Thursday, February 17, 2011

cemetery sunset.

today was kinda of an interestingly good day.
its thursday...which means tomorrow is FIRDAY!
and as i said yesterday i hope tomorrow is interesting. and more exciting.
and it was in a way.
woke up kinda feeling good about today dont know why.
got to school and went through it like every other day.
trying to stay awake during history. and the usual.
once school was out and i walked outside it was GORGEOUS!!!
it was the perfect weather ever. so perfect that alexine and i decided to take a walk around for a bit.
we walked uptown and got some milkshakes and then swung the swings at our old elementary school.
she then had to go to some lesson at 5 so she got picked up and i kept walking around.
it was just way to nice to go home and sit in a house!
i walked all around.
but then i ended up in the cemetery.
believe it or not the cemetery it probably the most peaceful place to take a walk in.
and i sometimes visit my grandpa that passed away last year.
i never met him but that doesnt mean he isnt important to me.
so i was walkin around and from afar i catch a glimps of a kid i knew.
this kid named keith. him and alexine used to date... that was interesting.
but anyways. keith and i have an interesting friendship. we really dont like each other. but then again we can act like really chill towards each other when its just us.
we seem friends when its just us. and its nice.
we talked about alot actually. weather. the past. our friendship. college. a ligit conversation.
because usually when we talk all we do it make fun of each other.
yet again if either one of us needed help or was in a situation we would do it.
its werid and complicated i know.
so it was nice to have an actual conversation for once i my life with him.
we talked for a good amount but then it was getting late so we decided to say cya and go our sprate ways.
he went one way and i went the other. but then once i couldnt see him any longer i turend around and walked that way since i wanted to visit some "people" i knew.
grandpa and my friends dad who died in 2005. their grave stones happen to be not to far apart.
while i was walking towards the graves i look to my left while listening to my ipod and i see this guy sitting on this tombstone chair type thing just looking out over the hills of the cemetery and i look harder and it was keith.
i couldnt believe it. that kid actual has a soul. and there is much more to him than i thought.
running into gim today showed me alot about him.
we both love walking around the cemetery for multiple reasons. for the same reasons.
we actually both have alot more in common than i thought.
it sure got me thinking...
the whole time while i was walking around the cemetery there was the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen.
it was all so breathe taking.
me myself and i. just standing in the most peaceful place i could think of. a cemetery. listening to my ipod. not caring about anything else but me. it was amazing.
once i started to walk home it was around 6 im guessing.
i walked for a good bit and once i got ot my street i decided to try and jog the rest of the way.
surprisingly i did it. i took small breaks but i had some fast loud music. and the next i knew i was home.
i was out of breath but i felt good about it all.
once i got home all i did was chill likei always do.
for the first time i watched CSI..only cuz justin bieber was on it ahah.
it was a pretty interesting episode.
justin it like a "badass" kid who is trying to blow some people who killed his brother up.
but at the end sadly they shoot him. and i mean shooooot him. like bloood everywhere.
thank god he is only dead in the show and not real life.
i dont knwo waht i would do.
but anyways the rest of my night...
homework. dinner. tv. computer. drawing. bed.
the usual.
i am now at the bed part of that.
and the next thing that comes is sleep.
which i need very much so.

goodnight loves,

love, the energetic bunnnnnny.

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