Saturday, February 19, 2011

second place!

once again. it is saturday which means competition day.
woke up for an early practice 8-11 like usual.
tiring as usual. but i got through it.
went home and fell back asleep like i always do.
i had free time until4:00
problem was i fell asleep and didnt wake up until 3. which meant i only had an hour to get showered and everything.
and if you know me by now i need at least 1 hour and a half to get ready.
so i was rushed...which i hate bein rushed. but i was.
surprisingly i was ready in time. seriously dont know how that happened.
but i was ready and out the door. once i got to the school we had 5 mins and then we jumped onto the bus.
sat with tyler and listened to musiccc and FINALLY after an hourish bus ride we were there. we were at mars. (the highschool not actually mars haha)
did what we usually so before we get ready for perform.
eat. run around haha. be crazy. watch guards.
turns out cody and maddie were there to.
maddie and i are kinda fake friends. we have something in common. but thats a long long story.
we had to be ready by 7:45 and of course i wasnt haha and i got yelled at. but whatevs.
i was ready to perform.
the gym we were performing in was SOOOOO small! it felt like we were in a classroom it was so small.
but i looked pass that and the music started and i was in character. emotion emotion emotion.
i personally had a pretty good show i believe.
but everyone else kept saying it was a bad show. there were alot of drops but that is alright.
during awards maddie was texting someone and we were kind of messing with his head in a way.
nothing bad i swear. the things that were said hot me thinking. but that is to much to share on here. haha.
turns out our show wasnt that bad. we beat gateway and got second place!!! yet kiski got first. they are amazing ive been told.
so that was pretty EXCITING!
we then packed up and once again was on the bus on the way home.
i was pretty upset that i left my phone with my mom so i couldnt text my friends OR listen to my ipodddd.
so i borrowed tyler ipod. and came across this song by the script.
that song was titled before the worst. i listened to it over and over again until we got home.
it was explaining all that was going through my head on the way home.
its crazy how songs can just take the words right out of my mouth.
that is why i love music so much.
it may be weird but when i listen to musicc. and i cant hear anything else even if i am in a bus full of people laughing and being happy. i feet so lonely. and i tear up. its what i do. just looking out the window and one single tear runs down my face and thats it.
we fianly got home and i was a bit tired. but i was not going home.
we all went to eat n park. party of 21 i believe.
everyone came including della, cody, and maddie. it was crazy and unusual since it was near midnight.
eat some pretty good food. salad. and chicken fingereeed. yummy.
got call and found out my friend got in a bit of trouble on friday night ahaha he is sooo stupid!
but other than that (the call and eating) there wasnt much else that happened.
cody and i took tyler home. then cody and i went to my house.
he happened to have to sleepover, since he lives 45 mins away and it was 1 am.
once we got home got all of our bed stuff all layed out and changed into comfy clothes.
we were out. we both layed down and lights we out. we fell right asleep.
today was a long long long day.

love, second place sarah.

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