Thursday, February 3, 2011

never say never

still sick.
woke up around 5:30 am cause i didnt feel to well.
madre got the hot water bottle for me and i went back to sleep.
woke up again pains in my stomach.
ate some breakfast then sat in bed.
watch justin bieber on regis and kelly.
love the boyyyy.
funny story after the show my mom came up to my room and was like hmmm i like that kid. (justin bieber) hes a nice kid. i allow you to date him.
see the thing was for the longest time my mom never liked him but now she does.
soooo lucky me i get to date him haha :D
the rest of the day i drew drew and drew.
to be honest the drawing i did today was pretty awesome.
it just justin bieber of course. all three hours that it took me to draw i was listening to his songs alllll day!
once my mom came home from being out and at grandmas she saw my drawing.
and she thought it was awesome! she instantly said that i had to somehow send it to him. justin bieber.
but i really have no clue how. so i then i thought hmmmm wouldn't this be an awesome t-shirt design!!!
just like a high white v-neck t-shirt with the picture on the front. black and white simple but awesome and original.
well i told my mom about the idea and she thought it would be awesome. she knows a place called sunburst on castle shannon. she called and they told us they could do it but i can't just order 1 or 4. i have to get 12.
so now im selling them to my friends to wear to the movie premiere.
and maybe even if people asks where we got the t-shirt. ill say i made then and ill then start selling them for $10. :D
and then you never know i could have a t-shirt design business with justin bieber (bahaha not. but my mom said it could happen.... and im like bahah sureeeeee i really dont think so but you never know.)
later on my mom came home from a meeting and she told her friend about our idea and she told my mom to send my picture to ellen degeneres and you never know my art could appear on her show and justin bieber could see it and you never know what could happen.
never say never!
so thats pretty much all i have been thinking about all night.
sooo excited.
i also drew my friend a picture for her birthday on sundaaaay. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!
she has been asking for a picture for awhile so i figured why not for her birthday!
i hope she likesss it. or looooooves it.
oh i almost forgot i finally figured out my myth for my honors 2D studio arts project.
its a pretty awesome myth. its called venus's dove.
hard to explain. but mybe google it :)
ill inform you on my progress of the 38 by 42 inch canvas. CRAZY HUGE! ive never done one that big but ill will turn out awesome!

from all the sharpie i used today my head it starting hurt.
so im gonna "hit the hay" and "catch some zzz's"


love, ellen degeneres

jk :)

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