing. but that is a WHOLE different story that i dont feel like getting into detail on my "blog"
so i then was late to math since i have to go to one end of the school on the 2nd floor to the 5th floor on the other side of the school. CRAZY!
so math nothing exciting. and then english i had to write a stupid in class essay on this stupid short story we had to read.
whatever i did what i had to do and lets hope i did well.
after school was same as every other day.
talks to people. meet alexine and then we ride home together.
once i got home i was STARVING! dont know why really!
but last night we got carbinairs i believe and i got pizza. yummy.
so i have about 4 pieces left over.
so i ate 3 and madre ate 1. pretty delicious!
then for a good hour maybe i worked on my english paper that is DUE TOMORROW ahhh! but i will have it done by then dont you worry haha.
theeeeeennnnnn freshened up and dad madre and i got into the car and headed our way down to the benedum center for...
once we got there my cousin chels and my aunt torg were waiting for us.
we then got our seats and the show started...
BOOM BOOM BOOM tweet tweet tweet
over all it was pretty amazing!
it was just like all marching band mostly.
brass and drumline. it was soooooo freakin loud but i loved it!
towards the middle of the show they turned all the lights off. even on stage. it was all pitch black.
then this guy comes out and he has glow sticks.
then some snares that are covered in glowsticks come out.
the guys then taped the glowsticks a speical way so it makes it look like they are stick figures. it was amazing!
they danced to all music.
from usher. justin bieber. black eyed pees. ect.
it was pretty entertaining! i kinda wish that was the whole show. just glow sticks!
but it wasnt.. sadly.
but dont get me wrong the whole show was pretty amazing. the glowsticks just happened to be my favorite part :)
the show was over around 10ish.
there was sooooo much traffic and it took a good 15 mins to get out of the freakin parking lot.
we had to climb 7 cases of stairs to get to our car.
what a work out! haha...i need it :)
once i got home i was beat.
i was about to pass out.
which i am right now....


goodnight loves.

love, drumline gurl.

Monday, February 14, 2011

DRUMline. happy valentines day!

monday monday monday,
february 14th 2011 to be exact.
which meeeeeeeans...
happy valentines day!!! <3
but once again no valentine for me this year. =/
but oh well maybe next year.
school was school. mondays always suck!
i wore my bright bright pen dot highlighter WGI pittsburgh regional tshirt today!
i stood out sooooo well everywhere i went.
one little fun-ish fact that happened today was some one that i never would ever think in a million years would ever say hi to me ever again actually said hey to me in the hall today.
when he said hi to me. i was shocked. i said hi back but it got me thinking and thinking and thinking about everything that happened between us. and i kinda got chocked up about it.
its been 8 months since we last talked face to face.
it was nice but something about it made me feel terrible inside. i almost cried.
so during math i was all quiet and that is all i could think about.
(the situation - back to december - taylor swift)
today sucked especially since we had marching band practice for the up coming band trip to chicago.
we had practice form 3:15 to 5:15 ughhh. i absolutely hate parade. it is the easiest thing ever.
but doing it over and over and over again sucks sooo bad!
once practice was ovaaaa i came home and chilled for a bit then got changed and ready to go over to anna and bretts for dinnerrrrr.
before we left my madre had a little valentines day presents for my dad and i.
my dad got some chocolate pretzels. his fav.
and i got some SUPER soft cute pajama pants that i am excited to wear to bed tonight.
then we both got this little envelope that read "happy valentines day! (p.s. dont make any plans for tomorrow night!)
and when we opened our little envelopes there were ticked to DRUMline at the Benedum Center tomorrow night!
i believe the show is based on the movie drumline with nick cannon.
if it isnt oh well im sure it will be awesome since it is a one night thing.
so im super excited about that!
but anyways...
dinner was pretty good. chicken and alll.
then mmmmm brownies and lady fingerrrs.
then what happened was we were all around the dinner table talkin about my tshirts.
and how i should make an etsy store.
well they way anna (my sista) explained it all. it is all ery complicated and confusing. at least for me it was.
but what is going to happen is i make the art and whatever i want to sell and they do the rest.
they do all the money. shipping. and everything.
once my store is all up and running i will be on a roll and hopefully people find my store and like what i have and actually purchase some things of mine!
that would be awesome!
but anways after anna was having a great big fit on trying to explain everything we got it almost all set up not quite but it will be all good and ready soon and then i can starting selling! :)
since anna and brett couldnt make it on saturday, we watched the performance from saturday at regionals.
once that was ovaaa the rents were getting tired.
so we headed home around 9:45ish.
got home and changed into my comfy and soft soft soft new pajama pants my madre got me for valentines day.
then hopped into bed which is wear i am nowwwww.

im starting to get a bit tired. and my hands hurt ffrom typing so much on my blog everyday.

goodnight loves.

love, the love bug.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

do nothing day.

