Saturday, January 15, 2011


i once was lost but now am found. was blind. but now. i see. state of grace 2011. ♥

woke up super early. practice practice practice 8-11.
only 2 hours to get ready ahhh!!!!!
did what i had to do at the school by 1:45 pm.
we hopped on the bus and we were finally on our way to kiski where our first show was! ( the preview show )
finally got there. felt like the bus ride was literally 2 hours.
once we got there we walked around then ate some.
barely saw any of the guards since we had to help middle school with everything and then we had to get ready right after.
the middle school was sooooo cute.....imagine..... :]
finally it was our time. first look. it was everyones first look of us and what are made of.
to be honest i personally had a great show. didnt drop one thing!
but overall it wasnt very good. well i mean yeah it is the preview show and everyone always sucks. but still. feels good to do good. you know?
lynsdsey messed up and started crying like usual......but......DURING THE SHOW! it was sd;kfljsd;kfjds;flkdj i wanted to slap her.
i felt the worst for tyler when he drops. during practice he NEVER drops. and at the one time he was sure to not.... he did.
and since his boyfriend and everyone was there to see him. he was really really really upset. crying and everything. i wanted to cry with him.
once we were done with the show i was totally out of breathe. it was blechhh. so hot and sweaty i couldnt wait to get out of that uniform. ughhh.
we finally got all our shitttt together and headed back homeee.
the ride home felt pretty quick. but i mean i was so cold and tired i just listened to my ipod.
once we were back in "the bubble" madre took tyler katie (tylers little middle school guard) to their house.
minutes later. knock. knock. knock. hellooo its james. troy. cody. chels. and della.
all the guys were gay and the rest we from norwin guard but not della. shes in excel.
i love them all soooo much.
we decided to go to applebees and grab some food.... like usual.
trust me. let me tell you something. when you go anywhere with either cody or james it is sure a party.
drinks spillin everywhere. meatballs bein thrown across the table. funny storys. bad words. just the whole thing.
when im with them i cant stop laughing. gays are soooooooooooooo much fun!!! :D
once we all ate and got something spilled on us or thrown at us it was time to leave.
we said our goodbyes and went in our cars.
finally got home after a long long long day.
and like always all im doing it sitting on my computer talking to people on facebook and always creeping people on facebook.
speaking of creeping people on facebook...earlier at applebees troy goes "ohhh so yesterday i was creeping you on facebook and girl you are beautiful!" yep thats right i met him for the first time today and thats the first thing that he said to me.
i believe this is the behginning of a beautiful friendship.

today was a success!!!
cant wait till next week..... OUR HOME SHOW! ahhhh!
but now i acnt sotp yawning. so i believe its time to catch some Zzzzz's


p.s. i love my gays and guard gurls... thank you Troy Taylor.

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