Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ripped tights.

ripped tights. decent day.

woke up today and thought to put somethin nice on.
so i did. i put black tights. pink high skirt. black tank. and gray and white sweater.
kinda chilly but fashionable. :]
school was school.
got ignored from my friend randy. whatevs :]
walked to his house with another person. kassidy. a freshman.
he was all depressed all day about his girlfriend and him always fighting.
i cheered him up like i always do by acting al silly and dumb.
well more like the usual me.
i always know how to cheer up peoplee.
walked in the cold and got picked up at his house around 4:30.
went straight to the middle school to help the little (6th 7th 8th graders) one with their makeup for winterguard.
there till 6:30 then off to the GUYS backetball game at 7.
hot hot hot guys haha!
student section was pretty funnn. school spirit alll the way!
we won by 20 i believeee. so we be awesome!
called greg for a ride home but he wasnt "able" to come pick me and alexine up.
so plan b. call denis.
denis is a kid in my grade who is super nice and can drive.
when ever i need a ride i call him.
he comes and picks me up every time i call.
i call him and he says okay brita where do you need a ride to this time?
but hes fine with it. he likes giving me a ride.
he has suuuuper nice cars. hes kinda rich haah.
so the car ride was pretty fun.
one reason why.
when denis talks he stu stu stu stutters.
i asked him if i woke him up cause he seemed tired.
and he said yeahhh i was taking a a a na na na nap.
its sooo cute and hilarious. love it and love himmm.
since i just got home not to long ago i should probably go and start my homeworksss.
cya soon :]

p.s. stay happy. :]

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