its sunday and the day after the longest day ever.
which means SLEEP IN!
i happened to wake up at 2;30ish.
i love sundays for only one reason.
it is my only day to sleep in. and also my only day that i dont have to shower and actually attempt to go out and do something. i stay home and relax.
which i really need today.
i am sooooooo sore it hurts to walk.
tomorrow at school will be a challenge.
i didnt do much today.
woke up. made myself a good lunch. (salad.popcorn chicken. and broccli and cheese.) YUMMY!
then some homework.
listened to some music. justin bieber of course.
got carbinairas for dinner. there cheese pizza is amazing!
then did some more homework.
then turned on channel 3 so i could watch the GRAMMYS!
i love watching the grammys sooo much.
i hope one day i will be in that audience. dont know how. and dont know when. just one day. just wait and see.
went downstairs in the basement to workout a bit while i watched to grammys.
but my legs hurt soooo bad that it literally was painful to workout. so i cut my workout short tonight...
the grammys were pretty good this year. but some parts that were boring.
performers that i loved!
-lady gaga! *i was born this way!*
-bruno mars *granade*
-justin bieber *never say never*
-usher *OH MY GOD*
-katty perry *teenage dream*
thats about all i can remember.
the award part was pretty good other than justin bieber not winning the two grammys that he was up for :(
its okay though theres always next year. and i still love himmm.

well as for now it is 1:08 am on a school night.
ughh tomorrow monday.
and valentines day...
i have never had a valentine on valentines day. pathetic i know but whatevs. ill get over it like i do ever other year.
but im about to pass out.


love, sore sarah.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


wow so today was crazy so crazy and so much involved ill just do a list of what happened.
-woke up at 6 am.
-pratice from 8 am - 10 am
-10:30 got on the bus and drove to norwin.
-got ready on the bus which was very difficult.
-once we got there we had 20 mins to change and everything. rush rush rush.
-we then went to body warmups. and then to equipment warmup.
-then it was time to compete in prelims.
-it was our time. it was 12:20 pm. out time to rock it.
-the music started and we did what we have been working so hard for.
-there were a couple of drops but overall it was a pretty good show.
-so much that we made it into finals!!!! which were later in the day around 7.
-only 12 out of 20 guards made it into finals.
-and we were number 4! we beat all the local groups that we normal wouldnt. it was an amazing feeling.
-we beat gateway. kiski. and penntraffod. ahhhh!
-once we were done performing and changing. we were aloud to grab something to eat and just relax.
-cody and troy came and hungout with us for a bit. i love them!
-around 4 pm we loaded the bus and headed to gateway middle school to practice and "bond" with gateway.
-yes it was very awkward at first since we beat them. but after a while of just talking and playing stella ella olla and eating pizza we were all pretty okay around each other.
-since we had a long long long morning. once we got to gateway we were aloud to relax finally!
-while gateway HS was practicing in the gym lebo guard was pretty much sleeping in the hallway.
-we relaxed for a good hour. it was sooooooo nice.
-around 5ish it was time for us to practice for FINALS!
-turns out that we practiced a couple key points in the show and then once show run and we were done.
-around 6:15ish we all got our stuff together and boarded onto the busses and were back to norwin for FINALS!
-once we got back there we got ready and did exactly what we did before.
-got ready. body warm ups. equipment warm ups.
-and then performed in which turned out to be our biggest show of the year. pittsburgh regionals.
-while we were setting our equipment cody and troy kept yelling my name go brita you got it girl. it made me nervous but really excited to perform and do well.
-so the music started once again we we did exactly what we did this morning. but better! i would of had a perfect show if i did drop my saber. but hey im not perfect. i make mistakes.
-once we were done. people were screaming and standing up and clapping. it was unreal.
-after we changed and made ourselves look presentable we went to the gym to watch some groups.
-but before that tyler and i got candy grams for della since she got us some.
-tyler ended up buying her 34 pags of sour patch kids since that is her favorite candy. it was hilarious!
-we went to the gym to watch excel which what della was in. it was pretty good actually! very intense!
-cody troy and james's sister came over to sit with us and the rest of the gaurd.
-we watch around 5 or 6 groups that were in different classes.
-there were some that were bad. REALLY disturbing to watch. really weird. and also amazing!
-finally it was time for the awards.
-12th place was taken. then 11th. then 10th. then 9th. then 8th was called and it so happened that gateway took 8th in regionals. 7th was then announced and it was us.
-we ended up getting 7th out of 12. but i mean come on for our first regionals EVER and we got 7th. that is pretty good.
-but overall technically we got 6th out of 20 groups. which sounds AMAZING! and it was!
-it was unreal! once the awards were over tyler cody troy and i went to go and congratulate james on doing an AMAZING job! never really new he was THAT good!
-we all talked for a bit. and said our goodbyes.
-we then had to get all of our stuff together and finally were back once the bus once again and on our way home.
-the bus ride home was pretty good. very tiring but amazing.
-by the time we got back to the school it was about midnight.
-we were all suppose to go out and celebrate at eat n park. but i passed i was just way to tired. and also there was a chance i was gonna hang with greg but that didnt happen.
-by the time i actually stepped foot into my house it was 12:30 :)
-i then washed my face. changed into my sweats. put my hair up. and jumped into my bed. my bed at that time never felt so comfy.

overall this day was the longest and most nerve racking day i have had in a long long long time.
but to be honest i would do it all over if i could.
well when i think about it...i will be doing it all over again next year :)

but as for now i am completely beat.
i need my sleep.

goodnight loves.

love, brita.

