Thursday, February 10, 2011

t-shirts ELLEN?

wahooooo once again. a delay :]
which means shorten classes.
in the morning today of school i was still stressing over the stupid history press conference.
until i saw junko (my teacher) i told him i was having all this trouble and he told me not to worry about it.
so i didnt and once class came around i didnt even have to say ANYTHING! he did it all for me.
i was worrying for nothing! so once that was over the rest of the day was smooooooth sailing.
until after school. since i didnt have practice last night we had practice after school from 3:15 to 5:15 ughhhh.
so talked to randy for a bit. havent talked to him in a really really really long time. we both are just so busy. but hey thats life.
then i had to go to practice. once practice started i got reallly tired and really moody. i was focused at all.
to be honest. all i could think about was justin bieber haah i dont know why. i kept picturing him in front of me and i was non stop singing his songs. alot of people were getting annoyed. i was singing so loud haha.
i think i can officially say i have bieber fever. :) (listening to his music as i type)
but since i wasnt focused i kept messing up. and i got really upset. but then that past. by the end of practice i was alright.
i just wanted to gooo home!
once my mom picked me up she was holding a white t-shirt.
she then holds it up and it is the justin bieber t-shirt that we odered last week!
i think i mentioned it before about the drawing i made while i was home sick.
the ddrawing was of justin bieber. welllllll finally i now have t-shirts!
they are pretty awesome! i am sooooo excited to wear them on friday to the moooooovieeee!
so i loved everything about the shirts.
but there was one little thing that bothered me.
when we ordered the tshirt the guy there saw my picture and said i dont really like justin bieber but this is amazing. my 4 year old niece LOVES him and she would LOVE one of these shirts! and all i said was awee thanks and just smiled and laughed alot.
well turns out when my mom picked up my shirts he told me that he made one for his niece to wear tomorrow and to the movie. but see the reason i made these t-shirts was to sell to my friends. make a little money. but now he has the print and can easily make hundreds of MY designed tshirt, sell them and make TONS of money off of MY design. i doubt he will give any credit what so ever to me.
it is just sick that someone would do that. if he does.
so both my mom and i were kind of ticked off about that.
once we got home we looked at all of the shirts.
turns out he gave us 14 instead of 12 and made us pay for the extra two.
and he gave us all the wrong sizes. we order a 3 of each size (S,M,L) in pink, blue, green, and white.
what he gave us was 9 small, and the rest medium and large. totally screwed it up!
so tomorrow my madre is calling about the sizes and about pretty much stealing my design and make a tshirt without MY permission.
once we kept ranting on and on about the tshirts we figured why not email ellen degeneres and see if she could help us out on trying to get one of these t-shirts to him!
so that is what i just did. i tweeted, tumblred, blogged, and emailed about the t-shirts trying my hardest to be able for justin to see my design and possibly use if for once of his own t-shirts.
that would be a dream come true!
we might actually send a t-shirt to ellen and see if she would wear it!
now that im done doing all that i could do to get justin bieber to see my t-shirt design.
it is time for dinner. red robin take out! YUMMMMMM!
im thinking about a bacon cheese burgerrr. yummy. im excited.
rest of tonight i will probs...
1. see if i have any homework.
2. workout while watching a movie.
3. depends on what time it is i might draw a bit and listen to some more justin bieber. his music is the best to draw to. :)

p e a c e out!

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