Friday, January 14, 2011


which means tomorrow is saturday.
which means COMPETITION @ kiski!
woke up this morning thinking we had a delay.
5 mins later madre walks in and tells me to get up.
i was really confused. we ended up not having a delay. :[
so i knew this day would be extremely long.
school was school.
wore my winterguard tshirt. since tomorrow is the "preview show"
super scared for the chem final. i think ill be alright for math..... hopefully.
so much to do this weekend its crazy!
but thank god that its a 3 day weekend.
hung around after school with alexine and people.
we annoyed scotty.... like we always do.
made small talk with this awesome kid jake.
hes really shy but hes really awesome at the same timeee.
got home. then left for practiceeee.
as of tomorrow my friday nights and saturdays are completely booked for the next couple months.
grrrrrrrrrr the things i have to give up for winterguard. oh well. its worth it.
at practice we got alot more work done which im suuuuuuuper excited about.
since we get to preform it tomorrrrrrowwwww! lets hope i catch solid haha :]
our show is prettttty intenseeee.
cody (tylers booooooyfriend) pick tyler and i up and we went to eat n park.
it was crazy busy and i mean it was only like 10:45.
we go seated after 5 mins of waiting.
but then once we got seated we waited 20 mins for our waiter to come and order our drinks.
and since we waited so long our waiter gave us free dessert.
i didnt realize how much i love cody. he says the craziest things sometimes.
i love that boy to death!
had a prettty good time at eat n park. but then greg called.
he wanted to hang but i couldnt. i was home.
a little after we were done eating we left and i took my left overs (zucchini bread and an oreo pie) to gregs. i thought he would want some. i felt bad for turning him down on hanging out.
but turns out when i got to his door he was a little out of it. and didnt want the food.
i went all sassyy on him. but then was over it. we hung at hit house for a bit.
then i had to be home since it was midnight and i have to get up in 6 hours for practice in the am.

overall today was a goodish day.
not the best. not the worst.
it was alright.

nightttttttt bloggerrrs.

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