Friday, February 11, 2011

dreams really do come true.

tonight i just so happened finally see justin biebers never say never 3D movie.
and it was more than i expected.
the overall story of the real justin bieber is so incredibly inspiring.
everything that he went through.
everything that he left behind to follow his dreams.
and everything that he had to do to get to where he is now is unbelievable.
while i was watching the movie i didnt scream when he came on the screen...even if it was in all the other girls did.
i simply smiled. yes i was excited. but i was more excited to hear about his story than screaming about how good looking he is.
i was really curious about finding out who the real justin bieber was.
and after seeing that movie i finally know. and i have gained a completely new level for respect for him.
he isnt just a kid that has awesome hair and that can sing.
he is kid that is unbelievably talented and blessed.
he used to be a kid like me. normal life. friends. family. school. everyday life.
but now its not that he isnt normal. he is just a different kind of normal.
he is still a kid like me. but with more friends. more loving family. less school. and not so much an everyday kind of life.
so many people focus on how he looks and how he sounds.
but when you think about it. thats not the only thing to him.
yes he does have pretty amazing hair. eyes. voice. everything.
but what if he didnt have any of that.
what if he had really bad hair.
what if his eyes were not so "to die for"
and what if he couldnt sing.
would you still like him?
i feel that his personality over rules it all.
who he really is over rules it all.
the person you may not see when your first look at him, is just behind all the fame.
and sometimes you just have to take the time to figure it out and find it.
and by seeing this movie. you took the time to.
and i am more than happy that i did.
through justin's story about all of his success. it really shows that no matter who you are.
YOUR dreams can come true.
now all i have to do is find out what my dream may be a just go for it.

p.s. there will be times when people tell you that you cant live your dreams.
you know what i tell them...


love, brita the belieber.


sad to say i did not have a delay todayyy.
but school went by pretty quick i guess.
some classes were fast but some lasted seemed like.
had a sub in history and art waaahoooo!
once school was let out i kinda went straight home.
soooo tired and i knew i wouldnt have much time to relax since i have practice at 6.
had to get all my stuff together for tomorrow. which happens to be regionals at norwin! ahhh its pretty big deal!
but i am suuuuuuuuuper excited but nervous obviously.
got everything together fixed up my make up. and put my justin bieber tshirt on since the movie was tonight and i was gonna wear it tok practiceeee.
i had about a 15 minute nap. ughhh.
once i got to practice i didnt seem as tired as before thank god.
we ended up practicing in the REAL gym. the big gym. it was nice for once.
so we practice and practice. sweat a bit. and FINALLY it was 8:30 pm. which means only 30 mins left.
we were doing a run through and lyndsey (the cry baby) was doing one of her dance solos for the show annnnnnnnd i guess she fell or stepped on her ankle wrong and "rolled" her ankle and it start to swell like a ballon.
that is exactly what happened to me when i fell in a whole. haha! im pathetic. but hey you gotta learn to laugh at yourself. which i did... alot.
but anyways so she is crying and screaming and everything. ice was put on the swelling. she is just sitting on the ground.
then her dad and little sister comes in and her dad picks her up and carries her like a little baby because she cant walk.
it was sure a sight to be seen.
then once all that happened we did two more run throughs and we were done for the night. ahhh yay!
by the end of that practice i was exhausted and nasty!
but i had to start getting pumped because cody tyler and i were going to justin biebers never say never 3D movie at 9:30 pm. and yes we got out of practice at like 9:10 pm. so we were being rushed.
we had to go to tylers house for him to get jeans. then to my house to get the shirts...which the loved.
then by the time we got to the movies it was about 9:40 pm but thank god there was really no line since we were late and the movie didnt start yet.
then the lights dimmed and then turned off and the movie started.
i have only 2 words for this movie.
ill go into more detail lateerrr :)
but once i got home it was about midnight. ughhh i am exhausted.
at this time now it is aroun 12:30 which means i have to get up and start getting ready for a 16 hour day full of winterguard in less than 6 hours!!! ahhhh i swear imma drop dead tomorrow. im gonna be sooooooo tired.
so i probs should head out and hopefully get a full 6 hours of sleep if im luckyyy.
wish me luck tomorrow! :)


love, mrs. brita lynn beiber.

p.s. alot of my friend actually want to buy my tshirts!!! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

jimmy help me out buddy :D

Hey Jimmy,

So i heard that you have the one and only Justin Bieber on your show tonight well.....
my name is Brita Lynn Thompson and I’m 16. I drew this picture, and when my mom saw it she thought it would make a great t-shirt design. Since Justin Bieber's movie is coming out on Friday, February 11,2011, my mom fronted me the money and we got 12 shirts made. I plan on giving them to a couple of my friends and we are going to wear them to the movie. I would also love to give Justin a t-shirt, but I don't know how this could be done. I am asking for your help. If you can make this happen, it would be greatly appreciated. I am a huge Justin Bieber fan and this would be a dream come true!

