Thursday, January 13, 2011

interior design.

school work is getting crazy!
and finals are NEXT WEEK! AHHHHH!
its making my head explode.
but im trying my hardest not to freak out like i would normally do.
short school day. had ANOTHER delay!
also had daytimes today.
which happen to be during school and instead of some classes you can go and watch a 40 min play that the CIT's put on.
to be honest i have no idea what CIT means. all i know it that the T is theater. cause that is what they do.
after school was here before i even knew it.
had to go up to mrs. silvers class and get some supplies for a project that i was doing all freakin night!
madre picked me up and we went straight to stayin alive. (dance store)
i was on a mission to find some sort of body thing for my show on saturday. YIKES! :]
we ended not finding anything but making something that i had at home work.... i hope.
after stayin alive i had to rush to joan's fabric and get some more supplies for my project.
my interior design project is alot of crazy stuff.
a blue print of a room we designed.
3D sorta version of the room.
including paint swatches. fabric swatched. and alot more.
then my teacher expects us to put it all on a poster paper by tomorrow.
that is all i did tonight.
i did none of my other homework.
tomorrow is either gonna be a good or bad day.
lets hope its a good one!!!

cya soon loves.

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