Sunday, February 20, 2011

tentacle party!

sunday sleep day.
i woke up at 9 with cody jumping on me.
great way to wake up haha not so muchh.
he left and picked up tyler and came back here.
while he was gone i went back to sleep haha.
i look so bad! hair a mess and makeup smugged all over my face.
once they came back we talked a bt.
cody helped my mom clean my fish tank. it was a site to see haha. hes crazy.
they then decided to go to the mall and get cody new TOMS. brand of shoe.
he ordered some and got the wrong color and size.
so he was pretty upset about that.
when they were out i took a shower and made myself presentable.
around 2ish they finally came back.
cody then wanted to watch FAME and order pizza and wings from MM MM PIZZA! cody loves saying that haha. (he asked me out to spell mm mm pizza.) man do i love that kid.
for the next two hours we watched FAME and pigged out. it was pretty nice.
p.s. the guy dancer from iowa in the movie is named paul mcgill and im friends with him on facebook! and ive talked to him before!!! ahh!
towards the middle of the movie i was still sooo tired. and i guess i fell asleep cuz once again cody jumped on me to wake me up. what a joy.
it was a around 5ish and tyler had to be home and cody had to drive home.
so once the movie was ovaaaa they left and i chilled until 7ish when alexine came over.
i drew some pretty awesome tentacle picture while she was here.
we creeped people on facebook and listened to musicc like we always do.
she found out that her lover that had amaing hair buzzed it all off.
this was my status....
reminiscing....but then Alexine Catherine got some ridiculous news and then ran and went under Nathan Kirpatrick McGraw's bed. - abs
it was hilarious! she was FREAKING out! hahaahhahahaah i cried cuz i was laughing sooo hard! i love her haha!
after her litle freak out she had to leave around 9 since it was her mom bday that day.
so the rest of tonight i drew some more listened to music talked to greg and watched tv.
boring rest of the night.
but hey it is sorta like a saturday since i dont have school tomorrow!!!!
waaaahooooo for a three day weekend!!!!


love, tentacle loverrr.

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