Friday, December 31, 2010

three reasons.

when life gives you one reason to cry.
[him waiting for me to leave]

give it three reasons to smile.
[he said he would text you]
[he gave you a HUGE hug]
[he said that he still loves you]

all you need is love.

8. a photo of your family.

story behind picture:
this was taken at a little chapel in erie for my sisters wedding.
this is me, my sister, my brother-in-law, my two brothers, my parents and my grandma.
i was the "junior" maid of honor.
the wedding was A M A Z I N G.
they were groomsman.
a day/weekend that i will never forget.
im so happy to call brett [her husband] my brother-in-law or more like just brother.

all you need is love.



later i hung out at the house then got ready and was ready by 8:45.
greg was having people over for new years so i just headed down there.
-greg got electrocuted while trying to hook up the dvd player so we could watch get him to the greek.
-he was to afraid after so it never happened.
-we ended up watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. which was surprisingly a good movie haha.
-me alexine tony greg jane and bethany then watched to ball drop at 12 exact.
-to be honest it was nothing special. sadly. i didnt feel any different. i didnt feel what i was hoping for.
-it wasnt as exciting as i hoped it would be but hey its whatever.
i got to spend it with my best friend. and my "brother" and then some other people.
-over all it was a good night.

[first hug of the new year was the BEST hug i have ever had from him.]

‎2010, at some points i loved you. at others i hated you. but hopefully 2011 is better. peace 2010. ♥

CYA 2010
HELLO 2011

1/1/11 <--- WHOA! :]

mat painting.


today was pretty eventful.
today was NEW YEARS EVE!
such a tiring day let me tell you.
at 8 am until 3 pm i had to paint a mat for our show with 10 other girls from winterguard that was the size of the gym floor.
and since i was one of the few that actually are artistic, i was picked to do the all the detailed stuff.
for example clouds. yes i know doesnt sound so hard. but let me tell you. when the cloud that u have to paint and shade and make prettty is about 6 feet long. yeah it was tough. but fun.
i was completely covered in paint. it was ridiculous!!!
i cant wait for our mat to be completely done and when we have our first show ahhhh!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


december 29th 2010. [yesterday]

ups and downs all day.
mostly ups though... which is good :]

woke up supppper late today... 1:30 p.m.
got ready as fast as i could then went to sports works/science center with tony,alexine,and greg.
pretty lame actually. but being with some pretty awesome people made it a whole lot better.
called a cab... for the first time.
cabs are the most awkward thing in the world!
and they are also pretty priceyyy.
took the cab to the t.
took the t home.
good experience haha :]
chilled a little at home then hungout with them again. but with out alexine.. she was busy.
watched them play video games all night.
then we played the office board game... which SUCKED! haha
finally got home at 12:30... dad was pretty pissed... ooopppsss.
drew a little. then went to bed and hungout with jack... the cat.
how can you not love a kitty that comes into your room at 2 am and just lays next to you on your bed.
i mean come on!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my brother.

7. a photo of someone you love.

story behind picture:
gweg and i.
i love him. i love him as my brother.
we have known each other our whole lives.
we've always been friends.
sometimes we fall out. but sooner or later we always fall back in.
he's pretty hilarious.
i dont know what i would be with out him.
when we are together we act like brother and sister.
we fight like brother and sister.
we laugh like brother and sister.
hell we even love/hate like brother and sister.
since we are so close.
people think we're in love or something.
ha well news flash. we're not.
maybe one day.
but most deff not anytime soon.
he just my brother.
who i love.

three little penguins.

today was also a pretty good day.
alexine and i were woken up at 9 am.
yes... which meant we only had 4 hours of sleep. ughhh.

-lunch at panera with madre. sister. her bubby. alexine and i .
-went to gregs house. went up to his room. and at exactly 12:52 a.m. we woke greg up.
-yesterday he promised us he would come to the science center with us the next day... which was today.
-since he was sleeping he didnt answer his phone.
-so thats why we had to go into his room. and wake him up.
-he wasnt all that happy that we were in his room when he woke up.
-it was hilarious! i wanted to video it but alexine thought he wold get really mad.
-10 mins later we got in the car and madre, sister, he hubby, alexine, greg and i were on our way to the science center.
-on our way from the car to the science center there was ice sculptures of three penguins. we decided to take a picture with them. :]
-science center was pretty fun i must say.
-but it was more fun when i was little.
-later tonight greg and alexine are coming over and were just gonna chill tonight. hangout. like the old times. us three.

