Tuesday, January 4, 2011

busy-ish day.

tralalalalalala im a bit tired.
today was busy i guess you could say.
school was school.
actually tired in my classes today.
turning over a new leaf.
band trip meeting after school.
signed up for rooms and buses.
room - amy jane lyndsey and i.
walked with kassidy and randy to randys house.
kassidy them told me a little something about some people who were talking about me allll day yesterday.
and how since i have decided to be happy and start a new slate.
they think i have changed. and moved on from them as friends.
or im acting different and weird.... okay?
sorry im happy?
i dont understand people.
whateverrrs. :]

got picked up then straight to the middle school to help middle school winterguard with their make up.
once i arrived i took a minute to embrace it all.
i havent been in that school in almost 3 years.
its a crazy feeling going back believe me.
memories from 6th to 7th grade just came rushing back to me.
good ones. and bad ones.
home for a good 30 mins then off to the guys basketball game.
we won we won we won!
they are truely amazing. without luke hagy we'd be screwed.
sat in the student section which was pretty funnn.
called greg for a ride home. he didnt have his car.
called denia who who who who has a st st st stutter.
its super cute though.
and hes super nice.
but when i call he knows i need a ride.
he's kind of like my driver in a way :]
greg them called and said he could pick me up.
i felt bad but i was already in the car with denis.
he then hung up.
i felt so bad that once i got home i walked down to gregs house and apologized in person.
yeah im deep like that :]
he siad everything was fine and i then went homeeeeee.

plans for the rest of the night....


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