Friday, January 14, 2011


20. photo of last summer.

story behind picture:
kennywood summer of 2010.
summer of 2010 was one i sure will remember.
but it has nothing to do with this picture.
it happened at a different time during the summer.
different place. with different people.
what happened changed me for the better and the worse.
long story short. its something i thought i regreted... but to be honest. i dont at all.
i dont regret that i did it. i regret on how it turned out.
simple as that.

this picture included (left to right) jake. randy. gabriella. seth. and meeeee.
earlier that day we had band camp and that is why i lost nasty. all sweating hot ew.
we had to preform in the kennywood parade that. which is pretty fun i guesss.
but we spent most of the day at kennywood. all i can remember it was super hot and while we waiting in line we would look up weird things on my phone.
we were a group of kids to look out for hahaha. we were sumthin.

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