so since they will be coming soon i better sign off.
cya soon. :]

today is a good day.

yesterday was a good day.
to busy to blog sorry =/
-slept in.
-hung around at the house.
-made a funny little video from christmas with my new flipvideooooo.
-mall with alexine.
-bought a cute little bracelet.
-red robin... YUUUUUUUM. red robin was amaaaazing. mmmm. :]
-sat in the booth next some pretty hot guys. haha.
-ran into rosie and her mom. amy mark and leah. haha PAAAARRRTY.
-greg alexine and i chilled in my basement.
-alexine then slept over.
-step up 3!!!!
-didnt sleep until 5:00 a.m.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

6. a photo that makes you laugh.

story behind picture:
once again.... haileigh and i. being ourselves.
making ourselves be fat fat fat with more chins than a chinese phonebook. :] haha!
i cant really remember why exactly. but it was hilarious.
after i took this picture i showed it to everyone on the bus and everyone were pissing themselves.
it was hilarious!!!!!
and looking back at this picture now.
i cants stop laughing!


SANTA CAME!!!!!!!! SANTA SAME! waaaaahooooooo! :]
i know it is the 26th. and not really christmas anymore but today was my christmas. it finally felt like christmas morning.
i walked down the stairs and there they were a room FULL of pretty wrapped presents!
i got some pretty awesome presents.
jeggins. 2 pairs of boots. flipvideooo... which i love. a new ipod nano. art supplies. and a bunch of other stuff. :]
i love my family so muchhhhh.
i just love holidays.
20 some people all in one house laughing and talking and playing games.
trying out amazing cupcakes.... long story. :]
today was just a good day. i was finally happy.
for the couple past months ive been really down on myself but i mean today made me realize what i really have.
a family that i love that loves me.
friends that will always be there.
and i guess just a good life.
which i must live.
like i aaaaaalways say.
live life :]

Saturday, December 25, 2010

cant stand it.

5. a photo of you.

story behind picture:
this is me being bored and all i have is a camera black clothes and white christmas lights.
i remember this day quit clearly.
i was going to go to the never shout never concert that night.
but then my madre said i was not allowed to go because where it was wasnt a very good part of town.
she thought i was gonna get either rapped or shot. so i didnt go :[
i love christopher drew very much! ahhh.
so that night i stayed in my room.
dressed up in all black.
set the camera up.
wrap myself with white christmas lights.
and made a music video to cant stand it by never shout never.
so that night was i guess pretty eventful.


for you all....not me. well... not yet.
its technically only christmas eve as i said before.
today was just like any other day.
slept in. showered. got ready.
dad, madre, gma and i went up to aunt torgs for dinner.
at least we did something on christmas.
all my friends were texting me and asking me what i got and everything like that but i sadly had to say nothing.
santa didnt come. he's a bit late. but he's coming tonight! i hope!
it happens to be nick (my cousins) birthday and the reindeer cake you see in the picture is what my madre made for him.
he turned 22 i believe. CRAZY!
so as for now i must go and eat a bunch of cookiessss :]
i hope you all had an amaaaaaaaazing christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

santas not coming tomorrow. =[

today happens to be christmas eve. but it doesnt feel like it at all!
it's only the 23rd of december in the thompson household.
and its only christmas eve tomorrow. santa's not coming until sunday. =/
the reason for that is my sister and her hubby are with his family in erie for christmas.
my brother and his fiance are with her family tonight and tomorrow.
and my other brother is with his girlfriends family tonight. but will be here tomorrow.
but when i wake up tomorrow and walk down the stairs.
im not gonna see a room filled with pretty wrapped presents.
im gonna see an awesome tree in a boring living room.
while everyone is enjoying their christmas morning tomorrow morning..... ill be sleeping.
and while everyone wish christmas wasnt over when sunday comes.
ill be having my christmas.
it just kinda sucks that i have to wait an extra day but i mean come on ive waited a whole year for christmas morning...
i think i can wait one more day..... i hope.

