Thursday, January 20, 2011


technically friday! :D
haha its thursday!!!
only real day of school. and i was right i was pointless!
all the teachers today were such jokes.
who actually teaches on a day that is sooo pointless.
the only day after 2 days of finals and the day before a 3 day weekend.
every other class we went to dance day times.
which is the dance company just dancing around and being whores with really little clothes on.
but i enjoyed it cause it got us out of class.
after school i hung out with one my friends like i always do.
love his madre to death haha.
we just relaxed on his couch and it was nice.
it was nice to have comfort from someone.
kinda felt like my boyfriend. but not at all. haha. idkkk.
it was fun. but it was time to go home.
came home. ate dinner.
alexine then came overrrr. and so was brenna but she fell asleep and didnt make it in time.
we just kinda chilled in my room. it was fun i guess girls nighttt.
she left a little while ago so im just kinda relaxin in my room the rest of the night.
because tomorrow morning i have to go to duffys house with the whole winterguard and bond and talk about our show.

sooooo me is getting sleepy.

night loves.

love, tired tina.

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