Tuesday, December 21, 2010

so it begins...

the 365 day journey to happiness starting today, december 21, 2010.

|day one|
pick something that you love about yourself. write a paragraph or page telling why you love it and take a photo.

something that i love about myself has to be my hair. my hair is what i love the most. i can wear whatever i want and not even care just as long as my hair looks good. same with if i wear any makeup. i dont have to if my hair looks good. ive been told that i have amazing hair. i dont want to seem conceited but yeahhh i kinda do have amazing hair. :] honestly my hair is what gets me friends. haha. and gets me places. but seriously if i didnt have the hair that i do i would have absolutely no confidence what so ever. thats why when im having a bad hair day i just want to curl up in a ball and not see anyone. because when my hair looks bad then everything goes wrong. i loose my phone. i get introuble. i fall. silly things like that. call me crazy but its the truth. i love my hair. people ask me if i put any product in my hair. you wanna know the answer to that. nope. none. all i do is shampoo/condition it. brush it. part it. and dry it. and im out the door. no special spray. moose. gell. anything like that. just dry and go. and lucky me just a dry and go makes me have the best hair. and hopefully ill be voted best hair my senior year at school.

love, voluminous chicaaaa.

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