Sunday, January 2, 2011

winter break 2010.

today was sunday. which means do nothing day.
slept in a little bit, since it is my last day to actually sleep in until the weekend.
because i go back to school tomorrow. grrrr.
i mean i guess its time.
ive been off since december 24th.
so im ready to go back.

all i did today was draw draw draw. (
and listened to music.
the song that is currently in my head is whats my name - rihanna.
love that song to death.
so catchyyy.

the first couple days of 2011 have been great.
im happpppy.
really happy. for no reason.
but thats the best part.
you dont always have to have something to be happy about.
you can just be happy for no reason.

this year... this year is different.
this is the year to live my life.

peace out loves.

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