Friday, February 18, 2011

olive gardennn.

what a long long day.
first day i wore flipflops wahoooo :)
with some jeggings turned into kapres and my guard shirt.
school was school. tired yes but i got over it.
nothin reall exciting. said hi to that kid that i talked about before. the one that we dont talk anymore and it was surprising for him to say hi to me ever again.
he was with his new girlfriend. she will be much better one than i was.
since it was amazing once again outsideeee i walked home with alexine and marena.
i was goin nuts for some reason. i was upset for a bit and then i just turned all hyper and starting singing and dancing in the middle of the street.
alexine and marena thought iwas the funniest thing ever!
when marena went home. we kept walking and ran into brenna.
we talked for a good bit. overall the key words or saying that kind made my whole day.
"WHO YOU BAGIN!" - long story
anyways while we were talking at some corner near my house a certain someone walked by. arthur and some kid i didnt know.
yes it was awkward and it brought memories that i have tried my hardest to forget but never will all back to my head.
whatever. im over it. funny thing is earlier maybe like 10 mins earlier his twin brother walked by to. AWKWARD!
but that all is another story that i dont feel like sharring. i shared it once and it didnt turn out very well. YIKES!
we chatted some more and then we all went home.
i then didnt hve much time to get rready and eat dinner.
then once again i have gaurd from 6-9 ughhh.
once i got there we walked out prelims performace from saturday it was as bad as i thought. but also it wasnt as good as i hoped.
but thtat was why we had a three our practiceeee.
practice was practice just like every other practice.
cry baby cried even tho she was sitting out cause she sprained her ankle.
she is emotionally unstable and i hate it! she needs some serious help. let me tell you!
once practice was ovaaaaa i rushed home changed and freshined up my make up.
then iwas out the door by 9:30.
alexine marena and i all went out to olive gardennnn for a little girls night out.
we got there and there was barely anyone there since it was closing in an hourrrr.
while we were eating our souppp and salad andyummy bread sticks.
then walks in aiden and justin. more of marenas friends but i knew them.
i barely regonized aiden. i dont know whyyyy at all something about him was waaaaay different.
in a good way haha. idk.
but they are an interesting group of people.
always fun to listen to talk and just watch be ahah.
once we were done with dinner and deserrrt and paying. (p.s. i found a wripped dollar bill in my pocket. just feltlike sharring :) )
they then took us homeee. and that was about it.
they are pretty funny and i love ittt.

but now that it is almost midnight im about to pass out.
this was a long long day and tomorrow i have to get up at 6:30 for a 8 am practice till 11 and then a compeition that night.
so i need some rest.

goodnight peoplesss.

love. me.

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