Sunday, February 6, 2011

i hate cheese.

day to remember.
woke up around 12 feeling good.
drew another picture for amy for her bday which happens to be today.
took a shower and did was i had to do to look good.
ended up going over janes house for amy bday and to also watch the super bowl.
people who were there: mark. deb. brittany. amy. jane. jordan. tyler. cody. evelyn. and muahhh.
it was pretty fun overall. good food. HUGE screeeeeeen to watch the game on.
also gave amy her drawings. she loved them so much she cried. it was amazing.
speaking of the game...
it truly was an amazing game.
until the end. still cant believe with 34 seconds left they just gave up! they could have at least tried!
once i realized that we...THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS... lost the super bowl. number 7! i wanted to cry. seriously.
i have to admit that i prayed a couple times up to G-PA wishing we would win.
but sad to say with the final score being packers 31 and steelers 25 we lost.
it was probably the most disappointing thing ever.

i am never eating cheese ever again.
great halftime show!!!
great game...until the end...
still love my steeler boyzzz.
black and yellow all the waaaaaaay!

love, a true steelers fan!

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