Friday, January 21, 2011


friday... rough day.
woke up for the winterguard thing from 9 - 12.
but since it was snowing and snowing all morning it was bumped back to 10 - 1.
surprisingly it wasnt that bad. even though it was at duffys house.
we watch an amazing movie about 911 (since that is what our show is all about)
the movie was shot from a firemans view. it was incredible.
we then talked about our performance and all that stufffff.
then it was all ovaaaaaaa.
around 2pm my madre and i had a meeting with mr. yazvac (my chem teacher) about my chem final.
since i thought i did amazing but really failed.
the meeting was kinda awkward. it was on a day that we had off and it was with a teacher my madre and just me. WEIRD!
once i got home i took a little nap and woke up with tacos on my desk.
thanks madre for dinner :]
ate, got ready and then head to the school for practice 6-9.
the practice tonight kicked my butt. soooooo tiring. sweat all over haha.
but our show is getting better and better. cant wait for tomorrow which is our HOME SHOW!
annnnnnnnnnnnd plums coming!!!! meaning justin is coming.
i met this kid named justin 3 summers ago at a ymca camp we were both working at.
long story short. i had this huge crush on him for years. but i only got to see him maybe twice. and that was 2 years ago.
im just hoping that if he sees me tomorrow he remembers me..... but i guess we will just have to see tomorrow.

on my way home i texted this one kid that i needed to clear things up with. things that happened months ago between us.
i havent talked to this kid in months. i was kinda afraid on what he would say.
i asked him if he wanted to meet up tomorrow afternoon to talk about things.
but he said he couldnt. which got to me and i cried a bit but im over it.
pretty much the song "back to december" -taylorswift. explains it all.

but i have busy tomorrow so i should get some sleep.


love, the girl who would go back to december (the summer) all the time.

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