Monday, January 10, 2011



sleepy tiring long day.
but as of right now. 10:00 pm. today was a good day.
like i always say....
school was school.
sub for study hall :]
thats about it.
after school it was a bit awkward.
since randy and rachel broke up on friday its kinda awkward when its m kassidy, randy and rachel.
we said our awkward goodbyes and i got a ride home from alexine.
got home then off to walmart.
i was in search of things for winterguard.
which we have our first competition on saturday!!!! SUPER EXCITED! but nervous.
found what i needed.
chilled and talked to kassidy and some other people on oovoo.
drank like 7 cans of coke haha!
then greg called...
screaming and asking if i wanted to go for a ride.
meanwhile it was 9:00 pm on a school night.
but i said sureeee.
walked up the street a bit and he picked me up.
he was coming home from young life and mcdonalds.
he said he was still hungry after eating a big mac chicken nuggets fries and a bunch more.
we drove there and when we got his food this black girl handed it out of the window and dropped the bag of food on the ground and greg had to open his door and get it.
we laughed for a good 10 mins. it was pretty hilarious.
after it was dropped she looked at it and then closed the window and didnt give a shit.
funniest thing ever!!!!
drove around for a good 15 mins.
finally got back to his house. which is 3 doors down from mine.
got out of the car. and then...
he through a cup of COLD COLD COLD snow down my shirt.
the fight was on!!!
we had a snowball fight on a monday night in front of his house.
it was pretty fun.
especially when two cop cars drove past us really slowly.
greg was a bit scared haha!
once we figured that we were freezing. we said our goodbyes and we went into our own house.

now im just chillin in my room.
and about to lay down and hopefully get a good amount of hours of sleep tonight.


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