Friday, January 28, 2011


long long long tiring day.
school was school not much went on other than moivng forward.
which means homeroom bonding for and hour in the morning.
all the homerooms compete against each other in relay races.
activities and a flag making contest.
and since my whole homeroom new i am good at drawing they made me do the whole flag.
i mean it wasnt that big but still. all on me. haha.
we made all our names into a crossword puzzle sort of thing. it turned out pretty well.
we also had beagles and juice and donuts. yummmm.
other than all that the rest of the school day was pretty boring.
wlked straight home after school. layed down then woke up and ate dinner.
then i was off the practice 6-9. it was a long long long week. i was waaaaaaaaaay to tired to go to practice.
but i got through it. had a little fit about duffy. she was just really getting on my nerves.
and when i rant i go crazy and just talk and talk and talk!
after practice jane, tyler cody and i all went to applebees for dinner even thought it was like 9:30 pm.
we talked and ate. della was working so she served us.

so overall today was exhaaaaausting!
its time for bed.
practice at 8 am. ughhh.


love, burned out brita.

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