Thursday, January 6, 2011


13. a photo of your favorite family member.

story behind picture(s):
meet my cousin nickkk.

picture 1 (white shirt)
this picture was taken on christmas i believe 4 years ago.
this was before his motorcycle accident.
his accident changed his life.
summer of 2008 i believe, could of been the end of it.
the end of his life.
but thank god it wasnt.
he had to go through all this surgery and was in the hospital all summer it seemed like.
he had to have part of his scull taken off because his brain was swelling up.

picture 2 (me and nick)
this was taken at my aunts (his mom)'s birthday party a couple months ago.
this was after everything happened.
he now has a plate in his head and also has a dent as you can see.
he had to relearn everything.
words. sounds. everything.
he barely remembered who i was let alone my name.
if he doesnt know the word its like playing charades with him.
sad but fun. haha.
hes much better than before.

he happens to be my favorite member of my family because well he is the closest one to my age (hes 22, im 16) and hes been through alot in his life and he still manages to live it. and be happy.
i smile when he smiles.
hes an awesome guy to be around.

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