Sunday, February 13, 2011

do nothing day.

its sunday and the day after the longest day ever.
which means SLEEP IN!
i happened to wake up at 2;30ish.
i love sundays for only one reason.
it is my only day to sleep in. and also my only day that i dont have to shower and actually attempt to go out and do something. i stay home and relax.
which i really need today.
i am sooooooo sore it hurts to walk.
tomorrow at school will be a challenge.
i didnt do much today.
woke up. made myself a good lunch. (salad.popcorn chicken. and broccli and cheese.) YUMMY!
then some homework.
listened to some music. justin bieber of course.
got carbinairas for dinner. there cheese pizza is amazing!
then did some more homework.
then turned on channel 3 so i could watch the GRAMMYS!
i love watching the grammys sooo much.
i hope one day i will be in that audience. dont know how. and dont know when. just one day. just wait and see.
went downstairs in the basement to workout a bit while i watched to grammys.
but my legs hurt soooo bad that it literally was painful to workout. so i cut my workout short tonight...
the grammys were pretty good this year. but some parts that were boring.
performers that i loved!
-lady gaga! *i was born this way!*
-bruno mars *granade*
-justin bieber *never say never*
-usher *OH MY GOD*
-katty perry *teenage dream*
thats about all i can remember.
the award part was pretty good other than justin bieber not winning the two grammys that he was up for :(
its okay though theres always next year. and i still love himmm.

well as for now it is 1:08 am on a school night.
ughh tomorrow monday.
and valentines day...
i have never had a valentine on valentines day. pathetic i know but whatevs. ill get over it like i do ever other year.
but im about to pass out.


love, sore sarah.

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