Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sore sore sore

wacky wednesday!... NOT.
much more like tiring sore sore sore wednesday.
took math final today. thought i did pretty well but that doesnt mean anything.
i probably failed. =/... actually.... i think i did. ill check later.

had to walk home in the snow wearing my "boots" which actually are slippers.
my mom thought they were boots when she bought them for me for xmas.
i personally love them even if they soak my feet when i walk outside.
rushed around the house. getting ready then eating dinner. then i was again out the door.
tyler picked me up and we had to go to the school around 1:15 for a saber work sectional with greenawalt.
i love the saber work. i love saber. yes we do have to do work on the ground and im not a fall on the ground get up quick kind of person what so ever. but i worked through it.
after that i was super tired and sore. rushed home ate dinner then back at 5:30 for a 3 hour winterguard practice.
this little black gay guy from norwin named tommy came in and helped us with rifle and saber work.
he was wearing this cute little knit hat with a cute little ball of yarn on top.
he was doing one of the dance moves and whipped his head and when he did that, his little ball of yarn flew off and he was about to cry. also when he realized he had ink on his pants he said that if he wasnt helping us here in lebo he would be crying at home about his jeans.
he taught us the right way to do everything. and made us look all pretty and professional.
we did that for 3HOURS! i only actually held a flag in my hand for a good 5 minutes.
which was at the end of practice when we did a run threw.
after tonight i honestly cant move.
once i got home i had a bunch of make up work to be finished by tomorrow which is the last day of the 9 weeks.
child development paper to right.
interior design packet to finish.
and much much much more.

im finally in bed and its almost midnight.
my arms, legs, hands, back, and neck..pretty much my WHOLE body hurts right now.
i cant wait to just close my eyes and sleeep.
but then i have to wake up in about 6 hours for the most pointless day of school ever!


love, sore sally.

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