4. a photo of the last place you went for vacation.

story behind picture:
this is me walking down along the water.
i wish i could do this everyday.
the beach is where i belong.
i've been going every summer ever since i was little.
i love it so much.
i hope to leave at the beach one day. :]

nothing more. nothing less.

|day four|
put something positive out into the universe. there are a lot of ways to do this.
the goal is to send the universe some positives to send back to you.
i recommend a hot bath with candles thinking about how great tomorrow is going to be.
you could also find and dedicate an hour to yourself to listen to music.
the goal is to keep from being distracted by the world.

hot baths do help sometimes. but when those dont. music and art does. all I need to keep me from being distracted by the world is my headphones, ipod, black sharpie and my sketch book. that’s it. nothing more. nothing less. its when im most happiest.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy thoughts! :]

-math test over.
-english paper turned in.
-history project done.
-no school until january 3rd!
-christmas in TWO DAYS!
-hangin with the friends tonightttt.
-its snowing!.....its gonna be a white christmas!

love you like a sister.

3. a photo that makes you happy.

story behind picture:
this is haileigh. we are one in the same. i can never stop smiling when im with her. shes like my sister.
people say on a daily bases that we look like each other.
to be honest we both dont see it at all.
but when our hair is done and down and not in an ugly grandma bun... i guess we could look a little alike. because the hair.
the reason why we have our hair plastered onto our heads and whore makeup is because of one word. BAND. ughh.
shes a rockette and im in guard. she wears skirts. i wear pants. grrrrrr.
the bus rides to the away games are crazy fun. this picture describes it very very well.
i love this picture and this gurrrrl.


inspire someone.

|day three|
inspire someone; a stranger. How you ask?
draw something that speaks out against violence and post it around your school!
OR Leave post its around your city with inspirational quotes, take pictures!
this also works if you write a letter to the world, in general and place it in random places.
Be creative, find a way to tell the world what you want from it.

i draw. its what i do. its how i express my feelings. and what im to afraid to say. when words fail. art speaks.

"think before you speak. words hurt just as much as actions do."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

taylor swift.

2. a photo of yourself a year ago.

story behind picture:
october 24, 2009.
this is one of my good gurll friends. lexi and i :]
this just happened to be on our way to taylor swift concert.....which was amazing.
getting ready. the ride there. at the concert. and even after the concert was so much fun.
i love this gurllly to death. we've known each other since 1st grade. and have been friends every since.
shes the kind of person that says something soooo stupid you just have to laugh. because well its lexi.
when we are together. some crazy stuff happens. good and bad. but mostly good.
bottom line is...
i love this crazy gurl named lexi ;]

little girl

|day two|
find a photo that reminds you of a childhood memory. share the photo and if you feel up to it. share how that memory impacted your life in some way!

this picture brings back some amazing memories. when i was a little girl i was always happy. always smiling. today im not so much that little girl anymore. somedays i am. somedays im not. when i look back on this picture i think about the little girl in the picture. i think back on how that was me. how that is me. and yeah maybe somedays im not her anymore but that doesnt mean i lost her.

love, your little girl.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

holiday partaaay.

1. your facebook profile picture.

story behind the picture:
this past weekend my sister and her new hubby were hosting a holiday party with my family and his family. the party was a really good time. yes she is the one on the right and im the one on the left. i look like im the 25 year old and she looks like the 16 year old. yeah yeah story of my life. i dont look my age. at all. but hey that could be good in some cases. :]

so it begins...

the 365 day journey to happiness starting today, december 21, 2010.

|day one|
pick something that you love about yourself. write a paragraph or page telling why you love it and take a photo.

something that i love about myself has to be my hair. my hair is what i love the most. i can wear whatever i want and not even care just as long as my hair looks good. same with if i wear any makeup. i dont have to if my hair looks good. ive been told that i have amazing hair. i dont want to seem conceited but yeahhh i kinda do have amazing hair. :] honestly my hair is what gets me friends. haha. and gets me places. but seriously if i didnt have the hair that i do i would have absolutely no confidence what so ever. thats why when im having a bad hair day i just want to curl up in a ball and not see anyone. because when my hair looks bad then everything goes wrong. i loose my phone. i get introuble. i fall. silly things like that. call me crazy but its the truth. i love my hair. people ask me if i put any product in my hair. you wanna know the answer to that. nope. none. all i do is shampoo/condition it. brush it. part it. and dry it. and im out the door. no special spray. moose. gell. anything like that. just dry and go. and lucky me just a dry and go makes me have the best hair. and hopefully ill be voted best hair my senior year at school.

love, voluminous chicaaaa.