Friday, February 11, 2011


sad to say i did not have a delay todayyy.
but school went by pretty quick i guess.
some classes were fast but some lasted seemed like.
had a sub in history and art waaahoooo!
once school was let out i kinda went straight home.
soooo tired and i knew i wouldnt have much time to relax since i have practice at 6.
had to get all my stuff together for tomorrow. which happens to be regionals at norwin! ahhh its pretty big deal!
but i am suuuuuuuuuper excited but nervous obviously.
got everything together fixed up my make up. and put my justin bieber tshirt on since the movie was tonight and i was gonna wear it tok practiceeee.
i had about a 15 minute nap. ughhh.
once i got to practice i didnt seem as tired as before thank god.
we ended up practicing in the REAL gym. the big gym. it was nice for once.
so we practice and practice. sweat a bit. and FINALLY it was 8:30 pm. which means only 30 mins left.
we were doing a run through and lyndsey (the cry baby) was doing one of her dance solos for the show annnnnnnnd i guess she fell or stepped on her ankle wrong and "rolled" her ankle and it start to swell like a ballon.
that is exactly what happened to me when i fell in a whole. haha! im pathetic. but hey you gotta learn to laugh at yourself. which i did... alot.
but anyways so she is crying and screaming and everything. ice was put on the swelling. she is just sitting on the ground.
then her dad and little sister comes in and her dad picks her up and carries her like a little baby because she cant walk.
it was sure a sight to be seen.
then once all that happened we did two more run throughs and we were done for the night. ahhh yay!
by the end of that practice i was exhausted and nasty!
but i had to start getting pumped because cody tyler and i were going to justin biebers never say never 3D movie at 9:30 pm. and yes we got out of practice at like 9:10 pm. so we were being rushed.
we had to go to tylers house for him to get jeans. then to my house to get the shirts...which the loved.
then by the time we got to the movies it was about 9:40 pm but thank god there was really no line since we were late and the movie didnt start yet.
then the lights dimmed and then turned off and the movie started.
i have only 2 words for this movie.
ill go into more detail lateerrr :)
but once i got home it was about midnight. ughhh i am exhausted.
at this time now it is aroun 12:30 which means i have to get up and start getting ready for a 16 hour day full of winterguard in less than 6 hours!!! ahhhh i swear imma drop dead tomorrow. im gonna be sooooooo tired.
so i probs should head out and hopefully get a full 6 hours of sleep if im luckyyy.
wish me luck tomorrow! :)


love, mrs. brita lynn beiber.

p.s. alot of my friend actually want to buy my tshirts!!! :)

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