Wednesday, February 2, 2011


what a long day.
school in the am with out a delay. :(
i hate when i get ready in the morning and i look in the mirror and i think i look pretty good.
i then get to school and look in the mirror and i tell myself WHAT WAS I THINKING?
i hated how i looked today. but whatever i got over it.
came home around 3:45 pm.
once i got home i got a class of ice water. and went straight upstairs and went jumped into my bed.
i took a nap until 5 only because i had to eat dinner which for me was chick fela. my sandwitch was not so good.
woke up. freshened up. eat it all up. then off to winterguard practice.
wasnt at all in the mood for it. wasnt feeling to well. didnt want to do much.
but i then realized that tommy was coming which meant practice was gonna go really quick tonight.
and i was right. tonights practice went suuuuper fast. i love it!
a new guy came into help. his name was nick. and i think he is gay.
did rifle. some saber. and i touched a flag for a good 5 seconds.
the cry baby got to be in the middle and the center of attention. as usual.
thats what i dont get. she complains about the littlest things.
then she cries and cries and cries about everything and anything.
its not a real practice until she cries.
and then what do you do for a cry baby. well i guess in greenawalts and duffys eyes you give her a solo.
dont get it. whatever.
towards the end of practice my stomach started to hurt. headache. cramps. the whole thing.
needed something fizzy. on our way home madre and i stopped at mcdonalds so i could get a diet pepsi. and i did. and it was very satisfying.
once i got home still didnt feel to good. got some crackers to help my stomach and also got the hot water bottle. it usually works.
but now my headache is getting worse so im gonna go for the nighttt.


love, crampy clare.

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