Tuesday, February 22, 2011


waaho waaho waaho
when i heard my mom say that school was closed today i was like AWESOME and went right back to sleep.
it was the best feeling ever!
i slept in until 1ish. ate some fooooooood. then took a shower since i havent in a couple days ewww i know.
but i mean if im not gonna see anyone and im staying in my house all those days then why shower ahah.
it felt so good to showerrr.
got ready and bummed around until 3ish.
alexine and i were thinking about going sled riding!!!!
but the plans fell through and we ended up going down to gregs.
he made me sit on his porch freezing while he took a shower.
but hes a boy and he didnt take long haha.
finally alexine got there. SHE IS ALWAYS LATE! and she lives UP the street. literally a 2 min walk. its crazy.
but turns out that greg couldnt hang. he was grounded and his parents were coming home soon.
so he went inside and we bothered him for a good 15 mins. ringing his door bell a bunch.
banging on the door. it was pretty entertaining. but then we got really cold and went up to my house for hot coco mmm.
hot coco and peanut butter crunch is SOOOOO good! bad for you but great tasting.
we say in my kitchen and pigged out on special K's cracker chips things. ahhh sooo delicious! taste like baked laze.
once we went through almost two boxes of those we thought we should stop eating haha.
but hey i knew i could eat a bit since i was going to LA fitness with my friend amy tonight! sooo excited!
we dropped alexine off on our way to the gym. once i got there i got a guest pass and i was ready to workout! and sweat!
and that is what i did! it was packed! crazy! started on the bike. did some legs, arms, abs, and alot more machines and once i was all warmed up. i went on this it felt like riding a bike but also running. so it was two in one.
it was amazing! put my headphones in and i was good to go!
the two best people to workout to and that have a good beat is kesha and of course justin bieber.
their songs are really great to get pumped up and work really hard to.
once it was time to go i was all red faced and sweating like ive never swet before. i loved it!
i felt soooo good. i felt soooo alive.
after that we went to sonic to get some low-cal slushes. they were amazing as well.
once i got home i begged my mom to get me a membership there. i love it sooo much!
itst just something about workout with peeople you dont know. and if someone if working out harder than you then you want to workout harder. so it is really motivating and thats what i love about it.
so im really hoping my mom will pay for the membership.
made myself a pretty good dinner. with some fruit. and veggies. and moreee. yummm.
rest of tonight i put my homework aside because i really wanted to draw.
so i did. yes i know putting my homework aside is bad but dont worry i will get it done. sooner or later.
so listened to my boy justin bieber. and my girl taylor swift. and went into my zone and drew away!
turned out pretty awesome.
"but i took your matches before fire could catch me.
so dont look now." - dear john - taylor swift.
love the song and the pictureee.
once i was done i looked myself in the mirror and though about everything at that moment.
im really stupid for drawing and not doing my homework. im gonna get yelled at that my madre sooner or later.
and i really really really wish i didnt take up as much room in a mirror than i do. ughhh.
i want to lok in the mirror and be happy about my body. ughhh. but its an everyday thought that goes through my mind.
but i will change that. i will. i have to. soon...
well im tired and i got a lot on my mind right now so i think ill hit the hay for tonight.

today was a pretty good snow day.
wish we had more.
but tomorrows wednesday which means im pretty close to the weekend!! wahooo!


love, the girl who loves snow days!

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