Saturday, February 5, 2011

get sleazy.

whoa. pretty short day actually....
since i didnt have practice this morning and i guess no one decided to wake me up.
which means i woke up at 3 pm today!
i spent pretty much the WHOLE day SLEEPING!
i mean im not complaining. it was pretty nice haha.
woke up. got some food. took a shower. got ready.
alexine picked me up at 7. we went the mall then red robin.
once we got to the mall. it so happens that sean. brooks and greg were already there. they were about to leave.
but they came and say hey. we walked around with them for a good 10 mins. then they bailed.
alexine and i then shopped. we went into the apple store to play some games.
then i see out of the corner of my eye the two new kids (chase and carl) walk into the apple store.
i was tempted to say hi but i didnt.. kinda wish i did.
once we were done "stocking" them.
we went to macys. she needed to get her mom a bday presenttt.
once we were done there we headed to pacsunnn. LOVE THAT STORE!
saw a couple things i liked. tried on some stuff. but my boobs were to big :(
we then left. it was about 8:55 and they were closing at 9.
once we were out and a couple steps away from the store. i thought hmmm i saw a purse that i really wanted.
so i turned and ran back to the store.
they were about to close. i was like can i buy someting real quick.
this purse is adorableee. i see that it is $20. whipped my $20 out and i was ready to go.
he then tells me $5.35 and im like huh? and hes like $5.35 is the cost. and im like AWESOME!
i guess i didnt see the sale sale sale sign right about the purses.
it kind of made my day! :D
since it was 9 and all the stores were closing we went to red robin... YUUUUUUUUUUM!
i got like 4 shurley temples. and some nachoooos.
alexine got mac an cheese. haha freak! shes a veg.
we then shared a hot fuge sunde mmmm sooo goooood!
once we were done we called greg and see if he could pick us up.
we acted like we were stranded at the mall. but then no one could pick us up so we haaaaad to call big papa.
he finally got there. while we were on our way to my house. greg calls.
G: "hey you get home good?"
B: "yeah were leaving now."
G: "alright just making sure."
B: "haha okay :D"
G: "alright peace."
B: "bye :D"
dont know why but him caring for that brief second made my whole night!
i couldnt stop smiling.
once we got home we kinda just chilled.
listened to alot of KE$HA!
looked through the freshman yearbook. good timessss.
then later and mean lateerrr. greg came ovaaaaa. we attempted to watch lord of the rings. but greg and i didnt enjoy it so we were complaining the whole time. and making fun of alexine. it was pretty hilarious!
he then headed home after a while.
we then pretty much crashed on the couches and fell sleep.

overall tonight was a pretty memorable night. :D

night lovesss.

love, get sleazy.

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