Tuesday, January 25, 2011


lazy tuesday.
every tuesday and thursday i wear sweats and a tshirt. i dont really try to look nice.
but alot of people said i looked pretty today soooo idkkk.
school was school. getting use to the new classes.
after nothin much. got a ride home from alexine.
then worked on mrs. silvers drawing.

funny story.
i draw (doodle) in her class every single day.
she always tells me that i will be famous one day.
and because of that she wanted to make sure she had one of my pieces before i graduate.
she said she has a wall of black and white photos of her family.
and what she asked me to draw was, since her last name is silver she wanted to put a drawing of the letter S and hang it in the middle of all of her family photos.
so that is what i did today.
took me a full hour or so.
i hope she likes it :]

once i finished that i got ready and i was off to the boys basketball game! LEBO .vs. CV.
the game was pretty fun actually. sat in the crazy student section.
during half time this kid named ben who is our devil mascot had a dance off with the other mascot which happened to be a horse i think it was.
anyways the dance off was hilarious! ben is a crazy dancer! such an entertainer.
a little bit after halftime we started to get a little crazy and loud.
the police kept coming over to tell us to be respectful and not as loud.
finally they had it and they kicked the whole stupid section out of the game!
it was pretty crazy hilarious! i loved the feeling of it! haha.
once we walked out. 5 mins later alexine and i snuck back in the game because we wanted to watch the game.
we snuck in and sat with ben. screamed and cheered. so much until we finally won!!!
after the game and everyone cleared out ben ask me and alexine if we wanted a ride.
i played it cool and was like hmmmm sureee why not :]
p.s. ben is a senior. he is everyones friend. president. out going. my neighbor. and long time friendish.
we made little small talk on the way to the car. laughed and smiled.
listened to music in his car on the way home.
he has a really nice truckkk.
ahhhhh i dont know something about him he is just so nice. pretty good looking and an all around good guy.
i kinda couldnt stop smiling while i was in his car.
we said our goodbyes and he dropped me off.
the rest of the night i ate some chips and salsa then headed upstairs where i am now.
but im getting a bit tired and i wanna be not tired all day tomorrow.

so for now. night loves.

love, a girl who may be in love with a senior.

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