Saturday, February 12, 2011


wow so today was crazy so crazy and so much involved ill just do a list of what happened.
-woke up at 6 am.
-pratice from 8 am - 10 am
-10:30 got on the bus and drove to norwin.
-got ready on the bus which was very difficult.
-once we got there we had 20 mins to change and everything. rush rush rush.
-we then went to body warmups. and then to equipment warmup.
-then it was time to compete in prelims.
-it was our time. it was 12:20 pm. out time to rock it.
-the music started and we did what we have been working so hard for.
-there were a couple of drops but overall it was a pretty good show.
-so much that we made it into finals!!!! which were later in the day around 7.
-only 12 out of 20 guards made it into finals.
-and we were number 4! we beat all the local groups that we normal wouldnt. it was an amazing feeling.
-we beat gateway. kiski. and penntraffod. ahhhh!
-once we were done performing and changing. we were aloud to grab something to eat and just relax.
-cody and troy came and hungout with us for a bit. i love them!
-around 4 pm we loaded the bus and headed to gateway middle school to practice and "bond" with gateway.
-yes it was very awkward at first since we beat them. but after a while of just talking and playing stella ella olla and eating pizza we were all pretty okay around each other.
-since we had a long long long morning. once we got to gateway we were aloud to relax finally!
-while gateway HS was practicing in the gym lebo guard was pretty much sleeping in the hallway.
-we relaxed for a good hour. it was sooooooo nice.
-around 5ish it was time for us to practice for FINALS!
-turns out that we practiced a couple key points in the show and then once show run and we were done.
-around 6:15ish we all got our stuff together and boarded onto the busses and were back to norwin for FINALS!
-once we got back there we got ready and did exactly what we did before.
-got ready. body warm ups. equipment warm ups.
-and then performed in which turned out to be our biggest show of the year. pittsburgh regionals.
-while we were setting our equipment cody and troy kept yelling my name go brita you got it girl. it made me nervous but really excited to perform and do well.
-so the music started once again we we did exactly what we did this morning. but better! i would of had a perfect show if i did drop my saber. but hey im not perfect. i make mistakes.
-once we were done. people were screaming and standing up and clapping. it was unreal.
-after we changed and made ourselves look presentable we went to the gym to watch some groups.
-but before that tyler and i got candy grams for della since she got us some.
-tyler ended up buying her 34 pags of sour patch kids since that is her favorite candy. it was hilarious!
-we went to the gym to watch excel which what della was in. it was pretty good actually! very intense!
-cody troy and james's sister came over to sit with us and the rest of the gaurd.
-we watch around 5 or 6 groups that were in different classes.
-there were some that were bad. REALLY disturbing to watch. really weird. and also amazing!
-finally it was time for the awards.
-12th place was taken. then 11th. then 10th. then 9th. then 8th was called and it so happened that gateway took 8th in regionals. 7th was then announced and it was us.
-we ended up getting 7th out of 12. but i mean come on for our first regionals EVER and we got 7th. that is pretty good.
-but overall technically we got 6th out of 20 groups. which sounds AMAZING! and it was!
-it was unreal! once the awards were over tyler cody troy and i went to go and congratulate james on doing an AMAZING job! never really new he was THAT good!
-we all talked for a bit. and said our goodbyes.
-we then had to get all of our stuff together and finally were back once the bus once again and on our way home.
-the bus ride home was pretty good. very tiring but amazing.
-by the time we got back to the school it was about midnight.
-we were all suppose to go out and celebrate at eat n park. but i passed i was just way to tired. and also there was a chance i was gonna hang with greg but that didnt happen.
-by the time i actually stepped foot into my house it was 12:30 :)
-i then washed my face. changed into my sweats. put my hair up. and jumped into my bed. my bed at that time never felt so comfy.

overall this day was the longest and most nerve racking day i have had in a long long long time.
but to be honest i would do it all over if i could.
well when i think about it...i will be doing it all over again next year :)

but as for now i am completely beat.
i need my sleep.

goodnight loves.

love, brita.

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