Thank you,
Brita Lynn

please help :)

Hey Ellen,

my name is Brita Lynn Thompson and I’m 16. I drew this picture, and when my mom saw it she thought it would make a great t-shirt design. Since Justin Bieber's movie is coming out on Friday, February 11,2011, my mom fronted me the money and we got 12 shirts made. I plan on giving them to a couple of my friends and we are going to wear them to the movie. I would also love to give Justin a t-shirt, but I don't know how this could be done. I am asking for your help. If you can make this happen, it would be greatly appreciated. I am a huge Justin Bieber fan and this would be a dream come true!

Thank you,
Brita Lynn

t-shirts ELLEN?

wahooooo once again. a delay :]
which means shorten classes.
in the morning today of school i was still stressing over the stupid history press conference.
until i saw junko (my teacher) i told him i was having all this trouble and he told me not to worry about it.
so i didnt and once class came around i didnt even have to say ANYTHING! he did it all for me.
i was worrying for nothing! so once that was over the rest of the day was smooooooth sailing.
until after school. since i didnt have practice last night we had practice after school from 3:15 to 5:15 ughhhh.
so talked to randy for a bit. havent talked to him in a really really really long time. we both are just so busy. but hey thats life.
then i had to go to practice. once practice started i got reallly tired and really moody. i was focused at all.
to be honest. all i could think about was justin bieber haah i dont know why. i kept picturing him in front of me and i was non stop singing his songs. alot of people were getting annoyed. i was singing so loud haha.
i think i can officially say i have bieber fever. :) (listening to his music as i type)
but since i wasnt focused i kept messing up. and i got really upset. but then that past. by the end of practice i was alright.
i just wanted to gooo home!
once my mom picked me up she was holding a white t-shirt.
she then holds it up and it is the justin bieber t-shirt that we odered last week!
i think i mentioned it before about the drawing i made while i was home sick.
the ddrawing was of justin bieber. welllllll finally i now have t-shirts!
they are pretty awesome! i am sooooo excited to wear them on friday to the moooooovieeee!
so i loved everything about the shirts.
but there was one little thing that bothered me.
when we ordered the tshirt the guy there saw my picture and said i dont really like justin bieber but this is amazing. my 4 year old niece LOVES him and she would LOVE one of these shirts! and all i said was awee thanks and just smiled and laughed alot.
well turns out when my mom picked up my shirts he told me that he made one for his niece to wear tomorrow and to the movie. but see the reason i made these t-shirts was to sell to my friends. make a little money. but now he has the print and can easily make hundreds of MY designed tshirt, sell them and make TONS of money off of MY design. i doubt he will give any credit what so ever to me.
it is just sick that someone would do that. if he does.
so both my mom and i were kind of ticked off about that.
once we got home we looked at all of the shirts.
turns out he gave us 14 instead of 12 and made us pay for the extra two.
and he gave us all the wrong sizes. we order a 3 of each size (S,M,L) in pink, blue, green, and white.
what he gave us was 9 small, and the rest medium and large. totally screwed it up!
so tomorrow my madre is calling about the sizes and about pretty much stealing my design and make a tshirt without MY permission.
once we kept ranting on and on about the tshirts we figured why not email ellen degeneres and see if she could help us out on trying to get one of these t-shirts to him!
so that is what i just did. i tweeted, tumblred, blogged, and emailed about the t-shirts trying my hardest to be able for justin to see my design and possibly use if for once of his own t-shirts.
that would be a dream come true!
we might actually send a t-shirt to ellen and see if she would wear it!
now that im done doing all that i could do to get justin bieber to see my t-shirt design.
it is time for dinner. red robin take out! YUMMMMMM!
im thinking about a bacon cheese burgerrr. yummy. im excited.
rest of tonight i will probs...
1. see if i have any homework.
2. workout while watching a movie.
3. depends on what time it is i might draw a bit and listen to some more justin bieber. his music is the best to draw to. :)

p e a c e out!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the things we do for him.

