Thursday, December 23, 2010

love you like a sister.

3. a photo that makes you happy.

story behind picture:
this is haileigh. we are one in the same. i can never stop smiling when im with her. shes like my sister.
people say on a daily bases that we look like each other.
to be honest we both dont see it at all.
but when our hair is done and down and not in an ugly grandma bun... i guess we could look a little alike. because the hair.
the reason why we have our hair plastered onto our heads and whore makeup is because of one word. BAND. ughh.
shes a rockette and im in guard. she wears skirts. i wear pants. grrrrrr.
the bus rides to the away games are crazy fun. this picture describes it very very well.
i love this picture and this gurrrrl.


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