Friday, February 11, 2011

dreams really do come true.

tonight i just so happened finally see justin biebers never say never 3D movie.
and it was more than i expected.
the overall story of the real justin bieber is so incredibly inspiring.
everything that he went through.
everything that he left behind to follow his dreams.
and everything that he had to do to get to where he is now is unbelievable.
while i was watching the movie i didnt scream when he came on the screen...even if it was in all the other girls did.
i simply smiled. yes i was excited. but i was more excited to hear about his story than screaming about how good looking he is.
i was really curious about finding out who the real justin bieber was.
and after seeing that movie i finally know. and i have gained a completely new level for respect for him.
he isnt just a kid that has awesome hair and that can sing.
he is kid that is unbelievably talented and blessed.
he used to be a kid like me. normal life. friends. family. school. everyday life.
but now its not that he isnt normal. he is just a different kind of normal.
he is still a kid like me. but with more friends. more loving family. less school. and not so much an everyday kind of life.
so many people focus on how he looks and how he sounds.
but when you think about it. thats not the only thing to him.
yes he does have pretty amazing hair. eyes. voice. everything.
but what if he didnt have any of that.
what if he had really bad hair.
what if his eyes were not so "to die for"
and what if he couldnt sing.
would you still like him?
i feel that his personality over rules it all.
who he really is over rules it all.
the person you may not see when your first look at him, is just behind all the fame.
and sometimes you just have to take the time to figure it out and find it.
and by seeing this movie. you took the time to.
and i am more than happy that i did.
through justin's story about all of his success. it really shows that no matter who you are.
YOUR dreams can come true.
now all i have to do is find out what my dream may be a just go for it.

p.s. there will be times when people tell you that you cant live your dreams.
you know what i tell them...


love, brita the belieber.

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