today was a good day.
really good day actually.
woke up and exhausted. found out that there was a delay. AWESOME!
so the day went by quick. thank god!
after school i hungout around the school with alexine, then her mom picked us uppp.
droppped me off and i went straight to cleaning my room.
only because my mom was all on my back about it and yes it was very very very messy.
the problem is. i HATE hanging up my clothes haha. i dont know why it is just something i never liked.
around 7ish alexine and i decided we wanted to go out for the night and have fun.
we ended up going to olive garden for dinner. just the two of us.
we invited greg but he couldnt make it =/
i ordered this amaaaazing chicken ceaser saladddd. yummm.
and for desert. ohhh jeez. i got the most delicious thing ever.
an apple crisp thing with vanilla ice cream and warm carmel. ahhh it was to die for!
i felt sooooooo fat after i left that place! but ahh sooo good :)
while we were eating we were talking about everything.
i treasure my conversations with alexine. sometimes i really wish they could be videoed or recorded.
towards the end of eating our desert we called greg and asked him if he could make it at all. he said no =/
and since we had left over breadsticks we decided to take them to go and drop them off at his house.
on our way to his house we past McDonalds and actually saw him in the drive through.
so bummer he wasnt gonna be home. which meant we couldnt give him the breadsticks.
but once we got to his house we waited for him to come home. and when i mean waited.
we waited for a good 20 mins. in my car. with the radio on. a little bit in front of his house. more towards mine.
turns out he didnt come home until 11 and at that time when we were waiting is was about 9:30ish.
so if we kept waiting we would of waited for a good hour and a half. haha!
yes turns out we would do anything for him.
we then took alexine home and when i got home my mom either got an email or call that we have a delay tomorrow!
i ammm soooooo excited!!!! i love sleep! haha!
rest of tonight i kinda just finished my homework that i am stressing over sooooooooo much!
stupid history press conference. i hope it goes over okay tomorrow =/ wish me luckkk.
it was weird. for the first time in a while. i cried ALOT tonight! i just couldnt stop. im soooo stressed.
-chem lab.
-history press conference.
-math lab.
-math test.
-english paper.
and well justin bieber...i am absolutely pathetic!
justin bieber twitters like 24/7 and i love it!
he was on ellen today and he tweeted this video..
is it lame that when i first saw this video i cried... alot... and couldnt stop.
i feel like this little girl... hahahahhaha!
i was wishing i was her, wishing i could hug him, wishing he could be in my room, wishing for him to kiss my forehead, wishing to see his smile in person, wishing to sit on his lap, wishing to hold his hand, and wishing to go to his premiere.
i watched this video about 5 times. i cant get enough of him! it is INSANE!
i know for a fact that i will be bawling while i was his movie! ahhh!
so combining my cries from being stressed and pathetic cries over justin bieber i am very tired.
as sad as this sounds i think i will be crying myself to sleep tonight...

goodnight loves.

love, cry baby :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


*thought this picture was funny and sooooo true*

tiring tuesday!
to tired to function.
the day after monday grrrr.
only thing that was being played on my iphone today was justinnn bieber.
i absolutely can not wait until his movie on friday! ahhhh :D
school was school.
after school was after school.
until alexine came over we we played JUST DANCE 2! haha it was hilarious! sooo much fun. she loved it!
somehow we always end up doing and saying the weirdest things when we are together.
-singing the national anthem in my living room.
-teach me how to dougie.
-"nick cannon"
-told her that "he" was going and she was really excited. to bad it was a joke.
-"oh if you would date him...." "you would have a cow!" "no i would have more than a cow! i would have a caff!" "brita, a caff is a baby cow. lmfao" "oh" hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahah "well then i would have a herd of caffs"
-talking in scary voices. "EVERYONES COMING!"
we are some crazy best friends :)
but anyways once again tuesday are basketball days.
boys basketball game tonight. senior rec!
GOLD OUT GOLD OUT GOLD OUT! (got freee tshirtsss)
once we got there, there werent that many students in the student section.
some juniors. mostly sophomores. and no seniors.
only because our student section gets pretty loud and we chant not so nice things.
so as a result to that was all the seniors we kicked out!
so the juniors had to take over.
me and a couple other junior girls were there and the rest were guys.
we were the only girls there period!
we were surrounded by obnoxious loud guys. it was pretty hilarious!
the best part was WE WON!... as usual. :D
sure a night to remember.
greg then picked alexine and i up and took us home.
what happens is when greg picks us up he takes alexine home first and then me.
but after we drop her off greg and i drive around for a bit near our houses and just listen to music.
we do that at least 3 times a week. haha i love it!
rest of the night i just worked on homework and drew a bitttt.
today was pretty decent i guess.
but i believe it is time to "catch some Zzzzz's"

goodnighhttt bloggers.

love, tired tina.

Monday, February 7, 2011


monday. what a sad sad day in pittsburgh.
the day after the super bowl.
the day after we lost the super bowl.
pretty long day at school.
there was alot of people missing.
they are stayed home because of yesterday.
one perk about today. i started my honor art projecccct! :D
missed lunch and stayed in the art room.
once school was let out i had my mom pick me up from school.
it was cold and rainy.
we ended up going to best buy to buy JUST DANCE 2 for the Wii.
thats pretty much all i did tonight other than get another order in for one of my drawings.
janise - my moms really good friend. she is in love with my drawings. she thinks every single one is incredible!
so since her daughter melissa is getting married so she wanted me to make her a picture to give to her for a congrats. and also another drawing for her (janise) husband chuck. he loves cosinos. so i have to make a picture revolving around that.
but back to the JUST DANCE 2. it was aaawwwweeesssssoooooommmmmeeeee!
sooooo much fun! i sweat pretty good. and thats what i needed. a fun way to work out! and i finally found it! :D

well today had been a long day.
so i think imma goooo.
night loves.

love, dancing queen.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

i hate cheese.

