Monday, February 14, 2011

DRUMline. happy valentines day!

monday monday monday,
february 14th 2011 to be exact.
which meeeeeeeans...
happy valentines day!!! <3
but once again no valentine for me this year. =/
but oh well maybe next year.
school was school. mondays always suck!
i wore my bright bright pen dot highlighter WGI pittsburgh regional tshirt today!
i stood out sooooo well everywhere i went.
one little fun-ish fact that happened today was some one that i never would ever think in a million years would ever say hi to me ever again actually said hey to me in the hall today.
when he said hi to me. i was shocked. i said hi back but it got me thinking and thinking and thinking about everything that happened between us. and i kinda got chocked up about it.
its been 8 months since we last talked face to face.
it was nice but something about it made me feel terrible inside. i almost cried.
so during math i was all quiet and that is all i could think about.
(the situation - back to december - taylor swift)
today sucked especially since we had marching band practice for the up coming band trip to chicago.
we had practice form 3:15 to 5:15 ughhh. i absolutely hate parade. it is the easiest thing ever.
but doing it over and over and over again sucks sooo bad!
once practice was ovaaaa i came home and chilled for a bit then got changed and ready to go over to anna and bretts for dinnerrrrr.
before we left my madre had a little valentines day presents for my dad and i.
my dad got some chocolate pretzels. his fav.
and i got some SUPER soft cute pajama pants that i am excited to wear to bed tonight.
then we both got this little envelope that read "happy valentines day! (p.s. dont make any plans for tomorrow night!)
and when we opened our little envelopes there were ticked to DRUMline at the Benedum Center tomorrow night!
i believe the show is based on the movie drumline with nick cannon.
if it isnt oh well im sure it will be awesome since it is a one night thing.
so im super excited about that!
but anyways...
dinner was pretty good. chicken and alll.
then mmmmm brownies and lady fingerrrs.
then what happened was we were all around the dinner table talkin about my tshirts.
and how i should make an etsy store.
well they way anna (my sista) explained it all. it is all ery complicated and confusing. at least for me it was.
but what is going to happen is i make the art and whatever i want to sell and they do the rest.
they do all the money. shipping. and everything.
once my store is all up and running i will be on a roll and hopefully people find my store and like what i have and actually purchase some things of mine!
that would be awesome!
but anways after anna was having a great big fit on trying to explain everything we got it almost all set up not quite but it will be all good and ready soon and then i can starting selling! :)
since anna and brett couldnt make it on saturday, we watched the performance from saturday at regionals.
once that was ovaaa the rents were getting tired.
so we headed home around 9:45ish.
got home and changed into my comfy and soft soft soft new pajama pants my madre got me for valentines day.
then hopped into bed which is wear i am nowwwww.

im starting to get a bit tired. and my hands hurt ffrom typing so much on my blog everyday.

goodnight loves.

love, the love bug.

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