Saturday, January 8, 2011


early morning.
winterguard from 8-12.
mingled a bit with the basketball players.
got home. ate lunch. planned to take a nap till 3:30.
forgot to set my alarm. woke up at 6. ooppss.
ate dinner. took a shower. and got ready.
called up alexine. she then came over.
hungout in my room and posted a punch of videos on peoples walls.
annoyed NATE for a while. he then gave up popcorn and candy!
greg then came over. we had nowhere to go.
basement was being occupied by brother and his girlfriend.
dad was in the living room.
only other place to hang was my room....
but problem was... he has never been in my room and i wasnt planning on him going in it anytime soon.
i was always worried what he could think of my room.
its all colorful. magazine pictures all over the walls. twinkly lights everywhere!!!
its pretty girly. he walked in my room and was like whoa.
and then he jumped straight onto my bed and just sat there the whole night.
on my bed it was alexine greg and i.
we watched elf on my computer. it was pretty chill.
mean while the time was about 11:30. he didnt leave until 1:15 a.m.
first of all he has never been at my house that late let alone in my room at all.
while we were all cuddly and under the covers at some points i would rest my head on his shoulder.
i kinda felt bad for alexine cuz if u walked in the room and saw us you would think alexine was the third wheel lets just leave it at that.
my papa was gettin pissy so greg had to leave.
later on greg texted me. saying how he wished we could of hung longer.
and also how he thinks my room isnt that bad and it is pretty comfy.
alexine slept over. we stayed up until 5. posting things on scottys wall.
and also on other peoples wall.
finally we fell asleep.
night night.

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