Tuesday, December 28, 2010

three little penguins.

today was also a pretty good day.
alexine and i were woken up at 9 am.
yes... which meant we only had 4 hours of sleep. ughhh.

-lunch at panera with madre. sister. her bubby. alexine and i .
-went to gregs house. went up to his room. and at exactly 12:52 a.m. we woke greg up.
-yesterday he promised us he would come to the science center with us the next day... which was today.
-since he was sleeping he didnt answer his phone.
-so thats why we had to go into his room. and wake him up.
-he wasnt all that happy that we were in his room when he woke up.
-it was hilarious! i wanted to video it but alexine thought he wold get really mad.
-10 mins later we got in the car and madre, sister, he hubby, alexine, greg and i were on our way to the science center.
-on our way from the car to the science center there was ice sculptures of three penguins. we decided to take a picture with them. :]
-science center was pretty fun i must say.
-but it was more fun when i was little.
-later tonight greg and alexine are coming over and were just gonna chill tonight. hangout. like the old times. us three.

so since they will be coming soon i better sign off.
cya soon. :]

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