day to remember.
woke up around 12 feeling good.
drew another picture for amy for her bday which happens to be today.
took a shower and did was i had to do to look good.
ended up going over janes house for amy bday and to also watch the super bowl.
people who were there: mark. deb. brittany. amy. jane. jordan. tyler. cody. evelyn. and muahhh.
it was pretty fun overall. good food. HUGE screeeeeeen to watch the game on.
also gave amy her drawings. she loved them so much she cried. it was amazing.
speaking of the game...
it truly was an amazing game.
until the end. still cant believe with 34 seconds left they just gave up! they could have at least tried!
once i realized that we...THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS... lost the super bowl. number 7! i wanted to cry. seriously.
i have to admit that i prayed a couple times up to G-PA wishing we would win.
but sad to say with the final score being packers 31 and steelers 25 we lost.
it was probably the most disappointing thing ever.

i am never eating cheese ever again.
great halftime show!!!
great game...until the end...
still love my steeler boyzzz.
black and yellow all the waaaaaaay!

love, a true steelers fan!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

get sleazy.

whoa. pretty short day actually....
since i didnt have practice this morning and i guess no one decided to wake me up.
which means i woke up at 3 pm today!
i spent pretty much the WHOLE day SLEEPING!
i mean im not complaining. it was pretty nice haha.
woke up. got some food. took a shower. got ready.
alexine picked me up at 7. we went the mall then red robin.
once we got to the mall. it so happens that sean. brooks and greg were already there. they were about to leave.
but they came and say hey. we walked around with them for a good 10 mins. then they bailed.
alexine and i then shopped. we went into the apple store to play some games.
then i see out of the corner of my eye the two new kids (chase and carl) walk into the apple store.
i was tempted to say hi but i didnt.. kinda wish i did.
once we were done "stocking" them.
we went to macys. she needed to get her mom a bday presenttt.
once we were done there we headed to pacsunnn. LOVE THAT STORE!
saw a couple things i liked. tried on some stuff. but my boobs were to big :(
we then left. it was about 8:55 and they were closing at 9.
once we were out and a couple steps away from the store. i thought hmmm i saw a purse that i really wanted.
so i turned and ran back to the store.
they were about to close. i was like can i buy someting real quick.
this purse is adorableee. i see that it is $20. whipped my $20 out and i was ready to go.
he then tells me $5.35 and im like huh? and hes like $5.35 is the cost. and im like AWESOME!
i guess i didnt see the sale sale sale sign right about the purses.
it kind of made my day! :D
since it was 9 and all the stores were closing we went to red robin... YUUUUUUUUUUM!
i got like 4 shurley temples. and some nachoooos.
alexine got mac an cheese. haha freak! shes a veg.
we then shared a hot fuge sunde mmmm sooo goooood!
once we were done we called greg and see if he could pick us up.
we acted like we were stranded at the mall. but then no one could pick us up so we haaaaad to call big papa.
he finally got there. while we were on our way to my house. greg calls.
G: "hey you get home good?"
B: "yeah were leaving now."
G: "alright just making sure."
B: "haha okay :D"
G: "alright peace."
B: "bye :D"
dont know why but him caring for that brief second made my whole night!
i couldnt stop smiling.
once we got home we kinda just chilled.
listened to alot of KE$HA!
looked through the freshman yearbook. good timessss.
then later and mean lateerrr. greg came ovaaaaa. we attempted to watch lord of the rings. but greg and i didnt enjoy it so we were complaining the whole time. and making fun of alexine. it was pretty hilarious!
he then headed home after a while.
we then pretty much crashed on the couches and fell sleep.

overall tonight was a pretty memorable night. :D

night lovesss.

love, get sleazy.

Friday, February 4, 2011


T G I F!

long long long week. ughhh.
but hey today was alright.
spent aaaaaaaaaaalllllll day in the art room.
1st period - chem.
2nd - 6th period - art room.
7th period - math.
8th period - english.
quick day. i loved it sooo much.
but sadly since we dont have practice tomorrow morning we have to have a 4 hour practice tonight.
it went actually pretty quick until it hit 9.
after 9 (which is when we usually would be done) we were all do loopy and tired.
no one was concentrating. it was pointless.
but i guess the last hour went decent.
afterwards mostly everyone went to eat n' park.
amy drove. just her and i. but she was on E so we had to stop by the gas station..
she doesnt know how to pump her own gas.
it was quite the experience.
("$4 please for station uhhhhh number 2? what you wanna get up the hill or something?")
we had a pretty awesome waitress. lindsay. with an A!
she like was talking and talkin and talkin it up with us!
she was pretty awesome.
once i got my hot fudge fantasy i went crazy.
i was going nuts. all hyper. makin everybody laugh. it was alot of fun.
then me being me i was weird and asked lindsay if i could have a cup of crutons.... i LOVE crutons.
she looked at me and was like hmmmm how about i give u a BOWL of crutons.
i was about to get up and hug her!
they were pretty amazing.
once i got home i kinda just hopped into bed and now im watching hannah montana haha... guilty pleasure.

