Wednesday, January 26, 2011

home sick.

sick sick sick.
woke up and was really thirsty. first thing i saw was my fruit punch from last night.
so i started to chug it.
then took a shower and dried my hair but then felt really sick.
so i went back to sleep and was planning on going in at 9 but then i still felt sick so i stayed home all day.
fell asleep again and woke up around 1:00 am.
layed around the rest of the day. watched eat pray love.
that movie is simply amazing. i was really satisfied about life after i watched that.
once that was over i had to eat dinner (soup) and get ready for wintergaurd practice.
tonights practice went soooooooo fast! fasted 3 hours of my life!
only because we were nostop practicing with tommy. who is the guy from norwin who makes us better with rifle and stufff.
pretty happy about the practice tonight.
once i got home madre made me a walking tacoooo. yummmy.
then since i didnt go to school today i had no homework.
so the reast of tonight ill probably be chillen on the computer and watching tv.


love, sicky icky.

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