Wednesday, January 12, 2011


heres to the snow.
thank you for letting me sleep an extra two hours!
had a 10 am start today!
it was quit appreciated :D

school went by pretty quick since classes were shortened.
wasnt feeling history...since we werent doing anything....i went to my friends lunch period instead.
nothin really exciting happened after school other than alexine and i annoying scotty.
he is just too fun to annoyyyy.
came homee.
relaxed for a bit then back to the school around 5:15 to help with posters for our home winterguard show!
practice from 6-9.
found out that i was on saaaaaaber!
meaning i dance, rifle, flag, AND saber. i do it all.
which happens to be pretty exciting!
tyler and lyndsey do some stupid little lift thing and then end up being the only ones on the floor which kinda ticks me off.
lyndsey of course has a dance solo.
she has had one every single year.
freshman year. sophomore year. and now junior year.
its pretty unfair.
yes she is good at what she does but she isnt the only one that can dance. or flag. or do rifle.
greenawalt needs to switch it up a bit.
give some other people a chance to shine.
cheesy i know. but its the truth.

since i realized that i had raised two of my grades from c's too b's i asked my mom for a little reward.
which happened to be at the moment a salad and oreo frosty from wendys.
she said sure thing. and was pretty happy about my grades.
came home and worked on my interior design project untill 11:45 p.m.
finally i am now in my bed about to pass out.

goodnighttt love.

p.s. praying for a delaaaaaay!

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