Sunday, December 26, 2010


SANTA CAME!!!!!!!! SANTA SAME! waaaaahooooooo! :]
i know it is the 26th. and not really christmas anymore but today was my christmas. it finally felt like christmas morning.
i walked down the stairs and there they were a room FULL of pretty wrapped presents!
i got some pretty awesome presents.
jeggins. 2 pairs of boots. flipvideooo... which i love. a new ipod nano. art supplies. and a bunch of other stuff. :]
i love my family so muchhhhh.
i just love holidays.
20 some people all in one house laughing and talking and playing games.
trying out amazing cupcakes.... long story. :]
today was just a good day. i was finally happy.
for the couple past months ive been really down on myself but i mean today made me realize what i really have.
a family that i love that loves me.
friends that will always be there.
and i guess just a good life.
which i must live.
like i aaaaaalways say.
live life :]

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