Saturday, December 25, 2010


for you all....not me. well... not yet.
its technically only christmas eve as i said before.
today was just like any other day.
slept in. showered. got ready.
dad, madre, gma and i went up to aunt torgs for dinner.
at least we did something on christmas.
all my friends were texting me and asking me what i got and everything like that but i sadly had to say nothing.
santa didnt come. he's a bit late. but he's coming tonight! i hope!
it happens to be nick (my cousins) birthday and the reindeer cake you see in the picture is what my madre made for him.
he turned 22 i believe. CRAZY!
so as for now i must go and eat a bunch of cookiessss :]
i hope you all had an amaaaaaaaazing christmas!

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