love, art freak!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

never say never

still sick.
woke up around 5:30 am cause i didnt feel to well.
madre got the hot water bottle for me and i went back to sleep.
woke up again pains in my stomach.
ate some breakfast then sat in bed.
watch justin bieber on regis and kelly.
love the boyyyy.
funny story after the show my mom came up to my room and was like hmmm i like that kid. (justin bieber) hes a nice kid. i allow you to date him.
see the thing was for the longest time my mom never liked him but now she does.
soooo lucky me i get to date him haha :D
the rest of the day i drew drew and drew.
to be honest the drawing i did today was pretty awesome.
it just justin bieber of course. all three hours that it took me to draw i was listening to his songs alllll day!
once my mom came home from being out and at grandmas she saw my drawing.
and she thought it was awesome! she instantly said that i had to somehow send it to him. justin bieber.
but i really have no clue how. so i then i thought hmmmm wouldn't this be an awesome t-shirt design!!!
just like a high white v-neck t-shirt with the picture on the front. black and white simple but awesome and original.
well i told my mom about the idea and she thought it would be awesome. she knows a place called sunburst on castle shannon. she called and they told us they could do it but i can't just order 1 or 4. i have to get 12.
so now im selling them to my friends to wear to the movie premiere.
and maybe even if people asks where we got the t-shirt. ill say i made then and ill then start selling them for $10. :D
and then you never know i could have a t-shirt design business with justin bieber (bahaha not. but my mom said it could happen.... and im like bahah sureeeeee i really dont think so but you never know.)
later on my mom came home from a meeting and she told her friend about our idea and she told my mom to send my picture to ellen degeneres and you never know my art could appear on her show and justin bieber could see it and you never know what could happen.
never say never!
so thats pretty much all i have been thinking about all night.
sooo excited.
i also drew my friend a picture for her birthday on sundaaaay. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!
she has been asking for a picture for awhile so i figured why not for her birthday!
i hope she likesss it. or looooooves it.
oh i almost forgot i finally figured out my myth for my honors 2D studio arts project.
its a pretty awesome myth. its called venus's dove.
hard to explain. but mybe google it :)
ill inform you on my progress of the 38 by 42 inch canvas. CRAZY HUGE! ive never done one that big but ill will turn out awesome!

from all the sharpie i used today my head it starting hurt.
so im gonna "hit the hay" and "catch some zzz's"


love, ellen degeneres

jk :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


what a long day.
school in the am with out a delay. :(
i hate when i get ready in the morning and i look in the mirror and i think i look pretty good.
i then get to school and look in the mirror and i tell myself WHAT WAS I THINKING?
i hated how i looked today. but whatever i got over it.
came home around 3:45 pm.
once i got home i got a class of ice water. and went straight upstairs and went jumped into my bed.
i took a nap until 5 only because i had to eat dinner which for me was chick fela. my sandwitch was not so good.
woke up. freshened up. eat it all up. then off to winterguard practice.
wasnt at all in the mood for it. wasnt feeling to well. didnt want to do much.
but i then realized that tommy was coming which meant practice was gonna go really quick tonight.
and i was right. tonights practice went suuuuper fast. i love it!
a new guy came into help. his name was nick. and i think he is gay.
did rifle. some saber. and i touched a flag for a good 5 seconds.
the cry baby got to be in the middle and the center of attention. as usual.
thats what i dont get. she complains about the littlest things.
then she cries and cries and cries about everything and anything.
its not a real practice until she cries.
and then what do you do for a cry baby. well i guess in greenawalts and duffys eyes you give her a solo.
dont get it. whatever.
towards the end of practice my stomach started to hurt. headache. cramps. the whole thing.
needed something fizzy. on our way home madre and i stopped at mcdonalds so i could get a diet pepsi. and i did. and it was very satisfying.
once i got home still didnt feel to good. got some crackers to help my stomach and also got the hot water bottle. it usually works.
but now my headache is getting worse so im gonna go for the nighttt.


love, crampy clare.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


school today? what a joke.
you know something that i really hate.
i hate when the weather peoples are WRONG!
monday night all the way to tuesday morning there was suppose to be cold. wind. rain. ice. annnnnnd SNOW!
but i woke up..... and... NOTHING!
i was soooooooooooo mad. i kept refreshing the schools websites and wishing that it would say delay and even cancelled.
but no... :(
so since i was not feeling the whole school thing that day.
all day i wasnt really focused. i was in my own litter world.
once school was let out and since i fell not so good and was really tired. i went home.
took a nap. and just relaxed the rest of the night.
boring once again. just like yesterday.

love, frustrated fred.

Monday, January 31, 2011

10:00 a.m.

monday ughhh.
delay waaahoooooo! shortened classes. better. but its still school.
got through the day.
walked home after school.
freezed my butttttt off!
relaxed the rest of the night.
homework and such.
nothing super exciting happened today.

love, boring bailey.

miles to go.

36. a photo of your favorite book.

story behind picture:
i must say that i dont really read alot.
or i never really finish a book.
but this one i did. it was pretty inspirational.
i would defff read it all over again if i wanted to.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

i close my eyes and pray.

woke up around 2:30 pm on the floor. while brenna and alexine were all nice and comfy on there couches.
woek up with a stiff neck.
once we cleaned up our mess they headed home.
rest of today i kinda just hung around my house looking like a messed up hung over kesha.
worked out for an hour. drew on and off all day.
made a pretty awesome drawing for a really good song. pray by justin bieber.
its a really inspirational song. you should youtube it :)
but since it is sunday. i dont do muchhh.
just homework. and hang around.
now that its getting kinda of late and im a bit tired imma go.


love, the doodler.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

bieber fever.

