Friday, December 24, 2010

santas not coming tomorrow. =[

today happens to be christmas eve. but it doesnt feel like it at all!
it's only the 23rd of december in the thompson household.
and its only christmas eve tomorrow. santa's not coming until sunday. =/
the reason for that is my sister and her hubby are with his family in erie for christmas.
my brother and his fiance are with her family tonight and tomorrow.
and my other brother is with his girlfriends family tonight. but will be here tomorrow.
but when i wake up tomorrow and walk down the stairs.
im not gonna see a room filled with pretty wrapped presents.
im gonna see an awesome tree in a boring living room.
while everyone is enjoying their christmas morning tomorrow morning..... ill be sleeping.
and while everyone wish christmas wasnt over when sunday comes.
ill be having my christmas.
it just kinda sucks that i have to wait an extra day but i mean come on ive waited a whole year for christmas morning...
i think i can wait one more day..... i hope.

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