Thursday, December 30, 2010


december 29th 2010. [yesterday]

ups and downs all day.
mostly ups though... which is good :]

woke up supppper late today... 1:30 p.m.
got ready as fast as i could then went to sports works/science center with tony,alexine,and greg.
pretty lame actually. but being with some pretty awesome people made it a whole lot better.
called a cab... for the first time.
cabs are the most awkward thing in the world!
and they are also pretty priceyyy.
took the cab to the t.
took the t home.
good experience haha :]
chilled a little at home then hungout with them again. but with out alexine.. she was busy.
watched them play video games all night.
then we played the office board game... which SUCKED! haha
finally got home at 12:30... dad was pretty pissed... ooopppsss.
drew a little. then went to bed and hungout with jack... the cat.
how can you not love a kitty that comes into your room at 2 am and just lays next to you on your bed.
i mean come on!

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