Tuesday, February 8, 2011


*thought this picture was funny and sooooo true*

tiring tuesday!
to tired to function.
the day after monday grrrr.
only thing that was being played on my iphone today was justinnn bieber.
i absolutely can not wait until his movie on friday! ahhhh :D
school was school.
after school was after school.
until alexine came over we we played JUST DANCE 2! haha it was hilarious! sooo much fun. she loved it!
somehow we always end up doing and saying the weirdest things when we are together.
-singing the national anthem in my living room.
-teach me how to dougie.
-"nick cannon"
-told her that "he" was going and she was really excited. to bad it was a joke.
-"oh if you would date him...." "you would have a cow!" "no i would have more than a cow! i would have a caff!" "brita, a caff is a baby cow. lmfao" "oh" hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahah "well then i would have a herd of caffs"
-talking in scary voices. "EVERYONES COMING!"
we are some crazy best friends :)
but anyways once again tuesday are basketball days.
boys basketball game tonight. senior rec!
GOLD OUT GOLD OUT GOLD OUT! (got freee tshirtsss)
once we got there, there werent that many students in the student section.
some juniors. mostly sophomores. and no seniors.
only because our student section gets pretty loud and we chant not so nice things.
so as a result to that was all the seniors we kicked out!
so the juniors had to take over.
me and a couple other junior girls were there and the rest were guys.
we were the only girls there period!
we were surrounded by obnoxious loud guys. it was pretty hilarious!
the best part was WE WON!... as usual. :D
sure a night to remember.
greg then picked alexine and i up and took us home.
what happens is when greg picks us up he takes alexine home first and then me.
but after we drop her off greg and i drive around for a bit near our houses and just listen to music.
we do that at least 3 times a week. haha i love it!
rest of the night i just worked on homework and drew a bitttt.
today was pretty decent i guess.
but i believe it is time to "catch some Zzzzz's"

goodnighhttt bloggers.

love, tired tina.

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