Monday, February 7, 2011


monday. what a sad sad day in pittsburgh.
the day after the super bowl.
the day after we lost the super bowl.
pretty long day at school.
there was alot of people missing.
they are stayed home because of yesterday.
one perk about today. i started my honor art projecccct! :D
missed lunch and stayed in the art room.
once school was let out i had my mom pick me up from school.
it was cold and rainy.
we ended up going to best buy to buy JUST DANCE 2 for the Wii.
thats pretty much all i did tonight other than get another order in for one of my drawings.
janise - my moms really good friend. she is in love with my drawings. she thinks every single one is incredible!
so since her daughter melissa is getting married so she wanted me to make her a picture to give to her for a congrats. and also another drawing for her (janise) husband chuck. he loves cosinos. so i have to make a picture revolving around that.
but back to the JUST DANCE 2. it was aaawwwweeesssssoooooommmmmeeeee!
sooooo much fun! i sweat pretty good. and thats what i needed. a fun way to work out! and i finally found it! :D

well today had been a long day.
so i think imma goooo.
night loves.

love, dancing queen.

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