Friday, February 4, 2011


T G I F!

long long long week. ughhh.
but hey today was alright.
spent aaaaaaaaaaalllllll day in the art room.
1st period - chem.
2nd - 6th period - art room.
7th period - math.
8th period - english.
quick day. i loved it sooo much.
but sadly since we dont have practice tomorrow morning we have to have a 4 hour practice tonight.
it went actually pretty quick until it hit 9.
after 9 (which is when we usually would be done) we were all do loopy and tired.
no one was concentrating. it was pointless.
but i guess the last hour went decent.
afterwards mostly everyone went to eat n' park.
amy drove. just her and i. but she was on E so we had to stop by the gas station..
she doesnt know how to pump her own gas.
it was quite the experience.
("$4 please for station uhhhhh number 2? what you wanna get up the hill or something?")
we had a pretty awesome waitress. lindsay. with an A!
she like was talking and talkin and talkin it up with us!
she was pretty awesome.
once i got my hot fudge fantasy i went crazy.
i was going nuts. all hyper. makin everybody laugh. it was alot of fun.
then me being me i was weird and asked lindsay if i could have a cup of crutons.... i LOVE crutons.
she looked at me and was like hmmmm how about i give u a BOWL of crutons.
i was about to get up and hug her!
they were pretty amazing.
once i got home i kinda just hopped into bed and now im watching hannah montana haha... guilty pleasure.

love, art freak!

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