Tuesday, February 15, 2011


ew. its tuesday. day after monday. yuck.
yoga pants and a zip up hoodie kind of day.
didnt really try. haha actually i dont really try to look good at all at school anymore.
i have to be comfy and im out the door.
school was school.
hmm lets think... anything exciting happen to me...
chem no. lab no. art no. lunch yes.
so the table i sit at now is a long long table.
we sit at one end and some really annoying sophmore girls sit on the other.
yesterday they were just getting way way to annoying and they kept multiplying!
so today we decided to move on to the other end of our guy friends table.
like sean. mike. brooks. chirs. and gregs table. so it wasnt awkward at all.
so that was that. then history no. ceramics no. but on the way to math yes.
i believe i brought him up yesterday but this kid that something happened between us over the summer. and we dont speak anymore. well he said hey to me again in the hall.
its kind of confusing. but that is a WHOLE different story that i dont feel like getting into detail on my "blog"
so i then was late to math since i have to go to one end of the school on the 2nd floor to the 5th floor on the other side of the school. CRAZY!
so math nothing exciting. and then english i had to write a stupid in class essay on this stupid short story we had to read.
whatever i did what i had to do and lets hope i did well.
after school was same as every other day.
talks to people. meet alexine and then we ride home together.
once i got home i was STARVING! dont know why really!
but last night we got carbinairs i believe and i got pizza. yummy.
so i have about 4 pieces left over.
so i ate 3 and madre ate 1. pretty delicious!
then for a good hour maybe i worked on my english paper that is DUE TOMORROW ahhh! but i will have it done by then dont you worry haha.
theeeeeennnnnn freshened up and dad madre and i got into the car and headed our way down to the benedum center for...
once we got there my cousin chels and my aunt torg were waiting for us.
we then got our seats and the show started...
BOOM BOOM BOOM tweet tweet tweet
over all it was pretty amazing!
it was just like all marching band mostly.
brass and drumline. it was soooooo freakin loud but i loved it!
towards the middle of the show they turned all the lights off. even on stage. it was all pitch black.
then this guy comes out and he has glow sticks.
then some snares that are covered in glowsticks come out.
the guys then taped the glowsticks a speical way so it makes it look like they are stick figures. it was amazing!
they danced to all music.
from usher. justin bieber. black eyed pees. ect.
it was pretty entertaining! i kinda wish that was the whole show. just glow sticks!
but it wasnt.. sadly.
but dont get me wrong the whole show was pretty amazing. the glowsticks just happened to be my favorite part :)
the show was over around 10ish.
there was sooooo much traffic and it took a good 15 mins to get out of the freakin parking lot.
we had to climb 7 cases of stairs to get to our car.
what a work out! haha...i need it :)
once i got home i was beat.
i was about to pass out.
which i am right now....


goodnight loves.

love, drumline gurl.

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