Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the things we do for him.

today was a good day.
really good day actually.
woke up and exhausted. found out that there was a delay. AWESOME!
so the day went by quick. thank god!
after school i hungout around the school with alexine, then her mom picked us uppp.
droppped me off and i went straight to cleaning my room.
only because my mom was all on my back about it and yes it was very very very messy.
the problem is. i HATE hanging up my clothes haha. i dont know why it is just something i never liked.
around 7ish alexine and i decided we wanted to go out for the night and have fun.
we ended up going to olive garden for dinner. just the two of us.
we invited greg but he couldnt make it =/
i ordered this amaaaazing chicken ceaser saladddd. yummm.
and for desert. ohhh jeez. i got the most delicious thing ever.
an apple crisp thing with vanilla ice cream and warm carmel. ahhh it was to die for!
i felt sooooooo fat after i left that place! but ahh sooo good :)
while we were eating we were talking about everything.
i treasure my conversations with alexine. sometimes i really wish they could be videoed or recorded.
towards the end of eating our desert we called greg and asked him if he could make it at all. he said no =/
and since we had left over breadsticks we decided to take them to go and drop them off at his house.
on our way to his house we past McDonalds and actually saw him in the drive through.
so bummer he wasnt gonna be home. which meant we couldnt give him the breadsticks.
but once we got to his house we waited for him to come home. and when i mean waited.
we waited for a good 20 mins. in my car. with the radio on. a little bit in front of his house. more towards mine.
turns out he didnt come home until 11 and at that time when we were waiting is was about 9:30ish.
so if we kept waiting we would of waited for a good hour and a half. haha!
yes turns out we would do anything for him.
we then took alexine home and when i got home my mom either got an email or call that we have a delay tomorrow!
i ammm soooooo excited!!!! i love sleep! haha!
rest of tonight i kinda just finished my homework that i am stressing over sooooooooo much!
stupid history press conference. i hope it goes over okay tomorrow =/ wish me luckkk.
it was weird. for the first time in a while. i cried ALOT tonight! i just couldnt stop. im soooo stressed.
-chem lab.
-history press conference.
-math lab.
-math test.
-english paper.
and well justin bieber...i am absolutely pathetic!
justin bieber twitters like 24/7 and i love it!
he was on ellen today and he tweeted this video..
is it lame that when i first saw this video i cried... alot... and couldnt stop.
i feel like this little girl... hahahahhaha!
i was wishing i was her, wishing i could hug him, wishing he could be in my room, wishing for him to kiss my forehead, wishing to see his smile in person, wishing to sit on his lap, wishing to hold his hand, and wishing to go to his premiere.
i watched this video about 5 times. i cant get enough of him! it is INSANE!
i know for a fact that i will be bawling while i was his movie! ahhh!
so combining my cries from being stressed and pathetic cries over justin bieber i am very tired.
as sad as this sounds i think i will be crying myself to sleep tonight...

goodnight loves.

love, cry baby :)

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