35. a picture of your favorite band/artist.

story behind picture:
a couple months ago i saw justin bieber in concert. and it was amazing.
lately i have been listening to his music like every day.
watching all these videos of him on youtube. and also looking at pictures of him.
sometime i have these three day periods where all i can think about it justin bieber.
the way he looks. his laugh and his music.
i know i know stupid and pathetic.
but i dont know why. his music makes me happy.
his voice makes me smile.

p.s. i really really really want to meet him in person and give him a huge huge huge hug!




woke up in the am really tireddd.
but i barely got through practice. got hit alot by myself and now im all bruised up.
rushed home them took a shower and got ready for the washington winter carnival.
i was then finally ready by 2ish. walked up to washington elementary school which was my old elementary school.
i miss that place. alot.
once i got there alexine brenna marena and greg were waiting for me.
we walked around and played some games. then the cake walkkkk.
we walked into the gym and i across the room i see reese... and clare.
its the old story. clare martin and i have known each other our whole entire lives.
we were the best of friends all through elementary/middle school.
then high school happened. we are sitll friends. but not as close.
we changed friends. and greg apart. but we still get excited to see each other.
and for reese. he and i have known each other since we were probably 3 years old.
even though i barely remember it. he and i used to tap dance together and i would always go over his house and hang out.
sophmore year clare and reese dated. so since i was kind good friends with clare i always hung out with reese.
i love reese. he is so nice. good looking. and just fun to be around.
so anyway i walked into the gym and as soon as i walked in i made complete eye contact with reese and was confused on why he was working because he didnt go to washington.
i walked over and said hey. and we all talked for a bit.
clare and i were just caughting up on everything. the most random things.
like abby. all her neighbors and more. speaking of neighbors. i asked how valerie was.
i babysat valerie a couple times. she used to be clares neighbor. but she moved about 7 years ago.
so i asked how she was. she should be in middle school by now i think.
so i asked. and clare just kinda looked at me. and said...
she died. and i was in complete shock. and i started crying. infront of everyone.
i honestly dont know why it hit me so badly. i only knew her when we were young but still she was only maybe 11 at the time she died. she died while she was on a boat. a drunk driver on a boat hit her boat and she died in minutes.
then clare had to go somewhere so reese and i just kinda talked and caught up with everything.
asking each other how we were and small talk. it was nice. i couldnt stop smiling.
alexine brenna marena greg and i went back into the auditorium for the raffles.
sadly none of us won anything. but all these little girls won and were all so happy and screaming.
while we were just sitting there surrounded by little kids i thought to myself.
im so old. it feels like i was in their place yesterday. but now a year form now i will be graduating highschool!
little kids are what make me want to start my life all over again. i wish i were 5 again. and to be honest i got a little chocked up. it was pretty depressing actually.
we then headed out and alll walked home together. once i got home. i kinda just layed around my house. ate dinner until 8ish when brenna and alexine cam over for a sleepover.
which included.
-tagging greg in embarrassing pictures on facebook.
-girl talk
-writing on "the wall"
-greg finally then came over
-hungout and talked
-greg left around 1 am.
-then kesha appeared in my room.
-alexine and brenna gave me a complete ke$ha makeover.
-crazy make up crimped hair and a really skimpy dress. (wasnt aloud to see myself until the were completely done.)
-i looked in the mirror and i looked exactly like kesha i was amazed.
-kesha photoshoot.
-bed making in the living room - fail.
-ate pb & jjjj'sssss
-calling and calling and calling greg. he fell asleep.
-crimped brennas hair.
-chatted with some pretty funny guys and girls on chatroulette.
-i fell asleep at 5 am. but they didnt until like 7.

Friday, January 28, 2011


34. a photo of your night.

story behind picture:



long long long tiring day.
school was school not much went on other than moivng forward.
which means homeroom bonding for and hour in the morning.
all the homerooms compete against each other in relay races.
activities and a flag making contest.
and since my whole homeroom new i am good at drawing they made me do the whole flag.
i mean it wasnt that big but still. all on me. haha.
we made all our names into a crossword puzzle sort of thing. it turned out pretty well.
we also had beagles and juice and donuts. yummmm.
other than all that the rest of the school day was pretty boring.
wlked straight home after school. layed down then woke up and ate dinner.
then i was off the practice 6-9. it was a long long long week. i was waaaaaaaaaay to tired to go to practice.
but i got through it. had a little fit about duffy. she was just really getting on my nerves.
and when i rant i go crazy and just talk and talk and talk!
after practice jane, tyler cody and i all went to applebees for dinner even thought it was like 9:30 pm.
we talked and ate. della was working so she served us.

so overall today was exhaaaaausting!
its time for bed.
practice at 8 am. ughhh.


love, burned out brita.