Friday, December 31, 2010



later i hung out at the house then got ready and was ready by 8:45.
greg was having people over for new years so i just headed down there.
-greg got electrocuted while trying to hook up the dvd player so we could watch get him to the greek.
-he was to afraid after so it never happened.
-we ended up watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. which was surprisingly a good movie haha.
-me alexine tony greg jane and bethany then watched to ball drop at 12 exact.
-to be honest it was nothing special. sadly. i didnt feel any different. i didnt feel what i was hoping for.
-it wasnt as exciting as i hoped it would be but hey its whatever.
i got to spend it with my best friend. and my "brother" and then some other people.
-over all it was a good night.

[first hug of the new year was the BEST hug i have ever had from him.]

‎2010, at some points i loved you. at others i hated you. but hopefully 2011 is better. peace 2010. ♥

CYA 2010
HELLO 2011

1/1/11 <--- WHOA! :]

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